Our gorgeous house with an equally gorgeous roof


Drip, drip, drip. This is not a sound you want to hear at 3:30 am… in bed… coming from your attic… in the dead of winter. A quick peek in the attic confirmed my worst fears, the ice dam on the roof was allowing melted water to seep through the crappy asphalt shingles and into the house. We called a local contractor and had the ice dam removed, but this didn’t fix the underlying problem that our current roof was cheap and damaged. My wife and I moved into a beautiful three story brick tudor on Madison’s near west side in the fall of 06′. It was perfect in that it had been beautifully remodled with gorgeous woodwork, marble, stunning attention to detail, with the exception of the roof.

We had decided that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, this was the house we were going to stay in until retirement, so why not invest in a metal roof. After a couple of weeks of research and interviewing we settled on Interlock. Part of the choice was made on the quality of the product and part was made on the salesmanship of the rep, Chuck.

Work started and except for some problems with the weather, things progressed smoothly. We were especially impressed with the steps the crew took in regards to safety and our stay-at-home neighbor told us about how exciting the crew was, “you’re definitely getting your monies worth”, was her exact quote. At the end of the job the crew even emptied out all the trash that we had pulled out of the attic for us. Now that’s service!

After everything is said and done we’ve been able to cap off our gorgeous house with an equally gorgeous roof.

Thank’s Interlock!
Kevin and Cherly Conrad
Madison, WI

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