From one rookie homeowner to another... I hope you choose and trust Interlock with your home!


One month into the purchase of my first house, a surprise awaited following a refresh of my gutters – two words every homeowner dreads hearing…’roof replacement!‘ High anxiety. Having no experience or know-how, being a rookie homeowner, replacing the roof felt daunting and uncomfortable. Hearing only the industry horror stories of work done poorly, inadequately and haphazardly, I feared the worst. I immediately took to Google in search of companies and quotes. It did not begin well. The first company priced my job at 24k, and suggested they’d need to ‘refresh’ it in 8 years. The second company was priced more moderately and offered 10 year coverage, but came across pushy, wanting me to sign on the dotted line after the first conversation. I had to tell the operator twice in the same chat that no, I would not be sending an advance payment immediately and was not ready to let them begin work. Needless to say, a terrible start to the search, confirming my fears about the industry and pricing.

The next day, back to the Google I went, this time in search of the highest-rated company I could find. ‘Interlock Roofing‘ appeared, along with reviews touting the company’s metal roofing product that was both durable and held considerable ‘curb appeal.’ More than that, the reviews spoke of the company’s professionalism, honesty, quality of work and timeliness (no small feat in an industry known for the exact opposite!). I sent an initial interest email, hoping the reviews were real and true! And my goodness…did they prove to be! From my thorough initial chat with Lynda to the revealing Powerpoint orientation meeting with Mike, to Todd’s quote process and honest job pricing sans showroom showdown, to the finishing roof touches with installer extraordinaire Mike, and then, finally, addition of snowguards with expert Tariq…Interlock’s team went above and beyond. Patient, more than they probably should have been with me, a rookie with many questions (plenty of them of the ‘stupid’ variety if I do say!) and always willing to explain things simple or difficult. The culture and integrity of Interlock’s team really shines through at each step, and removed any anxiety I had. I completed a major 6-month renovation at my home, and I can say with 100% certainty…Interlock was my favorite contractor of the entire process, inside or out.

Final word about the quality of product, the metal roof. I have spent the days, weeks and months since the install touting the Interlock roof to neighbors, family and friends! The quality is off the charts, and the peace of mind it provides is best of all – 50-year warranty and no lost sleep over leaks, water damage or degradation over time. The cost difference? The quotes I received…the pricing was remarkably similar for such a tremendous gap in value! And the process was transparent, the team trustworthy start to finish. Living in Vancouver in our climate, this is the only choice for peace of mind. The final bonus? It looks absolutely beautiful at street level.

So, from one rookie homeowner to another…I hope you choose and trust Interlock with your home! Lynda, Mike, Todd, Mike and Tariq…folks with integrity you want working on your home.

North Vancouver, BC

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