Our only concern with the aluminum roof was noise from heavy rain storms


Incredible best describes our new Interlock roof, and lots of compliments from everyone who stops to admire this roof. The aged copper color is beautiful, especially in the morning sun and again in the late afternoon evening sun set. There is a big difference in the overall temperature of the entire house cooler, especially the upstairs areas on these sunny hot summer days.

The installer Alex, was an expert at detailing this Interlock roofing system. The complete roof came out picture perfect with virtually no mess.

Our only concern with the aluminum roof was noise from heavy rain storms. Well after five storms to date, one with small hail, there was NO NOISE. This aluminum roofing system is truly state of the art high tech material and design. Definitely impressive but well worth it with it’s plus advantages over conventional asphalt and fiberglass design materials.

Our neighbors with their new conventional shingle roofs are eye opening proof that this Interlock Aluminum system is truly the best, complete with a lifetime warranty, owner transferable certificate. Nobody else in our neighborhood has a 50 year roof warranty certificate.

Arthur Dinon
Townsend, MA

Guildquality Review
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