My home is on the waterfront so I needed something dependable, sturdy, and in good taste

April 5, 2005

Dear Interlock Industries (Daniel), I am writing in regards to my recent purchase of a new Interlock roof. My home is on the waterfront so I needed something dependable, sturdy, and in good taste. I found all in your company and more. Daniel, a representative of your company, came to my home very well prepared right down to my estimate. His professional demeanor & pleasant personality was a definite selling point. Once the contract was signed and the go-ahead was giving, I was told work would begin in approximately 2 weeks. To my surprise the contractor, Lazar, was here before the materials arrived. Lazar came in and introduced and was very professional He began work the very next day. He was here early and stayed late and completed my roof in just 4 days by himself He was very pleasant and knowledgeable, a joy to have working on my home. When he was done he cleaned up above and beyond his means. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND your company, representatives, and contractors to friends and family.

Charles Young

West Haven, CT

Since 1956, it has had various leak problems that were never solved with new asphalt shingle jobs

March 21, 2005

This is to give you feedback on our recent Interlock roof installation. The installation, including stripping the old roofing, went very well and cleaned up was as I had expected. This is an old house with dormers, and even since I have lived here (since 1956), it has had various leak problems that were never solved with new asphalt shingle jobs. Within a week of completion of the Interlock Roof, we had a heavy wet snowstorm and two days of wind-driven rains. Everything is dry. Also, we get lots of comments from passersby about how nice the roof looks. You can consider me satisfied.

David Keyes

Arlington, MA

We liked the idea of never having to replace the roof again

January 21, 2005

We moved to Coaldale in July of 2004 from Medicine Hat and knew that the roof would need to be replaced in the next year or so. We had seen Interlock at the Home and garden show in Medicine Hat in 2003 & 2004. We also looked at two of the houses that Interlock had done in Medicine Hat. We got Brad to come to our house at our convenience to give us the whole demonstration. After comparing cost, warranty, value, weight, and looks of the Interlock compared to asphalt, and tiles, we decided on Interlock. You’re probably asking yourself, why Interlock? We liked the idea of never having to replace the roof again, the lifetime (transferable) warranty, we absolutely love the aged copper colour that we chose. Installation took four days that is for a thousand square foot home and a double car garage. The installer was friendly and courteous. When I had to make the decision of taking the gutters off or leaving them on, he explained all the pros and cons, so I could make my decision. He cleaned up after each day was done, and at the end he hauled all the garbage to the dump. The financing with Interlock was done without headaches. All we had to do was fax a few papers to the bank and everything was done. Considering that the installation was done while my husband was out of town, I felt at ease during the whole process. I would recommend Interlock to anyone with hesitation.

Catherine Morrison

Coaldale, AB

The new roof is up, there is no noise

December 14, 2004

I was very pleased with your workers and their completion of the job. They worked hard, putting in more than a full day of work at a time, and were very courteous. They did their job well, cleaning up after themselves. I am very pleased with how wonderful the roof looks. We live up a big hill and my house is a raised ranch and therefore higher in the air. Before your workers came to work on my roof, I would hear a lot of noise when we had howling winds. I now realize that that noise was the roof deteriorating, because now that the new roof is up, there is no noise. My old roof was in terrible shape. It is wonderful that the new roof is installed and making my life more comfortable. I would recommend your company for the installation of a new roof any day. Thanks again for making my life less stressful.

Raphaline V.

Derby, CT

Aluminum shingle vs the asphalt shingle

December 12, 2004

I would like to take the time to thank you for stopping by and showing my family and I what a great product the Interlocking shingles are. We really appreciate the time that you spent here (2hrs.) to go over every inch of your product. You answered every question my family and I had about going with the aluminum shingle vs the asphalt shingle. I also want to say that you were in our home for 2 hours and that you did not spend the whole time talking about your product and that you took the time to talk a bit about yourself and where you were from. It was also nice that you took an interest in knowing a little about my family and I and our backgrounds. That really meant a lot to me. It showed me that you are a classy guy, a great businessman and that you care about the customer. Interlock Industries is very lucky to have a Marketing Manager like you. I will recommend the Interlock roof to anyone that needs a roof! Thank You for a great Product! P.S. THE ROOF LOOKS GREAT!

Sincerely, The Parise Family

Hyde Park, MA

Thank you for making my home my castle!!!

