Once we saw the results we knew we chose well


Dear Interlock:

We first saw this house just over a year ago we fell in love with it. At the time we realized the original roof, first growth cedar shakes, was due for replacement so we went hunting for some suitable material. When we saw the Interlock roof we sensed it had what was necessary to protect the house as well as compliment its character. Once we saw the results we knew we chose well.

Once we started staying in the house we noticed when it rained there was an extra volume of water coming down the valleys where two main roofs came together. It was a small flaw perhaps in the original design but something which required a little ingenuity to remedy. Your installer Antonio managed to drop by just before Christmas to fix another small problem and fortunately a solution for the valley deluge. He managed to do just that a few days after Christmas on his way back up Island. It looks like his remedy is working. I guess time will tell if it lasts as long as the roof. Either way we would like to commend his efforts and thank you all for a job well done.

Thank you kindly
Ken and Inge Meisner
Nanaimo, BC

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