Ces hommes travaillent rapidement, prudemment et minutieusement; en plus d’étre trés polis et souriants

Cette letter a pour but du souligner l’excellent travail de vos employés. Le 13 juin dernier une équipe de votre enterprise est venue effectuer des travaux de recouvrement. Ces hommes travaillent rapidement, prudemment et minutieusement; en plus d’étre trés polis et souriants. Ils nous ont même rendu un service grandement apprécié, en décrochant les vieilles gouttières. Ce fut un travail difficile et qui a demandé plusieurs minutes d’efforts considérables. De plus, nous sommes vraiment satisfaits du produit et avons reçu plusieurs felicitations. Soyez donc assuré, Monsieur Bertrand, que nous profiterons de toutes les occasions propices pour promouvoir votre enterprise. Nouveaux ambassadeurs pour Les Toits Premanents.

Maurice Desrosiers et Elaine Hébert
Victoriaville, QC

Je dois vous avouer que le résultat à largement surpassé nos attentes


Remerciement à votre équipe

Un petit mot,

Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir fait appel à vos services. Premièrement nous voulions un produit de qualité et durable. Deuxièmement l’on voulais respecter le style et espérions que cela lui redonnerais un peu de cachet et sur ce point je dois vous avouer que le résultat à largement surpassé nos attentes.

Monsieur Laurin vous êtes un jentlemen. La mise à jour et compte rendu après chaque étape à été grandement apprécié. Bravo à l’equipe. La fierté du travail bien fait, comme s’il s’agissait de votre proper demeure (ex: chemine,peinture corniche et travail de finition). La propreté des lieux et votre discrétion et bien CHAPEAU!

Maintenant nous sommes vendu à votre compagnie et aussi très content quo cette achat soit fait a VIE, ha! Et comme dirait Flora-Mai (4 ans): Merci de nous avoir si bien «couverté» (verbe du mot vouverture…reçouvrement… ha!)

A vous l’équipe des toits permanents du Québec, nos meilleures salutations.

Bonne fin de saison et gardez votre dynamiste!

Famille Francoeur
Riviére-du-loup, QC

Ils étaient très courtois et sympathiques


Bonjour, nous voulions simplement prendre le temps pour faire part de notre grande satisfaction. Nous sommes extrêment enchanté du résultat de notre toiture. Elle était dans un très mauvais état mais votre équipe a fait un travail remarquable. Un gros bravo au chef d’équipe pour sont professionnalisme ainsi qu’à ses collègues qui ont toujours pris le temps de répondre à nos questions. Ils étaient très minutieux tout le long de l’exécution des travaux et veillaient a notre entière satisfaction. Ils étaient très courtois et sympathiques. Présentement il y a une autre compagnie qui execute des travaux sur notre maison, mon conjoint et moi nous nous disions à quel point nous préférions votre équipe à tout point de vue.

Un gros merci encore!
Bonne journée à tous
Chantal Venne

PS: Beaucoup de gens que nous ne connaissons pas viennent nous voir pour nous dire à quel point notre toiture est superbe et nous demande des informations sur votre compagnie.

Deux-montagnes, QC

It was a good selling point when we sold the house to move west


We would like to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased we are with our new roof. As you are aware, we installed an Interlock roof on our previous house in Ontario about 15 years ago, prior to our move to Calgary. It was a good selling point when we sold the house to move west.

As a result, when we saw the Interlock roofs appearing on houses in our neighbourhood a short while ago, it was natural that we call you to see about having our roof replaced. We were not disappointed at all this time around. You had the job completed well within the timeframe you laid out for us at our first meeting. The material arrived in a timely manner and your crew was very conscientious, right down to our concerns regarding the planned installation during a rather wet week. They, with our agreement, therefore delayed the installation until the following week when the weather was forecast to be much better, and although we had several heavy thunderstorms during installation, we didn’t have any water problems at all.

Duane and his crew did an excellent job. They were extremely conscientious in everything they did and it still amazes me that I could walk around the house every evening after they had left and not find any signs of this being a job site. They were meticulous, not only in their installation procedures but in everything else they did. They were always polite and good-natured and it was a pleasure having them around.

