Save money on yearly heating and cooling bills


This past Fall I began soliciting bids for stripping off two layers of shingles on my 23-year old shingle family home and replacing the “worn” shingles with a new layer of fiberglass shingle. You may ask, since the home was “only” 23 years old, why there was already two layers of shingles and how come the top layer was now in need of replacement! Believe me, I was asking the same questions. Granted, we had not paid (directly) for either layer of shingle since they both were on the home when we purchased it, but it was still a concern of mine with respect to the fiberglass shingle industry.

My wife and I have owned this home for nine years and, when we initially moved in, we had the home vinyl-sided and replaced most of the windows with energy efficient, up-and-down windows as opposed to the then crank-out windows. The then existing roof shingles had excellent curl-appeal when viewed against the newly installed vinyl siding and window shutters, so much so that passersby thought we had the roof re-shingled as well.

So, in our search for new shingle, we sought out a shingle that would have that same curb appeal as well as longevity. Well, we could not find anything that came close to providing us with the idea that, “Yeah, this one will look great on our home and last a long time.”

This Spring I responded to a newspaper advertisement I’d seen and a mailing that I received regarding the installation of a metal roof. Certainly, installation of a metal roof in our “neck of the woods,” where there is some pricey real estate, was something of an oddity. However, I did some research on metal roofs over the Internet and found myself intrigued and please by what I read.

My wife and I met with Interlock Industries, Inc. sales representative Gerry Matta, and he explained the concept and longevity of a metal roof, its energy-savings benefit, and more specifically, showed us the colors and Interlock design afforded by their product known on the internet as

After hearing the sales presentation, my wife and I were intent on seeing two homes within 20 miles of our home that had the same color metal roof we anticipated purchasing for our home. Let me tell you, after viewing the exterior of those homes, we definitely had made up our minds that we were going to be the first in our neighborhood with an Interlock shingle metal roof because it was going to afford us with fabulous curb appeal for our home.

Well, now that the stripping off of the deteriorating fibreglass shingles and the installation of the “tile red” Interlock shingle has been completed, our home is now a showcase for the metal roof industry.

We have had numerous compliments from family and neighbors regarding the beauty of the home with the new Interlock shingle installed. We have had many vehicles pass roadside and slow down to view our home and several inquiries form those motorists as to where we obtained the beautiful roof.

Thank you to Interlock Industries, Inc. for creating a product that allows my family to have the satisfaction to know that we will never have to replace roof shingles again, will save money on yearly heating and cooling bills, and, more importantly, have a home that truly has a dynamic curb appeal. It’s just beautiful!!

Thanks again.

Joseph A. Tetrault
Chicopee, MA

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