Remnants of two hurricanes coming through New England


I am writing this letter of testimonial to express how completely satisfied my wife and I are with our new Interlock roofing. I knew from my experience with leaking asphalt roof shingles, after only a short 14-year life span that this was not the way to re-roof.

I did my research collecting a lot of information on numerous roofing products for several roofing manufacturers before I found Interlock Industries, Inc. One key factor in decision making process was viewing the roofing in person.

The aesthetic change the Interlock Roof provides is very dramatic to say the least. When our local salesman presented the roofing system in our home we were impressed with the background information, other local homeowner testimonials, and the clincher for us was the 50 year non-prorated, transferable, material and labor warranty. While some manufacturers talk the-talk Interlock Industries, Inc. puts their name and reputation on the line with such a fantastic warranty. To this end we are completely satisfied.

After our in-home sales call we anticipated our roof to be installed within six week: and for the whole job to take four to five days. We asked if it were possible for the re-roofing to be rushed since our home was experiencing water damage with every rainstorm. And experience of the remnants of two hurricanes coming through New England was wearing thin on our nerves. We were very pleased to find out that just two and a half week later we had a new roof on our home.

During the construction process we were very surprised to find that the re-roofing operation took only one day. The construction crew was very professional, skilled and was extremely conscience to clean up and remove all debris from the re-roofing work. We proudly add our names to the Interlock industries family of testimonial letters.

Thank you for a job well done.
Gerry Matta
Palmer, MA

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