The roof looks beautiful


I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service and installation that you provided to us. Barry Brinson spent several hours explaining how your product works, how it would be installed and how your company would support any problems if/when it happens for the next 50 years.

We had specific requests, water/ice shield, snow/ice guards, photos and the installation of 2 skylights. Also, before the work began, we asked that the old shingles be removed.
Barry was more than willing to fit that into the project. Our home is not a simple roof… the incline is extremely steep, and there are a couple of round roof areas (sorry, I do not know the correct words here), five existing skylights to outfit as well the installation of 2 additional skylights. When you factor in the distance to our home (travel time), the type of roof we have and the weather (we are right on the Ottawa River)…. it poses a significant challenge.

The installers were very accommodating and friendly. They explained what they were doing step by step and took pictures of everything. They replaced all the damaged parts of the roof and cleaned up their work environment daily. Unfortunately, the only thing that caused the work to take five weeks was the amount of bad weather we had.
In the end, the roof looks beautiful, and we have received many compliments from our neighbours and townspeople. Barry has even mentioned that he might have a sale due to the work done on our home.

Thank you very much for a great job.

Michael G. / David S.
Wendover, ON

Guildquality Review
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