Environmentally friendly


Our new roof looks great! The numerous lines and angles of our gray contemporary house set up beautifully against the look of the “black slate”. Of course we like our house, but the best affirmation for its good looks came from our neighbors who were quick to notice the new roof was not just an ordinary replacement, but stand-out.

We look forward to realizing efficiencies in both our winter and summer utilities making this investment in our roof one way that we can use fewer energy resources. Our black slate Interlock roof helps us achieve our goal to be more “green” with a roofing solution that’s environmentally friendly, especially by comparison to an asphalt alternative.

Additionally, since we live in a heavily wooded environment, the leaves and pine needles that would stick to our previous roof now fall to the ground as nature intended. You won’t find us climbing ladders to clear off the roof in the future!

Count us among your satisfied customers.

Maribeth and Rich Marcello
Harvard, MA

Guildquality Review
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