We have the best looking house in the neighborhood

Troutdale, Oregon


To whom it may concern:

We had the Interlock Metal Roof in Tudor Brown Cedar Shingle installed in August of 2016. We researched several options regarding roof replacement and decided to go with your company. It was the best decision we ever made.

The crew was friendly fast and efficient. They explained to us every step of the replacement. They even went so far as to touch up paint where needed during the install.

When it was all said and done, we could not have been more pleased. The new Interlock roof completely changed the look of our house for the better. The new roof and a new coat of paint took a 1996 Craftsman style house and made it look like brand new construction. We have the best-looking house in the neighborhood.

We just suffered what has been one of the worst winters on record for the Pacific NW. High winds, 12 inches of snow, and freezing rain. Our new Interlock roof (pardon the pun) weathered it all fabulously. Some of our neighbors with standard roofing material didn’t fare as well.

I would recommend to ANYONE looking for a new roof to invest in an Interlock metal roof. We don’t regret our decision for an instant.

Kay and Robert Becker
Troutdale, OR 97060

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