Most home purchases are made on emotion rather than based on logic


Most home purchases are made on emotion rather than based on logic. Purchasers often fail to recognize basic elements of a house that would have an enormous effect on their purchase and liability. That’s why people should engage the services of a certified Home Inspector. Some time later a homeowner’s logic seems to kick in. when it comes time for one of those basic home elements to be repaired, replaced or upgraded; like a roofing system.

A roof provides some limited mechanical protection against falling objects, but the primary purpose of a roof is to keep the building and its occupants protected from rain, snow, sun, wind and all the combinations of these. Further, roofs may also add to, or detract from, the appearance of a building. As a Home Inspector, I have seen them all — the good, the bad and the ugly. That is why, when it came time to replace the roof on my own home, it was important to me to have a top quality, effective, affordable and good looking roofing system that I would not have to worry about again for anything – ever. That is why I took a serious interest in INTERLOCK. It was only logical.

I can say with some certitude, that this is the last house that my family and I will ever own. It is here that my wife and I plan to enjoy our reclining years. I did not want to have to worry about replacing something like my roof every 10 to 20 years. It’s only logical to do it once.

Now, I must admit that when I first saw the dollar value of the installed Interlock roof, I was taken aback. There is no question, this is a major investment. Yet, since it was installed over my existing roof, I saved the cost of having to have the old roof stripped off. Furthermore, there are the additional savings of never having to put on, or strip off any future roofs. For that matter, I will never again have the worry and stress of getting another roof. Over time, I feel that I am well ahead of the game, and I have no regrets about my choice of Interlock.

INTERLOCK has definitely added to the esthetic appeal of our home, and increased its market value. The Interlock Lifetime warranty with a 50 year transferable non-prorated limited warranty will give us another level of comfort when we eventually do sell our home. A warranty like that causes a reality check on ones own mortality — the Interlock Roof may very well outlast us! Only time will tell.

It’s easy to understand why I can spend my time now, inspecting other peoples’ roofs, and never worry again about my own. Interlock may not be for everyone — too bad – for everyone. But then again, from a Home Inspectors’ point of view, maybe it’s not so bad after all!

Graham Brown
Toronto, ON

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