The value of our property has risen considerably


Today, the Interlock Roofing Installers have completed the installation of a great looking roof on our home.

Later in the month of September, as I was standing on the deck of my home, enjoying the Autumn air, I noticed that one of my neighbours was having a new roof installed on their home.

This roof definitely appeared to look much different than the ordinary asphalt shingles that are prevalent on most homes. So, I needed to get a closer look. As I came to the home where the roof was being installed, I thought, boy, this is really “extraordinary”……..and I liked what I had seen. I enquired of the installers to know more about the product, I was informed that I should leave my name and phone number, and a representative would contact me.

Within a few days, I received a phone call from Brad (local Interlock representative) and an appointment was set, so we could be informed more about the product. Our roof at that time was asphalt shingles, which were beginning to curl in some areas (mainly the South side) of the roof. I knew that we’d be lucky if we could get about one more years wear, without replacing the roof.

The job was professionally completed by Interlock Roofing trained installers. There’s no doubt in my mind but what the value of our property has risen considerably, however, we are anticipating enjoying our home for many years to come. At this point, it’s too early to notice any changes to our home………except the roof certainly helps to enhance the beauty of our home. We have already had some very positive comments from some of our neighbours.

If you might be considering a new roof on your home, I would truly recommend that you listen to Mr. Reagh……..he really knows all there is to know about roofing. Mr. Reagh is representing the best roofing product that’s on the market today. I really wanted the best roof installed because I didn’t want to be having to redo my roof again in a few years. We now have peace of mind, in knowing that we have the best roof that’s available.

Keith and Priscilla Payne
Lethbridge, Alberta

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