I live in a forest near the Oregon Coast. The original reason I wanted to purchase a metal roof was basically for fire prevention


I live in a forest near the Oregon Coast. The original reason I wanted to purchase a metal roof was basically for fire prevention. Composition shingles are the worst type of roof you can have when living in a forested area; metal roofs are the best.

On September 11, 1992 I was on the island of Kauai, Hawaii when Hurricane Iniki, a Category-5 hurricane, took a direct hit. For our emergency shelter, we took refuge at the newly built Kauai Community College. We were told it had been built to hurricane standards and was safe. The college had a metal roof made of long slates stretching from the top to bottom. As the hurricane grew in strength, I watched the slate at one side of the building starting to flap…then flap more and more until it went flying into the air. Then, I watched the slate next to it do the same. This went on and on. When the eye of the hurricane went over us and everything slowed down, the people in that building rushed over to our building. For some reason our building’s roof held.

Living on the Oregon Coast we get high winds every year. When I was informed about how the Interlock roof is tied together, I was sold on purchasing that style. Now, my roof can withstand up to a 180 per hour wind gust. I also like it’s look. After it was installed I sent a photo to a friend and her reaction was: “I thought you were going to buy a metal roof.” The roof even has a slate look to it.

I used to own a business where we sent installation crews all across the country to install our multiple-run kennels. I know the importance of having a crew that knows what they are doing and are good representatives of our business. I give the Interlock installation crew an A+. They not only know what they are doing, but they are HARD WORKERS as well. On my job they went way beyond just roofing my house. They tore out the dilapidated structure around my chimney and built me a completely new one. They also added new flashing at the bottom of my roof windows, so I no longer have a problem with runoff ruining my wooden frame.

I now have a new roof that will last much longer than me. It has added value to my home and peace of mind to me. When considering a new roof, I highly recommend Interlock.

Guy F.
A Satisfied Customer
Logsden, OR 97357

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