The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

Salem, Oregon


We had a metal roof already, but we wanted a nicer looking metal roof that didn’t stand out in the neighborhood.  After seeing the Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems at the Home Improvement Show, we set up an appointment.  I had already checked them out on their website, so it wasn’t whether or not we were going to do the roof, rather what style and color did we want.

Interlock kept us up to date on when they would be out here.

The installers arrived in December 2016 and in two days we had a new roof.  They were the most polite workers that we have ever had at the house.  They showed us the material they that lay down before the roof goes on it was a very thick underlayment.

No wonder our house is 5 degrees warmer and the heater doesn’t come on as much as it did before.  They did an excellent job of clean up.  You could not even tell that we had anything done outside.

A few weeks after the roof was installed Glenn Boss and his boss showed up in person to make sure that everything was right and see if we had any questions.  You do not see this level of service anywhere.

This year here in the Pacific Northwest we have gotten a record amount of rain.  With our old metal roof, it would have been really loud, but with the Interlock Roofing System, we can barely hear it. The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

We just love our new roof!  The house looks so much nicer than it did before with our other metal roof.  And we are really enjoying how much warmer our home is now.

Jeff and Marla
Salem, OR 97302

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Is a metal tile roof more expensive?

Salem, Oregon


No more climbing around on the roof!

In the NW any roof is going to grow moss; except a metal roof. I tried zinc strips, moss killer, laundry soap, and I went up on my steep roof once or twice a year with a steel brush and a pressure washer, but it was a never-ending battle, and I wanted to retire! One neighbor’s new roof started growing moss after two years.

Another neighbor pays to have his cleaned and treated every year. Now I can look back at the problem and smile. Also, leaves and snow just slide off, and squirrels and raccoons can’t damage it. The ridge vent system is pretty cool too.

All the representatives from Interlock Roofs were impressive! The salesman was helpful, the area supervisor was amazing, and the installation crew battled with snow and ice to get the roof done with hardly a trace after the clean up (there were some small asphalt pieces hidden under the snow). They also did an excellent job of prepping the edges for the new gutters and even installed the new solar tube cap and bathroom vent, so those jobs went smoothly. The weather conditions had an impact on the schedule, but the office staff stayed in touch, so we always knew what to expect. Some questions arose between the time we contracted the job and the start, and the supervisor was here within a couple of days to answer them all.

Everyone we dealt with throughout the project was outstanding. I doubt we will have any issues with the roof, but there is a 50-year transferable warranty and a great team to back it up if any problems arise.

Is a metal tile roof more expensive? Look at the balance sheet: one roof verses four or five, an increased property value, a beautiful self-cleaning roof, more time in your life, and peace of mind or at least one less thing to worry about.

Dennis & Ann H.
Salem, OR 97306

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Making our house look so nice - like brand new!

Salem, Oregon


To Interlock Roofing:

We just had our house installed with a new metal roof from Interlock Roofing, and I was thoroughly pleased with the entire experience.  That is a tall order in this day and age if you have had any dealings with contractors.  The entire staff was excellent, from the first contact with Mike and Ross, who were very patient with my wife and me as we tried to pick out a color and type of roof from so many different choices.  I appreciated their gentleness and show of concern for the decision.  These two are a great team and have a lot of experience to bring to us.

The installers were excellent as well, and we asked questions of them and they took the time to answer all of our concerns with kindness and showed they were very experienced in installing roofs.  The interesting thing was ALL of the debris around the house that accumulates with a new roof, tiny pieces, large pieces, all were taken care of in the cleanup at the end and the area was spotless!  I even looked for any piece left behind, but there was none!

The end result is a beautiful roof that my wife and I are both impressed with, making our house look so nice – like brand new!  We are amazed.

Thank you all for a wonderful experience, and we look forward to a roof that will last 50 plus years, which by the way is longer than I plan on being around!  Thanks too, for being such a great group of people to work with, providing a very pleasant experience.

Lyn J.
Salem, OR

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