With this roofing - problem solved

Burlington, Massachusetts


For me, the change to a metal roof is something I have thought about for some time as I have had nothing but problems with new asphalt put on ten years ago. Ice dams and leaks have been a problem from the beginning of which I thought taking off the gutter would help. Next was to pay to have a three foot, a piece of aluminum put in along the length of the roof, result, snow dams above the aluminum strip.

The next thing to try was electric wires, which were somewhat successful, but meant taking down and putting up yearly.

At the age of 54, to be on a ladder dealing with wires and ice dams is okay, but how about 64 or 74. Some new way to roof had to be the answer. In New Hampshire where my brother and I have a summer place, a new cabin was being built and it had the long metal panels which didn’t look to bad but planted. The idea that an option was out there. Interlock was the better choice for a metal type roof and looks better too.

The cost of snow seal and new shingles, stripping off two layers, the cost of recycling in twenty years, led me to see that a non-asphalt does cost more initially, but how about in the long run? Probably not.

With my new Interlock Roof, time spent on the roof, don’t see any need, snow dams, snow slides off. No need for roof rake or wires. Loudness in the rain, not noticeable. Appearance looks great. With this roofing – problem solved, it’s on to other needed repairs.

Daniel Raske
Burlington, MA

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