Cool Roof Rating Council

Cool Roof Rating CouncilThe Cool Roof Rating Council was created in 1998 to develop accurate and credible methods for evaluating and labeling the solar reflectance and thermal emittance (radiative properties) of roofing products and to disseminate the information to all interested parties.

CRRC Rated Products

The following Alunar® coatings are CRRC rated and available for Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations: California’s Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-residential Buildings.

CRRC Product IDColorSolar Reflectance (Initial)Thermal Emittance (Initial)SRI
1008-0001Aged Copper44,0085,0049,00
1008-0006Hunter Green25,0083,0022,00
1008-0008Musket Grey25,0083,0022,00
1008-0009Royal Blue25,0083,0022,00
1008-0012Tile Red32,0083,0031,00
1008-0014Tudor Brown25,0083,0022,00