November 12, 2023

After many years of having my roof repaired or replaced, I decided to call Interlock Industries, Inc. since I had miraculously just received an advertisement in my mail. After Paul Forrer came to my house in July and explained the procedure, etc, I was ready to hire the company. In October, the dumpster and shingles arrived. I was excited. Two men came at the end of October and have diligently worked almost everyday for two weeks. They are precise, neat, and knowledgeable. I am impressed with their work. I can not get over the change in the appearance of my house that their work has made. People slow down and gawk, others have stopped as they walk by and have complimented me on it. Thank you for making my home my castle!!!

Sincerely, Mildred Benersani

Roslindale, MA

I have never seen a more professional crew in my twenty-plus years in the construction business

October 21, 2004

Upon looking at our roof with several consultations from local roofing companies, the consensus was that we had only one to two years left on a roof that was only nine years old. The shingles that were installed on our home were prey to the era of bad shingles that have been installed on several homes across our development. My wife and I, after several conversations, decided to ask Interlock Industries for a consultation. We met with Mr. Gerry Matta who was very professional and upfront with us about your roofing product; moreover was very detailed about the installation process and warranties your company offered. He made the decision process to seek the services from your company a no-brainer. We decided to install a red tile roof from your many choices. On October 12, 2004, your roofing installers showed up right on schedule. I must say that I have never seen a more professional crew in my twenty-plus years in the construction business. I was not aware that your gentlemen had a speech and hearing disability that took me for a short surprise. There were no difficulties in communications at all. I will add that these guys were the best and when I plan to add on to our home, I would like to have this crew do the roof for the future addition. The roof looks wonderful, and when the job was finished, I was never able to tell that the crew was ever here. They left our property spotless and clean. I would like to finish with a compliment to Interlock Industries for hiring people with disabilities and that you recognize their value to your company. I will also add that your roofing system looks wonderful and has already raised eyebrows in my neighborhood. I look forward to the rewards of added value to our home and that your product provides the secure feeling of never having to roof again.

Sincerely, Robert S. Tetrault

Southwick, MA

We were very impressed that the roof was done in such a timely fashion

July 14, 2004

Dear Interlock, We are writing to inform you how pleased and satisfied we are with our newly installed roof. It was a big decision to make, and we were nervous at the time, but when our representative Mike Yaniv, explained and demonstrated the installation of the roof, he really made us feel more at ease. Alex, Dimitre and Dennis were the crew that worked on our roof. Not only did they do a very professional job – but they were also very polite, courteous and friendly. The job was completed in three days with very little mess, as Mike had told us at our first meeting. We were very impressed that the roof was done in such a timely fashion. Only half of the roof was finished, and our neighbors had already called to say they really liked the roof. Needless to say, when it was all finished, we received many compliments from our family and friends. We feel we made the right decision to go ahead with Interlock Roof and are glad we won’t have to worry about replacing it ever again. We would recommend this type of roofing and your company to anyone interested in replacing their roof. The roof looks great, and we are very happy!

Sincerely, Joseph and Vivian Brizido

Swansea, MA

Remnants of two hurricanes coming through New England

I am writing this letter of testimonial to express how completely satisfied my wife and I are with our new Interlock roofing. I knew from my experience with leaking asphalt roof shingles, after only a short 14-year life span that this was not the way to re-roof. I did my research collecting a lot of information on numerous roofing products for several roofing manufacturers before I found Interlock Industries, Inc. One key factor in decision making process was viewing the roofing in person. The aesthetic change the Interlock Roof provides is very dramatic to say the least. When our local salesman presented the roofing system in our home we were impressed with the background information, other local homeowner testimonials, and the clincher for us was the 50 year non-prorated, transferable, material and labor warranty. While some manufacturers talk the-talk Interlock Industries, Inc. puts their name and reputation on the line with such a fantastic warranty. To this end we are completely satisfied. After our in-home sales call we anticipated our roof to be installed within six week: and for the whole job to take four to five days. We asked if it were possible for the re-roofing to be rushed since our home was experiencing water damage with every rainstorm. And experience of the remnants of two hurricanes coming through New England was wearing thin on our nerves. We were very pleased to find out that just two and a half week later we had a new roof on our home. During the construction process we were very surprised to find that the re-roofing operation took only one day. The construction crew was very professional, skilled and was extremely conscience to clean up and remove all debris from the re-roofing work. We proudly add our names to the Interlock industries family of testimonial letters.

