Installation of a new aluminum roof on my existing home


To whom it may concern.

This is to confirm that I awarded a contract to Interlock Roofing for the installation of a new aluminum roof on my existing home at the above address.  The installation was carried out by BC’s Best Roof and the person responsible for the work was Michael Hayes.

I found that the work that Michael carried out was very professionally done.

Here are some examples for why I think this is the case:

  1. Without being prompted he installed double ridge venting when he realized that the attic was separated in to two sections such that the flow of air would not be able to circulate correctly if a single ridge vent was installed.
  2. He fastened down the skylight windows correctly on finding that they were not properly secured.
  3. He used safety harnesses to ensure his own safety and to prevent unnecessary damage to the roofing or gutters if he was to slip.
  4. The finish in terms of the alignment of the tiles, valleys, ridges and edges was all accurate and of good workmanship.
  5. He replaced weather damaged woodwork in the appropriate places and found all the problem areas without me having to point them out.
  6. The work was conducted promptly and with a pleasent attitude such that he gave me the sense of reliability such that he knew I would not have to supervise the activities at all and still be assured a good job.
  7. The site was left in a clean condition with no hint of the work that carried out. He also secured the roofing material at night under a tarpaulin and did not leave unnecessary clutter around while working.

I appreciate the work done and would recommend Michael for for work of this nature to anyone who wants an expert.

Thank you,

Maurice Schmidt
Property Owner
North Vancouver, BC

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