The install crew was punctual and professional in all phases of the contracted work


We contracted in late December for Interlock Roofing to install a new Interlocking Roof. Once we finalized the deal it took about 2 weeks to have the materials delivered and work to begin. On the first day of the project, the front of the house was stripped of the old roof material and about 1/4 of the new roof installed. We were impressed that there was very little refuse in the yard and the amount of work that was accomplished on the first day. Of course, everything can’t go right with any project, in conversing with the crew chief I did not mention that we live about 14 miles from everywhere. Also, the salesman did not inform him either.

We were unable to be here for the first day and when we did speak with the crew chief, he said that they nearly ran out of gas and did not have lunch the first day. We felt really bad about that but that set back did not affect the professionalism or diligence of the crew.

On the second day, they completed the installation of the front roof, removed the old roof on the rear and prepared the bare underlayment to weather the rain due the next day. We weathered the storm with no leaks.

Thursday brought the sun and our new roof. It looks great and the craftsmanship is excellent.

I would recommend the Interlock roof for anyone that is looking for a roof that will last a lifetime.

Michael Moyer
Westfield, NC

Guildquality Review
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