Thank you for a job well done. Gerry Matta

Palmer, MA

Guaranteed we will never have to replace it again

September 24, 2004

Their work was performed with a true sense of professionalism. Our new roofs look great! We had many compliments from our neighbors and friends. On the second day that the sign was put on the front lawn, a woman knocked on the my front door for information about the roof. She loved it!  I gave her a card. We are very satisfied with our new roofs and happy that we are guaranteed we will never have to replace it again.

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vasconcellos

Westport, MA

Our only concern with the aluminum roof was noise from heavy rain storms

September 23, 2004

Incredible best describes our new Interlock roof, and lots of compliments from everyone who stops to admire this roof. The aged copper color is beautiful, especially in the morning sun and again in the late afternoon evening sun set. There is a big difference in the overall temperature of the entire house cooler, especially the upstairs areas on these sunny hot summer days. The installer Alex, was an expert at detailing this Interlock roofing system. The complete roof came out picture perfect with virtually no mess. Our only concern with the aluminum roof was noise from heavy rain storms. Well after five storms to date, one with small hail, there was NO NOISE. This aluminum roofing system is truly state of the art high tech material and design. Definitely impressive but well worth it with it's plus advantages over conventional asphalt and fiberglass design materials. Our neighbors with their new conventional shingle roofs are eye opening proof that this Interlock Aluminum system is truly the best, complete with a lifetime warranty, owner transferable certificate. Nobody else in our neighborhood has a 50 year roof warranty certificate.

Forever, Arthur Dinon

Townsend, MA

From just another house on the street to "Wow!, look at that house"

September 22, 2004

I am writing to let you know how very pleased my husband and I are with our new Interlock roof. We can't believe how very classy our house looks now. It has gone from just another house on the street to "Wow!, look at that house". We can't tell you how many people have stopped on the side of the road to check out our new roof. We have received many complements. We were amazed at how quickly the installation was from start to finish. The yard was cleaned up each and every day at the end of the work day. You wouldn't even of known that we were in the middle of having our roof done. We couldn't be happier that we have decided to invest in the Interlock Roofing. It is something that will last us a lifetime and one less thing that we will have to worry about later on. We will and have recommended Interlock roofing to anyone in need of a replacement or a new roof.

Sincerely, David and Donna M.

Bradford, RI

High quality metal roofing installation

August 27, 2004

I want to express my appreciation for your company's excellent response to our recent need for replacement of deteriorating closure material on our metal roof installed about four years ago. It is a pleasure to deal with people whose first priority is customer satisfaction. I'd like to particularly thank Steven Jasper, the installer responsible for the work. He was competent, efficient and thorough. It was a large job and particularly difficult because of its height off the ground as well as the hot weather. I also want to thank Wendy Willans of your customer service department who arranged for the work effectively and promptly. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone interested in a high quality metal roofing installation by people eager to stand behind their products and workmanship.

Very truly yours, Thomas E. Doyle

Seattle, WA

We are enjoying a much cooler home interior, as advertised

July 21, 2004

Our Interlock Roof has now been installed three weeks and we couldn't be more pleased. Suffice to say we haven't yet experienced the winds and rains of winter, but we are enjoying a much cooler home interior, as advertised. Certainly the  compliments we have been receiving from neighbors and passersby have been most positive and rewarding. Our cul-de-sac has five homes, each with a different roof; shake, tile, wood shingle, comp, and Interlock Aluminum, and needless to say which one stands out the most. Several have even asked if it's a "slate roof. We've had so many ask about it that I now carry three of the shake shingles around in my car to show people we visit what InterlLock is all about. Needless to say we've become quite an expert at "locking" them together. The installation process was most impressive. We had two neighborhood homes, receive "comp" roofs while ours was being installed. They took about 3 days each to complete. Your installation team of Alex and Viktor Drigailo were here 11 days and what a pleasure and experience it was to observe their work. Just watching the time and care they exercised was sufficient to all that Interlock was a "different" roof. Their work ethic was something to behold and it was indeed our pleasure to have them with us for that period. We've even taken their photographs to remember them by. Thank you all for making our new Interlock roof possible.