As for the roof itself, we are extremely pleased with it. In our opinion, it greatly enhances the appearance of our house, we know that it is a much better weather barrier than the old roof or any other roof for that matter and we also know that it will remain that way for the lifetime of the house. In short, the entire process from start to finish has been a very pleasant one for us. We would not hesitate to recommend you, your company and your product to anyone that is interested in a new roof.


Dale and Delia Andersen
Calgary, AB T3B 5P7

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I expect that the roof will outlive both of us and add to the value of our house


Mary & I are pleased to let you know that we are delighted with our new Interlock roof and we would recommend you and the product to anyone who inquires.

We have had many compliments from neighbours and strangers.

The ‘weathered gray’ colour was the perfect choice for our home and the roof looks great. It fits in well with the existing pine shake roofs in Valley Ridge.

I expect that the roof will outlive both of us and add to the value of our house.

The installation by Jason and Darren was executed professionally by these 2 very pleasant young men.


Michael & Mary Beamish
Calgary, AB

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Neighbours and passersby are very impressed with our new roof


From start to finish, we were impressed with Interlock Roofing. From delivery of the roofing materials to the “roofers”. Interlock Roofing employees are professional not only in the way they take safety precautions but also in the way they conduct themselves. Our home was kept tidy from start to finish. Throughout the process, any concerns we had were answered to our satisfaction.

Neighbours and passersby are very impressed with our new roof.

Dave and Bonnie Mitchell
Surrey, BC

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We wanted a good roof not a cheap roof


We ordered this roof because of the amount of debris that tends to collect on our formerly shake roof, and the difficulty of cleaning it, as needles accumulated in the space between the shakes and were difficult to dislodge. This new roof is relatively smooth and should be easier to keep clean (time will tell). Everything was as promised, appears to be good workmanship, was good communication and satisfactory in every way. Installers were friendly, cooperative and cleaned up thoroughly after each day’s work. Took 2 1/2 weeks to complete but it is a big roof. Not cheap, though we wanted a good roof not a cheap roof.

John & Heather B.
Surrey, BC

Great company that does a great job


I am very happy with the roof that was installed by Interlock.  The workers were very nice and they finished the job with great quality.  They were here bright and early in the morning when they started and it did not take them long to finish the roof.

I recommend Interlock to everyone.  It is a great company that does a great job.

Lam Tran
Lethbridge, Alberta

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We like the look and colour of the Interlock roof


Our first exposure to Interlock Roofing was when Brad knocked at the door, having been referred by a neighbour who knew we wanted a new roof.

Brad explained in detail about the roof, about how it was priced, and when it would be done. Installation was done in March, as scheduled and took 7 1/2 days.

Both workers were friendly, neat and professional having worked for Interlock for many years. They threw the old shakes directly into the bin, so there was no mess around the house and to ensure there would no problems later, they checked on the attic vents and cleared those partially blocked.

We like the look and colour of the Interlock roof and it is admired by passer-by’s who often stop to ask about it.

We have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Peter and Irene Harris
Lethbridge, AB

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It looks magnificent, and our neighbours are already commenting on the beautiful appearance


We are the talk of our neighbourhood. Our house now has the best looking roof on our street and we are proud of it.

Chris and Paul who worked on the roof were extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. What a great representation of your company standards. They kept us informed of their progress, worked endlessly and constantly cleaned up after themselves. Job well done!!!Many of our neighbours came out to watch and were impressed with the workmanship and style of the Interlock roof.

Hopefully other home owners will realize the benefits of having this type of roofing system.

Our biggest concern was the noise level when it was raining. Our concern was put to ease the other night because we had a rain storm and we could barely hear the rain drops on the roof.

We now can sleep peacefully knowing that we now have a strong quiet maintenance-free roof.

Thank you Interlock!

Wayne and Sandi S.
Hamilton, Ontario

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The most impressive aspect of the installation is the finishing

I had my new roof installed last week by Raymond Perusse and his team. I am very satisfied with the professional installation completed by Raymond and his team. The most impressive aspect of the installation is the finishing. The different aluminum components used to complete the finishing of the roof structure, ensures me that you have successfully installed the last roof that I will ever need. Many thanks. An excellent product.

