Best looking roof in the neighborhood


Dear Interlock Management,

As promised I am writing you a follow up letter sharing our experience regarding the purchase and installation of our new Interlock Roof.

Long before we received your introductory mailing my wife and I had already had our minds set on eventually installing an Interlock Roof. Our reasoning was simple. We only wanted to install one more roof in our lifetime, and we were very interested in the looks, durability and warranty of your product.

As an experienced service and installation manager myself, I am very familiar with the fact that many jobs have their surprises, and sometimes despite planning things go wrong. What really matters is how those instances are dealt with. As in our case, the first day the crew did not arrive until several hours later than expected due to issues back at the warehouse. The Customer Service Manager I believe, Miranda was very apologetic and did try to explain as well as got back to me with status on their expected arrival.

The late arrival was quickly put behind us as upon arrival your crew without walking around or discussion divided and began what was a dynamic, organized and efficient process of setting up and beginning installation like nothing we or our neighbors have ever seen. In just a few hours they had stripped two layers of roofing off the house and garage, did some repair work, papered the roof and had half the garage and the front half of the main roof complete.

On day two they completed the install and did an incredible job of cleaning up. This included every member of the crew walking my property to insure not one nail was left to step on, or cause tire damage. Our second surprise or problem was detected after their departure which was related to the fact that the back half of our roof had to be done in neoprene and the drip edge was not only different but was white instead of black causing our roof to look incomplete. I believe we both learned something that day. Your company for the future will be able to point this out up front and offer to paint the the edging in advance of the installation. In our case you had a man here the next day and he painted the drip edge to match the front half of the house and shingles. We also had two separate follow up visits from your quality control people to inspect the job for proper install and completion.

In summary we are very pleased with our roof and the diligence of your hard working, professional crew.
We without a doubt have the best looking roof in the neighborhood, bar none.

Dave Marr
Lowell, MA

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