Why Proper Roof Installation is Crucial for Your Home

Besides the roofing material, correct installation is a big reason why we are confident to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Why can’t I install your roof myself?

Unfortunately, the Interlock Lifetime Roofing System is not a DIY product. 

While many people can install asphalt shingles themselves (but perhaps shouldn’t), and some metal roofs can be a do-it-yourself roof, an Interlock® roof is not.   

Here’s why: 

Interlock metal roofs are part of a system.  

Our shingles, panels and our custom components form an interlocking system, hence the name of our company.  

That system is very key as to why our roofs give you such great protection against all kinds of weather (hot or cold).   

These components need to be installed correctly, or else your roof could fail.  

Having no knowledge of how our roofing system installs together, and well … you’re in for some trouble.  

An Interlock Metal Roofing System is comprised of:

  • Metal Shingles or Panels
  • Starter Flashing
  • Gable Flashing and Trim (inner/outer)
  • End Wall Flashing
  • Side Wall Flashing
  • Valleys
  • Backpans
  • Chimney and Skylight Collars
  • Drip Caps
  • Underlayment
  • Ridge Caps
  • Ridge Vents (optional)
  • Snow Guards (optional)
  • Sliding clips (Standing Seam)
  • Fixed clips (Standing Seam)
  • Specialty Screws
  • Specialty Nails

So as you can see, there is a lot that makes up one of our metal roofing systems. How they integrate together is the expert knowledge we’ve kept improving upon over the past couple of decades.

Proper Installation Key

Expert knowledge

Besides the material, the technology and expert knowledge we’ve developed over the years is why our roofs perform so well.

That’s why people who have roofing experience cannot install our roofs without training.

Also, every home is different. Pitch changes and other roofing features that your home may have, your installer will need to have expert knowledge of what components to use and where on your roof.

On the flip side, if you’ve ever seen even a bad asphalt roof installed, you can see that a little knowledge can truly be a bad thing.  There are some horror stories on YouTube.

A metal roof is more expensive than asphalt, and when you are investing in a major portion of your house, then, of course, you will want it done correctly.

The installers in the regional Interlock® offices are experts. They are extremely knowledgeable and are the ones who will install your Interlock® metal roof.

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