Ken Drennan
Notre-Dame-de-l’île-Perrot, QC

I was amazed how the hail just bounced of the roof


We read an ad in our local newspaper and it talked about the last roof we would ever put on our house guaranteed for 50 years. There was a phone number to call and we really needed to get a new roof as ours was 15 years old and there was no gravel left on the shingles. We called Interlock Roofing, we arranged a date to meet and discuss the application of his product. With in a few days Brad was here and we had a very pleasant and informative meeting with him. By the end of our meeting we had decided this was the way we wanted to go. Brad said within about thirty days the material and installers would arrive and install the roof. The material arrived within about 15 days and about a month later our installer was on the roof.

Jamie a very nice and polite man arrived and introduced himself, he explained what and how he would do the work. We talked daily with Jamie and he would update us on how it was going. They didn’t have to strip the old roof they put the new roof right on top of the old one, saving waste going into the landfill and it didn’t matter if it rained during the installation. It took Jamie about a week, he got rained out one and a half days. When he left at the end of the install there was no sign of him working here other then a new roof.

Since the new roof has been installed we have noticed no damage and we have had three hail storms that damaged vehicles and siding on houses. I was amazed how the hail just bounced of the roof, and no piles of gravel at the bottom of our down spouts, and no shingles lifting off.

The house temperature is more consistent it doesn’t get really warm or really cool it stays where we set it and is more comfortable then before. If you are thinking of replacing your roof you should consider investing in your house and protecting it with an interlock roofing system. I feel good knowing I will never replace our roof again , the material stands up to anything the Alberta weather dishes out and there is peace of mind knowing what you see is what you get today , tomorrow and in the future. The warranty is transferable and the roofing system will ad value to our house if we every were to sell, which I don’t think we will do as we live on an acreage and have the million dollar Mountain View.

Brad has come back out to our home twice since the installation, just to make sure we are happy with the new roof. It’s nice to know that he cares even after the bill has been paid.

Thanks to Jamie and Brad we have nothing to worry about, that a nice feeling when it comes to our home.

Garth and Shannon Richardson
Airdrie, AB

Our experience from meeting the sales representative at the Red Deer Home Show to the completion of the installation was very positive.

Our experience from meeting the sales representative at the Red Deer Home Show to the completion of the installation was very positive. The installers showed up at our home and worked long hours to complete the installation in 3 days. They were very respectful and considerate of us. Each night, they cleaned up the worksite and hauled away the debris. Even our neighbours commented on how efficient they worked and how tidy they were. The roof looks amazing and people stop us to ask about the product. We would highly recommend this company.

Bill W.
Red Deer, AB

Very happy with our new aluminum roof


My wife and I are very happy with our new aluminum roof. It is very attractive and “permanent.”

It was interesting to watch the skill of the roofers cutting, shaping and fitting the roof components.The roofers were skilled and hard working. Their “clean-up” at the end of each day was efficient.

Thank you Interlock Roofing for a job well done.

T.R. Martin
Chilliwack, BC

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The value of our property has risen considerably


Today, the Interlock Roofing Installers have completed the installation of a great looking roof on our home.

Later in the month of September, as I was standing on the deck of my home, enjoying the Autumn air, I noticed that one of my neighbours was having a new roof installed on their home.

This roof definitely appeared to look much different than the ordinary asphalt shingles that are prevalent on most homes. So, I needed to get a closer look. As I came to the home where the roof was being installed, I thought, boy, this is really “extraordinary”……..and I liked what I had seen. I enquired of the installers to know more about the product, I was informed that I should leave my name and phone number, and a representative would contact me.

Within a few days, I received a phone call from Brad (local Interlock representative) and an appointment was set, so we could be informed more about the product. Our roof at that time was asphalt shingles, which were beginning to curl in some areas (mainly the South side) of the roof. I knew that we’d be lucky if we could get about one more years wear, without replacing the roof.

The job was professionally completed by Interlock Roofing trained installers. There’s no doubt in my mind but what the value of our property has risen considerably, however, we are anticipating enjoying our home for many years to come. At this point, it’s too early to notice any changes to our home………except the roof certainly helps to enhance the beauty of our home. We have already had some very positive comments from some of our neighbours.

If you might be considering a new roof on your home, I would truly recommend that you listen to Mr. Reagh……..he really knows all there is to know about roofing. Mr. Reagh is representing the best roofing product that’s on the market today. I really wanted the best roof installed because I didn’t want to be having to redo my roof again in a few years. We now have peace of mind, in knowing that we have the best roof that’s available.

Keith and Priscilla Payne
Lethbridge, Alberta

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