An outshot is a small addition or extension to a building, typically at the rear or side of the main structure. Outshots are commonly found in traditional English architecture, and are often used to provide additional living space or storage.

The design of the outshot is typically simple and unadorned, and may feature a sloping roof that matches the pitch of the main structure. The outshot may be attached to the main structure, or may be separate and free-standing.

Outshots are often used to create additional living space in older or historic buildings, which may have limited floor space. They can be used to create a variety of living spaces, including additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or storage areas. Outshots may also be used to create covered porches or other outdoor living spaces.

Overall, the outshot is a practical and versatile architectural feature that can be used to add functionality and living space to a wide range of building types. Its simple design and unobtrusive appearance make it a popular choice for traditional and historic buildings, as well as for modern construction projects.

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