It was a pleasure working with the Interlock Roofing crew!

Lethbridge, Alberta

It was a pleasure working with the Interlock Roofing crew and staff. Not only did they finish the job in a timely manner but they completed the job almost two months earlier than was scheduled, allowing us to go on our scheduled vacation. Thank you interlock roofing for an excellent job!!!



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Douglas and Dawn M.
Lethbridge, Alberta

The workers were very nice and they finished the job with great quality.

I am very happy with the roof that was installed by Interlock.  The workers were very nice and they finished the job with great quality.  They were here bright and early in the morning when they started and it did not take them long to finish the roof.

I recommend Interlock to everyone.  It is a great company that does a great job.

Lam Tran
162 Blue Fox Blvd.
Lethbridge, Alberta

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There was no mess around the house

Our first exposure to Interlock Roofing was when Brad knocked at the door, having been referred by a neighbour who knew we wanted a new roof.

Brad explained in detail about the roof, about how it was priced, and when it would be done. Installation was done in March, as scheduled and took 71/2 days.

Both workers were friendly, neat and professional having worked for Interlock for many years. They threw the old shakes directly into the bin, so there was no mess around the house and to ensure there would no problems later, they checked on the attic vents and cleared those partially blocked.

We like the look and colour of the Interlock roof and it is admired by passer-by’s who often stop to ask about it.

We have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Peter and Irene Harris
Lethbridge, AB

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There’s no doubt in my mind but what the value of our property has risen considerably

Today, the Interlock Roofing Installers have completed the installation of a great looking roof on our home, 2005,12,12.

Later in the month of September 2005 as I was standing on the deck of my home, enjoying the Autumn air, I noticed that one of my neighbors was having a new roof installed on their home.

This roof definitely appeared to look much different than the ordinary asphalt shingles that are prevalent on most homes. So, I needed to get a closer look. As I came to the home where the roof was being installed, I thought, boy, this is really “extra ordinary”……..and I liked what I had seen. I enquired of the installers to know more about the product, I was informed that I should leave my name and phone number, and a representative would contact me.

Within a few days I received a phone call from Mr. Brad (local Inter Lock representative) and an appointment was set, so we could be informed more about the product. Our roof at that time was asphalt shingles, which were beginning to curl in some areas (mainly the South side) of the roof. I new that we’d be lucky if we could get about one more years wear, without replacing the roof.

The job was professionally completed by Interlock Roofing trained installers. There’s no doubt in my mind but what the value of our property has risen considerably, however, we are anticipating enjoying our home for many years to come. At this point it’s to early to notice any changes to our home………except the roof certainly helps to enhance the beauty of our home. We have already had some very positive comments from some of our neighbours.

If you might be considering a new roof on your home, I would truly recommend that you listen to Mr. Reagh……..he really knows all there is to know about roofing. Mr. Reagh is representing the best roofing product that’s on the market today. I really wanted the best roof installed, because I didn’t want to be having to redo my roof again in a few years. We now have peace of mind, in knowing that we have the best roof that’s available.

Keith and Priscilla Payne
Lethbridge, Alberta

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It will be the best purchase you ever make

To anyone interested in purchasing the Interlock roof system, it will be the best purchase you ever make.

We have already noticed a difference in my house temperature. The workers were very polite and courteous.

Brad came by a couple of times to make sure everything was good. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for a new permanent, maintenance free roof.

Thank you,
Debbie Engbrecht
Lethbridge, Alberta

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The installers were quick, professional and cleaned up the work site well

I am very happy with my new roof and I like the unique look. The installers were quick, professional and cleaned up the work site well.

The hot Southern Alberta climate and windy conditions are hard on asphalt shingles. As I plan on being in my home for many more years, I view the Interlock roof as an investment, which has added value to my home.

Carol Mueller
North Lethbridge, Alberta

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How do you say no to a 50-year warranty?

Recently my wife and I came to the conclusion that we really could not put off replacing our roof much longer and so we started researching materials and costs. During the time we were doing our research we ran across INTERLOCK representative, Brad, at the Lethbridge Home and Garden Show at which he explained the INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM TO US. We were impressed with what Brad had to say and consequently we invited him to our house to have a look at the problem and give us an idea of what it would cost to have our roof done. After talking with Brad the second time, we both decided that the advantages of this roof far outweighed the fact that it was going to cost more than an asphalt shingle roof. How do you say no to a 50 year warranty?

Well, now our new roof is on the house we both feel it was one of our better decision regarding our home. The roof looks beautiful. The entire process was very straight forward and painless. People showed up when they said they would show up, the installer was an absolute professional, Brad kept track of the entire process and there were no hidden charges. We have already had a Realtor inform us that the new roof will definitely increase the value of our house.

In short, I would strongly recommend that anyone in need of a new roof give very serious consideration to Brad and the INTERLOCK roofing system.

We have been extremely impressed with the integrity and professionalism of the installer. First Class!

From our first conversation with Brad through completion of our new roof, we have had a high level of confidence in INTERLOCK, their roof system, and most importantly, their people!

David Hignell
Lethbridge, Alberta