If you're thinking about a metal roof, give Interlock a serious thought


We had already decided on a metal roof when we came across Interlock. It was one of those things where we were looking for a product with a quality standard that could match up to what we wanted.

I’ll say this, Interlock works a bit differently from most of the roofing people we talked to. You’re going to talk to a sales person at your home visit, but don’t let that put you off. They’re knowledgeable and if you haven’t done your research, there will be some great information in the whole thing that’s really worth soaking up. Anyway, we were satisfied with the quality of the product in hand and decided to go ahead and go with Interlock.

The install was delayed by a week due to some shipping issues, but that was really the beginning and end of the troubles. The Interlock folks let me know what was going on and when they’d have it sorted. All fine by me. It’s a lifetime roof, I’m not too upset if it takes an extra week to put it on. As I understand it, mine was a bit of a one-off problem anyway.

The roofers were professional, quick, and thorough. Great people who worked quickly, cleanly, and the cleanup at the end of the day was nigh on amazing. Apparently the shipping issues on my initial order led to the final install of a very few pieces being delayed a few days, but before I knew it they were back out and finishing the job. Along they way they kept me updated on anything I needed to know.

The finished product is the real question, I guess. And man, let me tell you. We’re more than happy with how it looks on the house. It’s especially crazy knowing that something that looks that good is going to last. You see standing-seam metal roofs all over and even with these you sort of wonder how “metal” the Interlock system is going to look. It looks great. Seriously, even right in the driveway it’s hard to tell it’s not either a slate or colored shingle roof. It’s really beautiful and it’s going to be there without the need for constant maintenance for a long, long time. That really makes the cost worth it.

If you’re thinking about a metal roof, give Interlock a serious thought. The sticker price might make you jump a little in some areas than others, but now that it’s on the house I am happy we decided to go that way. It’s beautiful, it’s going to last a good long time, and there’s a certain confidence I get from knowing I’ll be dealing with the people who make it if there’s a problem.

Randall & Ava F.
Beaverton, OR

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