My only disappointment is that I anticipated listening to the rain hitting the metal roof - but it's actually very quiet.


June 17, 2019

Dear John,

Several years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of a metal roof. Tired of constantly looking at my roof for signs of deterioration, I wondered if a metal roof was a realistic option for a home, as I only noticed them on barns and businesses.

A few months ago, you and Mike Rasmussen visited my home to provide an estimate. I was shocked at the number of options of beautiful metal roofs, that were not just functional but very attractive. Now, with the job complete – I couldn’t be more pleased. Neighbors and friends all have the same response, wondering if this is really a metal roof and commenting on how attractive it is.

One of my concerns in deciding upon a new roof related to previous experience with roofers. A twenty-year warranty for a roofing company that went out of business, asphalt shingles that began deteriorating less than 10 years after installation, with manufacturers blaming the installer and the installer blaming the manufacturer made warranties meaningless.

My experience with Interlock has been excellent from beginning to end. Knowing that Interlock both manufactures and installs its roofs eliminated my concern about responsibility. A lifetime warranty (limited to 50 years when I sell my house) means I no longer have to worry about replacing my roof. It’s such a relief to know I am done with such concerns.

You and Mike assured me that the installers would be meticulous and clean the area around my house every night; however, they did far more than that. I have seen many roofs installed and it is usually a quick installation.

Under the careful supervision of Jessie, the installers tediously worked to cut and detail each section. Working around the chimneys, they worked to be sure every detail was perfect, spending several hours in one small area. Preparing the areas around the eaves and valleys (not sure how to describe things) was very time consuming as they wanted everything to be perfect. This is something else my neighbors noticed.

The pride they took in their work was apparent at every turn, as they answered all my questions and explained why they were doing various things. When they began working on the addition, one of the workers asked me if that room was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I thought he was clairvoyant because it has always been the most uncomfortable room in the house. He explained there was no vent on that part of the roof, which impedes air flow. They added a vent, at no extra cost, once more, an indication of their commitment to excellence. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference in the winter – hoping I can remove the space heater.

There was one young man, who spent each day making sure everything was cleaned up. None of my trees, plants, or flowerpots were damaged. I’m not sure they were even touched. After each of the 4 days, the only indication that work was being done, was the dumpster in my driveway, as everything was meticulously cleaned.

Concern for the environment is very important to me and knowing that my roof eliminates additional landfill waste is definitely an additional benefit.

Thank you for living up to every promise you made when you first visited . I couldn’t be more pleased with my investment. A few neighbors who recently got new roofs were sorry they hadn’t known about how attractive and permanent metal roofs are. A few others have said they will seriously consider metal roofs when it’s time to replace their existing roofs.

So my years’ long dream of a metal roof is complete; far more attractive than I ever imagined, highly functional and permanent. My only disappointment is that I anticipated listening to the rain hitting the metal roof – but it’s actually very quiet.
For most, I guess that is another plus.

I would be happy to answer any questions potential metal roof owners might have, as I am so pleased with my purchase (investment).

Best Wishes,
Patti M.
River Forest, IL

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