Milwaukee, WI — Roof Reviews — Expense over time was not much different from regular shingles

Seattle, WA — Roof Review — Worth the price and exceeded our expectations for performance

Madison, WI — Roof Review — Squirrels that were crawling all over my old asphalt roof slide right off it

Madison, WI — Roof Review — Coordinate with another contractor for solar installation

Schaumburg, IL — Roof Review — I grew up in the 50’s where the customer is always right

North Battleford, SK — Roof Review | No more debris from asphalt shingles in the gutters

Rosemont, ON — Roof Review | Its totally changed the way people view my home

Des Plaines, IL — Roof Review — Two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and minute heavy hailstorm

Renton, WA — Roof Review — Very pleased with the roof and the installation

Des Moines, WA — Roof Review | New roof has transformed flat-roof ’60s Seattle house!

Anacortes, WA — Roof Review — Celebrating its 100th birthday this year

Allyn, WA — Roof Review — Everyone in our neighborhood who have seen it also is impressed

Campbell River, BC — Roof Review — Invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life

Victoria, BC — Roof Review — Very professional salesman and we did not feel pressured at anytime

Olympia, WA — Roof Review — Weather condition here in Washington

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