No more ice damming


25 years of saving money in a C.D. has well paid off for me.  I endeavored to save money for a high quality roof; not wanting to pay for a substandard roofing system. I no longer wanted to have asphalt shingles.  Interlock Roofing is the Crème de La of all roofing.

One day in June of 2014 I took one of my long walks.  I came to a perfect standstill gazing up at the roof of a home I had often passed.  It had a new hairdo. This elegant and beautiful roof (dark gray slate) certainly wasn’t asphalt shingles.  What could it be?  I decided to find out and knocked on the side door.  I said to the man who came to the door “where did you ever get such beautiful roofing?”  He then explained that he was thrilled with his recent purchase of Interlock Roofing that was installed in early spring.  He immediately told me that it was a “lifetime” roof that was not only very energy efficient but was constructed as a high impact roof which could better handle nasty storms.  He explained to me that I could get rid of my roofing heat tapes because there would be no more ice damming that I would have to be concerned about.  Then he added with a twinkle in his eye that I could watch my neighbors struggle with raking snow off their roof and know that I would never have to stand out in the cold doing this task.  With great pride he told me that Interlock Roofing would look as great as it does today as it would many years down the road because the color never fades.

I said, “who do I contact to get this kind of roof?”  He gave me “Greg Weber’s telephone number.  He also told me of another home in the area that has had the roof on for 7 years that I could go look at.  I got in my car the next day and went over to that home and spoke to the owner and asked him if he was satisfied with the roof.  He answered, “I’m 100% plus satisfied!”  WOW!  That’s as good as it gets.

The rest is history because I made an appointment to see Greg Weber.  This week of August 18-20 installers came and installed my new roof on both the house and the garage.  These men were by far the best men you could get.  Would you like to know why?  It’s because of their work ethics.  They were polite, accommodating, and extremely hard working.  It was evident that they certainly knew what they were doing every step of the way.  When they were finished the end product of their job was both elegant and beautiful!

I hope people will take time to consider getting Interlock Roofing, which in my opinion is the best choice they could make if they desire to have a quality roof.  Also, I appreciate buying from a company that takes so much pride in what they are doing. Interlock Roofing Speaks for itself when you see it.

Sonja B.
Madison, WI

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