Enjoying the roof through the winter winds and rain and hail of the Pacific Northwest

Damascus, Oregon


To the Interlock Corporation, What can you say about a home improvement experience such as replacing the roof on your house?

From the first contact to the completion of the project it was the most enjoyable experience a person can have when dealing with a large commercial company. From the initial non-high pressure, very informative sales contact from a Home and Garden show to the friendly, efficient and respectful installers to the final personal contact to make sure we were satisfied with the results and that we were enjoying our new roof.

The application and quality of the materials are beyond expectations. We have been enjoying the roof through the winter winds and rain and hail of the Pacific Northwest. Everyone asks if it is noisy and tinny when it rains. We reply “of course not! “ It is even quieter than the comp roof we just replaced. We ordered the deep charcoal grey slate. After the rain while still wet the roof shines and glistens like real slate. It is a welcoming sight compared to the dull comp roofs of our neighbors.

Shortly after installation, there was a wedding up the road from us. We heard from a friend who attended that our roof was the hot topic of discussion since everyone had to drive by our house to reach the wedding. We get many compliments from people who drive by.

The installers, while being friendly, are very proud of their workmanship and we liked the fact that they kept referring to the roof as “their roof”. Hard working and diligent to the task, they were attentive to every detail. The best onsite reps Interlock could ever have. They were proud of the many years of service working for the company and that fact too lends itself to efficient communication and workflow. The install happened during the summer during some of the hottest days on record. The installers measured their days, coming early, resting during the hottest times and returning during the coolness of the evenings. Doing what needed to be done to get the job done.

While more expensive than traditional comp roofs up front, the fact that we never have to replace the roof during our lifetime is well worth it. This house is our forever house and the best part of our new roof is the fact that my husband will never have to climb up a ladder to clean off the moss that grows so well here in the wet but green northwest. After much investigation and consideration of other metal roofing products on the market, we highly recommend a metal roof, specifically one by Interlock.

Rev. Rockne and Suzanne S.
Damascus, OR

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