The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!

Our experience with Interlock Metal Roofing Systems can only be described as highly recommended. From the start, Matthew was very knowledgeable on the roofing product and was able to fully describe what was needed for our house. He was able to give us multiple examples of homes that had this system installed on it which allowed us to visualize and decide on the style that we wanted. Once this was completed, he went out of his way to ensure that all of our questions were answered and that we were educated on this product. After the roof was ordered, Shauna did an exceptional job communicating the status of our roof and when it was expected to be delivered as well as when the installation would begin. She was extremely thorough in what we were to expect and the timing of everything that would occur. Due to it being a custom roof, the materials had to be manufactured prior to the installation being done. She continued to update us as the materials were being manufactured and any changes that occurred with the scheduling. She is an absolutely extraordinary resource to have and made the total experience complete. Without her work coordinating and communicating the status of the job, our satisfaction would not be at the same level! Our installer, Oswaldo, and his crew can only be described as extraordinary! They are truly Master Craftsmen and are some of the best we have ever worked with on ANY project. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, communication and general demeanor were beyond anything that could have been expected. From the time they arrived in the morning to the time they left every evening they were a joy to work with. The worksite was cleaned up every evening and was always organized as the job proceeded. Oswaldo and his crew are truly what made this job perfection! His updates on the project were very detailed and his explanation of every step of the process made us feel like we truly were fully involved. We could not recommend him any higher and he looked after our home like it was his own! We could not be prouder of the way the job was completed and we are very happy with the Interlock Metal Roofing System that was installed. The finished product truly is a work of art that will enhance our home for years to come!

Jeremy B.

Calgary, AB

Roof makes our home look brand new

Hi Neil, I just wanted to drop you a quick note about my experiences with our new roof installation. The first thing is I believe the roof makes our home look brand new. It has really improved the look of our house. The second thing is I can’t say enough about the fellows that installed it. Unfortunately, they had to work through some weather issues which caused some delays however they certainly did their best and the installation was still done on time. The last thing is we had project supervisors come by on a regular basis to check on the progress. All in all, I would recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you for everything! Cal M.

Calgary, AB T3Z 3N5

We had some very high winds and rain...

I’m sending you this letter to let you know how pleased we are with our new roof. Eswaldo and his crew arrived in a very timely fashion and proceeded to install the roof in a very professional manner. All our questions and concerns were answered and they worked long hours to do the installation before the weather deteriorated. We were impressed that all of the boots around vents and pipes coming out of the roof were replaced with new ones and any sites of possible leaks were dealt with prior to installing the roof. The roof itself looks very good and has made our home look much more appealing than the previous roof. We had some very high winds and rain a couple of nights ago and there were no problems with the roof. It was nice to listen to the wind and rain and not have to worry about leaks or asphalt shingles that might have been thinking about taking an unexpected trip to Saskatchewan. Thanks again for a great job and a great product.

Kindest regards, Brian and June Olson

Calgary, AB T2J 5G5

We're very happy and the work looks awesome

December 17, 2014

The installer, Alexey, was great. I was amazed with how much work was done in so few days. Shawna was great, too. Any time I called, she was very punctual and prompt. We’re very happy and the work looks awesome. If anyone asks, we’ll be passing on your number!

James Lawrence & Linda N.

Calgary, AB

All Interlock personnel we dealt with were personable, courteous and professional

November 4, 2014

All Interlock personnel we dealt with were personable, courteous and professional. The installer (whose name I don't recall) was a very able, diligent and hard worker. When he had helpers onsite - primarily for stripping the old shake and asphalt roof materials - they also worked well and without loud music or coarse language. Also, our contact at Interlock's office (Shawna) was courteous and helpful - even to lending us the heavy material display panel from the showroom to take home for a weekend AND helping me load it in my car! We've had positive comments from neighbors and from passers-by when we're outside. One of the more interesting was, "We loved the look of your old cedar shake roof and were afraid what you might be replacing it with, but it looks great - good choice!

