Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect


This letter of reference is intended for people considering to re-roof their home or garage.

We moved into our newly built home at the end of 1976 and by 1987 our asphalt shingled roof had deteriorated to the point that replacement was necessary.

We naturally looked for a roof that would last much longer than the old one and settled on aluminum interlocking tiles with a suitable surface finish and color. Aluminum does not rust at the cut edges and the finishing process lets the roof reflect a lot of incident heat in the summer. The tiles are folded at the edges so that the tiles interlock and the aluminum nails with rubber grommets provide a water seal and are invisible.

The surface profile gave the roof a natural pleasing look although the glossy surface has dulled over the last 30 years but still blends in well with the surroundings.

In 2006 we built a garage and wanted to match the roof to the house.
We contracted with Interlock Industries and Mr. Peter Stewart showed us samples of the roof tiles and colors. We believe the product is essentially the same durable material with maybe improved color retention and different cover layers for over top of the wood.

Peter has various roofers available to choose from. Our roofer showed us pictures of various challenging roofs he had completed and during construction I inspected his method and workmanship. I was pleased with his work and attention to detail, although roofing is a slow process if done right. Our simple garage roof was done in two days.

Metal roofs behave differently than asphalt roofs. During warm spells in winter accumulated snow may slide down. This lightens the weight on the roof trusses, so I don’t mind. During heavy rain and hail you can hear the hail hit the roof, however in today’s homes with the thicker thermal insulation in the attic this effect is much reduced. Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect while many of our neighbours have had to file claims with their insurance companies for hail damage to their roofs.

We believe in durable materials and construction for our home and these roofs have satisfied our needs. If you want to take a closer look you are most welcome to visit us at [REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

Your truly,
Robert and Helene Bliek
Calgary, AB

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