Snow easily slides off and does not build up a snow load


Dear Mr. Michael Baldassari,

My wife and I would like to express our satisfaction with your metal roof installation on our house. The roof was installed in late November of 2009, only a few days before we received our first major snow fall. Your roofing crew was extremely professional and their work exceeded our expectations. They installed our roof in an efficient and careful manner; working tirelessly for two and a half days. At completion, they did a fantastic job of cleaning up the yard around the house.

In particular, we have really appreciated one of the advantages that your metal roof offers. Snow easily slides off and does not build up a snow load. After the second snow fall, I gave away my snow rake knowing that I would never again have to get on an extension ladder to clear a two and a half story roof. Due to the size of our roof, in the past, this task has taken several hours and has been somewhat hazardous. I certainly won’t miss this “pleasurable task” of home ownership.

Last week on Thursday evening, the 25th of February, we had rain, snow and wind gusts up to 68 miles per hour for several hours. The roof received punishing forces from the wind as well as flying debris from tree branches and pine cones. We were a little concerned that we would see roof damage the next morning. However, upon inspection, the roof remained intact. The resistance to such forces demonstrates how well the metal roof has been installed and the topnotch quality of the metal roofing material itself.

Knowing that we will never have to replace our roof again has convinced us more than ever that we made a wise investment. The aesthetics of the black metal roof has added a richness and quality finish to our home which we will enjoy for many years to come.

John and Jane Vaitkunas
Auburn, MA

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