Merv Schafer

Calgary, AB

Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect

March 24, 2011

This letter of reference is intended for people considering to re-roof their home or garage. We moved into our newly built home at the end of 1976 and by 1987 our asphalt shingled roof had deteriorated to the point that replacement was necessary. We naturally looked for a roof that would last much longer than the old one and settled on aluminum interlocking tiles with a suitable surface finish and color. Aluminum does not rust at the cut edges and the finishing process lets the roof reflect a lot of incident heat in the summer. The tiles are folded at the edges so that the tiles interlock and the aluminum nails with rubber grommets provide a water seal and are invisible. The surface profile gave the roof a natural pleasing look although the glossy surface has dulled over the last 30 years but still blends in well with the surroundings. In 2006 we built a garage and wanted to match the roof to the house. We contracted with Interlock Industries and Mr. Peter Stewart showed us samples of the roof tiles and colors. We believe the product is essentially the same durable material with maybe improved color retention and different cover layers for over top of the wood. Peter has various roofers available to choose from. Our roofer showed us pictures of various challenging roofs he had completed and during construction I inspected his method and workmanship. I was pleased with his work and attention to detail, although roofing is a slow process if done right. Our simple garage roof was done in two days. Metal roofs behave differently than asphalt roofs. During warm spells in winter accumulated snow may slide down. This lightens the weight on the roof trusses, so I don’t mind. During heavy rain and hail you can hear the hail hit the roof, however in today’s homes with the thicker thermal insulation in the attic this effect is much reduced. Our roof has survived many hail storms without visible effect while many of our neighbours have had to file claims with their insurance companies for hail damage to their roofs. We believe in durable materials and construction for our home and these roofs have satisfied our needs. If you want to take a closer look you are most welcome to visit us at [REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

Your truly, Robert and Helene Bliek

Calgary, AB

There was no sales pressure tactics or gimmicks

November 30, 2010

It was time to re-roof my house. Although I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay, sell or rent my home I decided a “life time” roof would benefit me in any case. My decision was sound. The roof is beautiful to look at and I get compliments from neighbors all the time. One of the aftermaths of a very heavy rain or hail is the sludge sediments from an asphalt roof that accumulates in the gutter – this is a thing of the past now. This is the first winter with the new roof and I’m anxious to see if there’ll be a cost savings in my heating bills and conversely a cooler house in the summer but I don’t see any reason to question Interlock’s claims regarding improved home efficiency. There was no sales pressure tactics or gimmicks just a courteous professional who visited my home at the prescribed time and quickly drew up an attractive contract. The installer also performed flawlessly and professionally and completed the installation in the prearranged time line. I wholeheartedly recommend Interlock and their products. You’ll have a life time of pride of ownership as well as being the envy of the block.

Best Regards, Ed Miyagishima

Calgary, AB

No more old roofing for the city dump

September 19, 2010

I've had a few days to get used to the look of the new roof, and I can't believe how good it looks, nothing like the metal roofs of old. It looks like slate, exactly as you said it would. Arthur (the roofer) was a real pleasure, polite, friendly and very hard working. He took great efforts to clean up any debris at the end of each day. He swept the lawn with a magnet to pick up any dropped nails and screws. He even painted any scratched paint work. I have the satisfaction of knowing that the house will never need re-roofing, which means no more old roofing for the city dump, and that the new roof is made from recycled materials I couldn't be more pleased with the new roof and I would recommend it to everybody. Thank you to everybody at Interlock for making it happen.

John Finch

Calgary, AB

They exceeded my expectations

May 26, 2010

Customer Satisfaction 5/5 Anton and Paul went out of their way to answer any questions I had. They exceeded my expectations in terms of service. Thanks guys!!

Calgary, AB

Excellent job! Looks fantastic

March 20, 2010

Customer Satisfaction 5/5 Excellent job! Looks fantastic. Vladimir was great, will recommend him.

  1. Did you receive all materials and services presented to you by our company representative? YES
  2. Are you completely satisfied with the product and workmanship? YES
  3. Were our installers courteous and professional in their work? YES
  4. Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned up upon completion of the installation? YES
  5. Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith? YES

Calgary, AB

Very professional

February 4, 2010

Customer Satisfaction 5/5 Eugene and Igor were very professional in every way.

  1. Did you receive all materials and services presented to you by our company representative? YES
  2. Are you completely satisfied with the product and workmanship? YES
  3. Were our installers courteous and professional in their work? YES
  4. Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned up upon completion of the installation? YES
  5. Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith? YES

City / State

More environmentally friendly than an asphalt roof

April 6, 2009

After careful consideration of the different roofing materials and styles available; we were convinced that the aluminum roof system offered by Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Interlock”) was the best choice for us. Four years ago we moved into a 30-year-old home, which has been in the family since it was built. We knew that the original cedar shakes would need replacing; they had served the homes’ inhabitants well but were nearing the end of their ‘life expectancy’. We are a young family and so price was an important factor; however, we also plan on remaining in this house for many years to come. We decided that the investment in a “lifetime roof” was worth it for us, and we also appreciated the fact that it was more environmentally friendly than an asphalt roof. Our roof was installed over the course of ten days, only delayed a few days by two major snowstorms. The installation crew, led by James, was wonderful. They worked long and hard each day, they were considerate, conscientious, and personable; I would recommend James to anyone interested in an Interlock roof. Likewise, we appreciated your willingness, Joe, to work with us throughout the process. Your consideration of our queries and concerns was noted and valued. We are the first homeowners, on our bay of ten homes, to re-roof from the original shakes; the black slate design looks terrific…we will undoubtedly be fielding queries about your product and company!

