It is truly the way to go today.

First, we want to say that Mr. Mike Yaniv was very through in explaining the advantage of your interlocking aluminum roof system.

It is truly the way to go today. And the more exposure to this type of roofing system, your company will have a very heavy work load. It is definitely the trend of the future.

We want to praise Mr. Igor Kurilo – who personally delivered all the material and building permit. There’s not many workers in this world today like him who take pride in their work. He found my existing ridge vent system was not working, and replaced each side of the ridge with new plywood and installed the roof venting system.

Mr. Yaniv, and Mr. Kurilo together with your Interlock Roof System has made our home look like a million bucks!

Irving and Theresa Torrey
Rehoboth, MA





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