Des Plaines, IL — Roof Review | Two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and minute heavy hailstorm

Worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again

Des Plaines, Illinois

Dear Mr. Mondschean

It has been slightly more than one week since the installation was completed and I thought I would offer the following:


Since completion, we have had two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and minute heavy hailstorm. The only annoying noise experienced (…think of a loud combo of cymbals & snare drums) was during the hailstorm. However, I am sure that with standard shingles, the amplitude would have been the same, only at a lower frequency (i.e. a bowling alley and/or Niagara Falls).


Juan & Alex did an excellent job exercising care around existing installations (i.e. new plantings, aerials, wiring … ) and worked diligently even during the 50mph windy/gusty Wednesday. Upon completion, clean-up was very well done … not perfect, but better than I’ve seen in the last 20 years. Jesse also did well with coordination and follow-up.


I’m impressed with the materials & engineering involved in your roofing system. The interlocking method provides good rigidity & hopefully good liquid seepage resistance, while the individual shingle size should allow proper thermal expansion/contraction to prevent buckling. Visually, I’m completely satisfied. Performance-wise, ask me again in one year after everything has gone through a complete spring-summer-fall-winter cycle, thus establishing the credibility of your advertising propaganda.

Thank you for your efforts.

Ron S.
Des Plaines, IL 60018

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