The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!


Our experience with Interlock Metal Roofing Systems can only be described as highly recommended.

From the start, Matthew was very knowledgeable on the roofing product and was able to fully describe what was needed for our house. He was able to give us multiple examples of homes that had this system installed on it which allowed us to visualize and decide on the style that we wanted. Once this was completed, he went out of his way to ensure that all of our questions were answered and that we were educated on this product.

After the roof was ordered, Shauna did an exceptional job communicating the status of our roof and when it was expected to be delivered as well as when the installation would begin. She was extremely thorough in what we were to expect and the timing of everything that would occur. Due to it being a custom roof, the materials had to be manufactured prior to the installation being done. She continued to update us as the materials were being manufactured and any changes that occurred with the scheduling. She is an absolutely extraordinary resource to have and made the total experience complete. Without her work coordinating and communicating the status of the job, our satisfaction would not be at the same level!

Our installer, Oswaldo, and his crew can only be described as extraordinary! They are truly Master Craftsmen and are some of the best we have ever worked with on ANY project. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, communication and general demeanor were beyond anything that could have been expected. From the time they arrived in the morning to the time they left every evening they were a joy to work with. The worksite was cleaned up every evening and was always organized as the job proceeded. Oswaldo and his crew are truly what made this job perfection! His updates on the project were very detailed and his explanation of every step of the process made us feel like we truly were fully involved. We could not recommend him any higher and he looked after our home like it was his own!

We could not be prouder of the way the job was completed and we are very happy with the Interlock Metal Roofing System that was installed. The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!

Jeremy B.
Calgary, AB

Guildquality Review
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