What? You Think Roofs Last Forever?

If this comes as news that you eventually will need a new roof (don't worry it was news to me too), then you are at the right place

  • We’ll talk about why roofs eventually do have to be replaced
  • See also what options you have to replace your roof

Table of Contents

All roofs have to be replaced. Or do they?

When my parents re-roofed (I was a teenager) it was a revelation to me that you had to replace your roof. (Was this true of other parts of your home?) Not having any experience (in life for the most part), I was confused by the concept that such a significant portion, and seemingly vital part of the house, would eventually be replaced. Because it had deteriorated? Did it cost how much? And, who were these strange men on our roof making all that mess and noise?

Now years later, and with a little more experience under my belt, it’s been interesting to see and hear people’s journeys with putting a new roof on their home. But one thing is always true, it always costs money. It’s just a matter of when you’ll have to pay for that next roof. And, perhaps more than you might be expecting. 

"Worried" and "Frustrated"

“I was worried about leaks” or, “I knew from looking at it, we had to do something” is something we’ve heard often.

By just looking up at your roof, sometimes you can see if there are problems that need addressing.

Or, sometimes you can’t see the problems. That’s scary.

But for those who have already gone down the roofing journey, they thought they were buying a warrantied product to protect their home, but finding out it didn’t last as long as promised. That led to frustration.

“The shingles were supposed to last 20 years. They only lasted 13.  I was pretty upset at the shingle company, we were supposed to get some money back. But that never happened.” – Neil in Hampstead, New Hampshire

Warranty promises are great if they protect your purchase. But if you don’t get the lifespan promised, what’s the point of having the warranty?

Why Does Your Roof Have to be Replaced?

For the most part? The weather.

Eventually, Mother Nature takes a toll on your roof while it’s doing its job of protecting your home and your family. But the weather and the climate you live in, hot or cold, is the primary reason you are going to need a new roof at some point. Hot summers, snowy winters, and rain driven by high winds will wear down your roof as a protective layer of your house. Depending on the material you have on there, it will deteriorate at different rates. So at some point, you will be looking at replacing your roof. So, what are your options? What material should you choose?

Types of Roofing Materials

There are more types of roofs available than ever before, but some quick searches will show that you can re-roof with:

  • Asphalt (composite or fiberglass with granule or mineral coatings)
  • Cedar or Shake Shingles (treated wood)
  • Concrete
  • Clay (terracotta)
  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Flat roofing (IB)
  • Synthetic (sometimes called composite)

The Reality Is...

You have a lot of choices for when it comes time to replace your roof. And yes, you will have to replace it at some point. The good news is you have a lot of choices, but will only last a certain amount of time. Meaning you will have to do it again. But when?

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