Keep your home cooler during summer months, warmer during winter month, eliminates ice dams


We recently had your Interlock Roofing System installed on our home. It has now been about 3 months since the roof was installed. We receive many compliments on how beautiful the roof looks. Your installers were polite, fast, cleaned up the area daily and did a full clean up after the job was completed.

My wife and I discussed installing a metal roofing system because of the many advantages of a metal roofing system. We did not want a system like the ones everyone sees on old barns, (straight panels). We were looking for an attractive looking system that would add curb appeal to our home.

We decided to go to one of the local home shows to see what types of roofing systems were available. That’s when we found your company. I had seen various style metal roofs on home TV shows, but none of them matched the interlocking panel system like yours.

The shingles not only interlock with each other but they are also nailed into the roof deck for a good solid roofing system.

I work at a local College as the Manager of Building Services. I am responsible for maintenance of many difference types of buildings and roofs. I have seen the amount of damage caused by water, snow, ice and wind. So when deciding what type of roof we should install on the largest investment anyone purchases in their lifetime (a house), we decided to invest in a metal roof which we will never have to worry about again.

The advantages of the metal roof are easy to understand and see. Interlock roof system will keep your home cooler during summer months, warmer during winter month, eliminates ice dams, keeps your heating and cooling costs down and looks great year round. While keeping your house safe from water, ice, snow and wind damages.

The most often asked question since we had this roof installed was, Isn’t it noisy when it rains? I want to tell you, that we have had many heavy down pours and you can not hear the rain, even during the hardest rainstorms. It is not any louder than any other roofing system.

Our off white house has blue awnings and blue shutters so when my wife saw the blue color offered in your brochure, she fell in love with it and decided it would match our house nicely, and she was right. My niece came over to see the new roof and said the house looks like it’s brand new, our house was built in 1954.

We have people drive by the house and they literally stop to admire how great the house looks. When we’re out in the yard people blow their horn and yell “the roof looks great”.

Purchasing a metal roof is more expensive but you’ll never spend another penny on your roof again. You’ll never have to listen to people pounding nails while you’re trying to relax after you returning home from work. You won’t have to worry about coming up with the expensive cost of replacing a roof on your home after you retire. All of these reasons are just part of why we invested in installing the roofing system that will be still on our home after we are gone. Not to mention it has a full replacement warranty transferable to the next owner should you ever decide to sell your house.

We believe it adds curb appeal to your home, saves you money on utilities, increases the value of your house and you will never have to replace it for as long as you live.

If you look at the cost to install a conventional asphalt shingled roof, which you will probably have to invest in twice in your lifetime, coupled up with the cost of disposal for stripping your old roofing system. I believe you will find it will cost about the same monies in the long run and you will not be inconvenienced by construction noise while your roof is being replaced again for second or third time.

I believe this is the best investment we have made next to the purchase of our house.

This message is for anyone who is considering investing in a metal roof. Spend the little extra on the roof that will protect your most costly investment you will ever make and never have to worry about it again. How can you possibly consider any other roofing system?

Michael Fern
South Hadley, MA

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