Environmentally sound solution – cooler in the summer

Hillsboro, OR Roof Review

I was initially apprehensive about the higher upfront cost of Interlock when compared to a basic composite shingle replacement, but three factors swayed me to give Interlock my business.

First the engineering behind the product is quiet impressive. By that I mean the way the panels interlock to form a tight durable roof.

Second the roof looks great and will look the same for decades to come.

Third it’s a more environmentally sound solution by keeping my home cooler in the summer and also by being the last roof replacement the house will need. 

I have to the say the installation crew was top notch. They completed the job from tear off to done in just over two days and left the gutters and yard cleaner than they found them.  Admittedly my roof is small and fairly simple but to knock it out in two days during triple digit heat, that earned them my respect. All in all I’d say I’m very happy with my new roof and the over all experience of working with Interlock.

Ben Shinen
Hillsboro, OR

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