With thanks, Darren & Lori

Calgary, AB

So nice to know that we will never have to re-shingle again

November 5, 2006

We would like to thank you and Interlock Roofing for job well done in replacing our roof. When you visited to explain your product and what a great improvement it would be to our home, we couldn’t really imagine how true this would be. We had seen other homes in our area with your product and were very impressed by the look of the roof. From the time of placing our order and having the job completed it was all within the time frame that was quoted to us. We would like to share a special thank you to Jason and Darren, our two installers, who did the job in a very professional manner. Clean up of the yard, after install was completed was also exceptional. Also we certainly appreciated the extra attention that Brad gave in following the progress of the install and his personal contact with us after the job had been completed. We would recommend Interlock and Brad to family and friends. The thing we like most about the roofing system is that it is maintenance free and we feel this has added value to our home.

Yours truly, Jim Edgar/Pam Collins

Calgary, AB

We have experienced four seasons of weather; cold, snow, hail, rain, wind and sunshine and it performed extremely well

November 1, 2006

When friends of ours, who had just had an Interlock Roof installed, raved about their new roof, we were skeptical, but invited Brad to make a presentation before Christmas, 2005. What he showed us about the roof and our unique requirements was right for us, so we gave him our order and work began in early 2006. No money up front and nothing until the job is completed to our full satisfaction was good enough for us. The roof is huge, a very steep 10/12 pitch and with a number of ridges and valleys, skylights, chimneys and vents. We were concerned about winter installation, and especially the removal of the old pine shakes in potentially inclement weather. Our concerns were unwarranted as they removed sections of the old roof and installed the new, during the winter, and without leaving it unprotected. Our compliments to the installers, who were very competent, taking great pride in doing it right, having to scaffold and secure by ropes, in some very cold and uncomfortable conditions. The results is a very beautiful black slate look, which certainly enhances the look and value of our home. We have experienced four seasons of weather; cold, snow, hail, rain, wind and sunshine and it performed extremely well. We were concerned about hail but it withstood large hail without damage and the noise was no greater than the neighbour’s cedar shakes. We have no hesitation in recommending Interlock Roofing, Brad and their installers, and we are confident we have a roof that will outlive our needs.

Sincerely, Jack and Nim Myton

Calgary, AB

The changes on the house are beyond expectations and the general curb appeal

September 9, 2006

I am pleased to say that the installation went very smoothly and that it was a pleasant experience. The installers were always in time, courteous, fast and professional. The thorough cleaning of the garden and around the house was particularly appreciated. The changes on the house are beyond expectations and the general curb appeal, with the stone tiles, making it the best of the neighbourhood. The added value to the house is obvious and I will certainly recommend Interlock to anybody. It was overall a very positive experience.

Alain DeBavelaere

Calgary, AB

It was a good selling point when we sold the house to move west

August 14, 2006

We would like to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased we are with our new roof. As you are aware, we installed an Interlock roof on our previous house in Ontario about 15 years ago, prior to our move to Calgary. It was a good selling point when we sold the house to move west. As a result, when we saw the Interlock roofs appearing on houses in our neighbourhood a short while ago, it was natural that we call you to see about having our roof replaced. We were not disappointed at all this time around. You had the job completed well within the timeframe you laid out for us at our first meeting. The material arrived in a timely manner and your crew was very conscientious, right down to our concerns regarding the planned installation during a rather wet week. They, with our agreement, therefore delayed the installation until the following week when the weather was forecast to be much better, and although we had several heavy thunderstorms during installation, we didn’t have any water problems at all. Duane and his crew did an excellent job. They were extremely conscientious in everything they did and it still amazes me that I could walk around the house every evening after they had left and not find any signs of this being a job site. They were meticulous, not only in their installation procedures but in everything else they did. They were always polite and good-natured and it was a pleasure having them around. As for the roof itself, we are extremely pleased with it. In our opinion, it greatly enhances the appearance of our house, we know that it is a much better weather barrier than the old roof or any other roof for that matter and we also know that it will remain that way for the lifetime of the house. In short, the entire process from start to finish has been a very pleasant one for us. We would not hesitate to recommend you, your company and your product to anyone that is interested in a new roof.

