Four factors need to be considered


We had replaced one roof in the time we had owned our home, and now it was time for the second replacement. I began to wonder if there were any alternatives to old asphalt technology. Also, we had two concerns about asphalt, the first is that it is not clean from an environmental standpoint and second, asphalt is oil based which means its cost is linked with the price of oil. I noticed that many commercial buildings had metal roofs. My wife and I usually do a lot of deep research for major home projects. We began looking into the possibility of replacing the current roof with metal. Our research indicated that there were residential metal roofs available in various metals and styles. Four factors need to be considered.

  1. Type of metal. We chose aluminum over steel. It’s lighter and less susceptible to corrosion although corrosion is not a major factor due to the various coatings and treatments applied to both metals during the manufacturing process.
  2. Structural assembly. We liked the Interlock method of attaching the panels to each other and the roof base. When complete the system is structurally sound and waterproof.
  3. Installation process. Installing a metal roof requires experience. Installation is different from that of an asphalt roof. During our research, we had a hard time locating installers that had experience installing residential metal roofs. This was another reason that we chose Interlock. They are associated with installation crews who have the knowledge and experience required for working with the Interlock product.
  4. The only other factor to consider is the style and color, and there are many to choose from.

Installation was uneventful, the crew was courteous and they explained exactly what they were doing and answered any questions that we had. The roof looks beautiful and we have had many compliments on it since it was installed two weeks ago. We are very happy that we chose Interlock for this project and highly recommend them.

Joe and Cathy S.
Schaumburg, IL

Guildquality Review
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