Another advantage of a very conductive aluminum roof is that it forms a Faraday cage around the house


The Kirkwood family is the proud owner of a new, red, Interlock aluminum alloy tile roof, installed this July. This new roof greatly improved the look of our home in replacing our old wood shingle roof, whose life had expired. We were happy that the new roof could be installed directly over the old wood roof, without the messy ripping up that we have observed each of our neighbors go through. The installation crew were extremely courteous and worked very hard to complete the installation in 3 days. We were also impressed with the promptness of delivery for a custom made roof. It was only two weeks from order to installation.

What a difference! On a bright sunny day the red surface of the garage roof actually glows against the second story of the house. Our neighbors from up to a block away have commented that the house looks brand new. Sometimes we think they enjoy it more than we do. That is not completely true, however, because I will not miss cleaning the maple nuts, leaves and moss, applying water sealer then patching the wood shingle splits to prevent leaks. We waited in sending this letter until the middle of fall, to see how the new roof handles the maples nuts and leaves, as we live in a forest setting. On a rainy, windy, night this week, the rain washed the leaves down into the gutters, leaving the roof clean.

It is much easier to clean the gutters than the roof. Our house is also located near electric power transmission lines and stray electric fields from them interrupt AM radio signals. Another advantage of a very conductive aluminum roof is that it forms a Faraday cage around the house, eliminating the AM interruption and also potential health hazards. The roof has also improved reception from our outside antenna for TV signals.

We are very happy with our new roof.

Dr. & Mrs. Brad Kirkwood
Kent, WA

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We are enjoying a much cooler home interior, as advertised


Our Interlock Roof has now been installed three weeks and we couldn’t be more pleased. Suffice to say we haven’t yet experienced the winds and rains of winter, but we are enjoying a much cooler home interior, as advertised. Certainly the compliments we have been receiving from neighbors and passersby have been most positive and rewarding. Our cul-de-sac has five homes, each with a different roof; shake, tile, wood shingle, comp, and Interlock Aluminum, and needless to say which one stands out the most. Several have even asked if it’s a “slate roof. We’ve had so many ask about it that I now carry three of the shake shingles around in my car to show people we visit what Interlock is all about. Needless to say we’ve become quite an expert at “locking” them together.

The installation process was most impressive. We had two neighborhood homes, receive “comp” roofs while ours was being installed. They took about 3 days each to complete. Your installation team of Alex and Viktor Drigailo were here 11 days and what a pleasure and experience it was to observe their work. Just watching the time and care they exercised was sufficient to all that Interlock was a “different” roof. Their work ethic was something to behold and it was indeed our pleasure to have them with us for that period. We’ve even taken their photographs to remember them by.

Thank you all for making our new Interlock roof possible.

Most Sincerely,
James Woodle
Everett, WA

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