Sincerely, Dale and Delia Andersen

Calgary, AB T3B 5P7

I expect that the roof will outlive both of us and add to the value of our house

July 14, 2006

Mary & I are pleased to let you know that we are delighted with our new Interlock roof and we would recommend you and the product to anyone who inquires. We have had many compliments from neighbours and strangers. The ‘weathered gray’ colour was the perfect choice for our home and the roof looks great. It fits in well with the existing pine shake roofs in Valley Ridge. I expect that the roof will outlive both of us and add to the value of our house. The installation by Jason and Darren was executed professionally by these 2 very pleasant young men.

Michael & Mary Beamish

Calgary, AB

I'm glad we did it now rather than waiting

As I promised, here is our very belated letter following the installation of our new Interlock Roof in mid April of this year. Mark and Martin, our installers, were terrific. They were courteous and friendly and Mark took the time to answer all my questions. They cleaned up those huge mounds of old shakes completely and they left the worksite neat and tidy at the end of each day. They did a great job! As Mark told me when I complimented them, he treats each job as if he were doing it at his own home. They take pride in their work. Ted, I think these guys deserve a raise!! We are very happy with the appearance of the roof and knowing that we are worry free for the rest of our lives is a good feeling. The neighbors watched the installation with great interest as most of them also need to re-roof their houses soon. When I saw how crumbly and dry those cedar shakes were, I would say sooner, rather than later. I’m glad we did it now rather than waiting until we had either water leaking in and staining our vaulted ceiling or shingles flying off in the wind. When you are back in Calgary feel free to stop by and take your pictures; now that spring is here the yard is looking quite lovely. Call me first so I can put the coffee pot on!

Sincerely, John & Jan Anders

Calgary, AB

Headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles

April 9, 1999

We hope this letter will save someone experiencing some of the aggravation, expense, internal damages and headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles. Our home built in 1984, had its roof finished with asphalt shingles. Within ten years we started to experience leaking around flashings resulting in a rosewood chest having to be refinished and stippled ceilings in several areas of our home having to be repainted. By 1995 we reluctantly gave in to the realization our roof needed replacing and started shopping for a new roof. In May 1996 we re-roofed our 11-year-old home using IKO’s “Aristocrat” asphalt shingles which were rated at 25 years (cost $3321.28). Unfortunately, when the roofing contractor ordered the shingles they did not order enough, and the finished roof ended up with a distinctly different colored patch at the front of our very long roof which extends from the peak of our house to the front of the garage. At the time I was assured a year of sun bleaching should rectify the color variation, but if it didn’t, I was to call them to arrange to have it rectified. One year later our “new” roof still looked “patched,” and a call was made to the roofing company who arranged a meeting with a senior representative of IKO, the president of the roofing company and myself. Following that meeting, I received a letter from IKO telling me the guarantee did not cover “colour.” The IKO letter Included an offer of approximately $500.00 so that I could deal with MY problem on my one-year-old, Aristocrat (26 years) shingle roof. Upon receipt of that letter, I contacted the roofing contractor, told them about the letter and informed them they would not be hearing from me again but would hear from a lawyer on my behalf. Boy, did that get things happening! Fortunately for us, the roofing contractor stood by us, and the “colour” matter was satisfactorily resolved by November 1997. Unfortunately, we experienced significant interior leaking in December 1997 following a very wet heavy snow. The leaking was so bad it was “raining” from the light in our front entrance, and our front door froze shut! The result to us was more inconvenience, more damage, more shabby cosmetic repairs by a fellow provided by the roofing contractor but at last, it looked like our roofing problems were behind us. In July of 1998, Northwest Calgary was hit by a severe hailstorm. My husband’s worse fear was the storm would have knocked 15 of the 25 years off the life our “new roof.” That storm obliterated our roof, and the insurance adjuster’s first comment was that the roof would need replacing. During the summer and fall of 1998, it was almost impossible to get a roof installed, and we seriously questioned the quality of work that we saw around us. February of 1999 arrived with us still in need of a new roof, so we went roof shopping at The Home and Garden Show where we met Ted Rector of Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd. Several of Interlock’s competitors couldn’t even be bothered to take the time to talk to us. Those that did speak to us were selling asphalt (paper or fibreglass) shingles. Within a week Ted came to our home, and we had arranged to get a roof to solve our problems finally. Our new roof tile in charcoal gray is now on our home. We love the look! The installers were a super group of very considerate fellows. Clean-up by Interlock’s installers was very thorough. I wish all of our roofing experiences could have been as pleasant as our dealings thus far with Interlock and its representatives!

Wendy L. H.

Calgary, AB

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