Good for the environment


We had our roof installed back in August of 2005. We weren’t ready at the time for a new roof, but we started to look into a products that would perk up our home and were environmentally friendly. Our daughter is an Environmental Scientist and it was important to us to select a product that reflected a “good for the environment” priority. The Interlock roof is made from aluminium and was able to be installed right over our existing roof, saving the need to dump it in the landfill. The other products available did not satisfy us and we ended up choosing Interlock, even with the higher price point.

The roof still looks like it did when it was first installed. There has been no change in colour, no fading and there have been no issues. Wind and Hail were and continue to be a concern for us but thus far, with the high winds and multiple hailstorms, we have had no issue or damage.

A few months ago we decided to install solar panels. There was a lot of discussion if the solar panels could be installed on a metal roof so we were very pleased to learn that it could be done. We’d encourage anyone looking to install solar panels and/ or wanting a roof that a permanent choice, to contact Interlock.

We are sure that had we gone with a lower cost product we would have had to replace it again. 15 years ago we made the decision to buy a roof that would never need to be replaced and we got one.
Thanks Interlock

Thanks Interlock

Bea and Rob Dixon
Sherwood Park, AB T8E

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