Most Sincerely, James Woodle

Everett, WA

With the interlock design, I should not see any buckling or lifting of tiles

July 14, 2004

I am sending this letter to let you know how pleased I am with my new Interlock Roof. It has been an absolute joy doing business with a company as professional as yours has been. Your people have been extremely courteous and informative throughout the entire process. As a retiree from the engineering field, you can only imagine my delight when researching your product I found it used a finishing method similar to that used in the space program. This process is not unknown to me and was the selling factor for using Interlock as my new roofing system. If a material can withstand the rigors of high friction heat and extreme cold, it is definitely a product that can withstand the changing weather conditions we experience here in New England. The interlocking design of your roofing is also a plus factor. Normal roofing today is not what it was years ago when asbestos was used as the stabilizing element in roof tiles. Today's tiles are soft and tend to buckle and lift over a period of time (my current roof lasted less than ten years). With the interlock design, I should not see any buckling or lifting of tiles. This is definitely a plus factor and a cost-efficient system when taking into account that I will not have to replace the roof again in my lifetime (considerable savings over a long period of time). Again, I wish to express my delight in both your product and the installation of my new Interlock Roof.

Shedida Melnick

Brockton, MA

Nous sommes bien satisfait

En Effet, l’equipe de M. Raymond Pérusse je precise ils étaient 2 équipes.  Ils ont fait l’installation lundi le 12 juillet 2004. Ils ne sont pas chirurgiens… mais ils opèrent… ils travaillent efficacement. Nous sommes bien satisfait. Mes Salutations les meilleures.

Raymond Verllette

St-Charles-Berromée, QC

It was the right decision choosing Interlock Roofing

We are very pleased to acknowledge Interlock Roofing to send the qualified installer Mr. Michael Hayes for the completion of the new roof with Interlock's product - Aluminum sheets. The high skills, rich experience and great responsibility lead Mr. Hays to perform this job very well. We are comfortable with the good installation work along with the life-warrant quality of Interlock's product. We believe it was the right decision choosing Interlock Roofing.

Ming Zhuang

Coquitlam, BC

Clever and unique interlocking design

June 6, 2004

Now that our new Interlock Roofing system has been installed, we find the look to be extraordinary! It boasts sophistication and looks clean and elegant. This product is impressive not only by its looks but also by its clever and unique interlocking design. Almost more important than the attractive look of our new roof is the peace of mind we have gained with its many features. It’s a relief not to have to be concerned about losing shingles as a result of the high winds we experience regularly in our area. Also, having experienced ice dams this past winter, it is reassuring to know that they cannot occur with the design of this product. We are impressed with its many features. In addition to the two already mentioned, the inability of the shingles to curl, being fireproof, and the reflective properties are features that caught our attention. Knowing the product is guaranteed to last a lifetime and never have to re-roof is an added bonus. The installation of our new roof began four weeks after the materials had been delivered, and then took another four full weeks to complete the actual installation process. Although hampered by a couple of days of strong winds and a couple more of rain, Eric, our installer did an awesome job of handling our installation. He was very professional and personable at all times and was willing to answer and explain our questions. Eric is obviously very skilled at his profession and pays attention to detail, which contributed greatly to the outcome of our new roof. We would recommend this roofing system to anyone wanting to improve the look and value of their home, but would also caution him about the lengthy installation process and the inaccurate scheduling information we received. We believe this to be an outstanding product despite these problems.

Sincerely, Donald Schuber

Orland Park, IL

I would recommend the Interlock Roofing System to anyone

April 24, 2004

I recently had Interlock Roofing System installed on my house; I was greatly pleased and surprised by the prompt and professional manner in which it was installed. My house, being older, required much work (new plywood panelling, and I requested additional work (new chimney, venting, window, solar tunnel, removal of an old venting window, and removal of a light panel). The roofing system looks great. As my neighbor said. "I never thought I would say this about a roof, but your roof looks gorgeous." I would recommend the Interlock Roofing System to anyone.

Sincerely, Ron Staschak

Worcester, MA

It is a very attractive, "rich" looking roof and makes our log home look once again like it was just built!

April 22, 2004

This letter is in regard to our recent purchase and installation of an Interlock Roofing System at our home on 7 Shingle Island Lane in North Dartmouth. We experienced a failing asphalt roof after only 14 years!  After a bit of research on the internet, we investigated and decided on an Interlock Roofing System. Our salesman Michael Furman was outstanding. He was friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional and he answered all our questions pertaining to the materials and their installation. He assured us that our concerns on certain roof areas of our Log Home would be addressed and appropriate materials would be used. He was right! We have a beautiful new green Interlock roof that looks amazing with the dark stained logs!  Alex and his crew did an outstanding job during the installation and especially paid attention to the details we were initially concerned with. The crew was hard-working, courteous, and always professional. They were very patient in answering ALL our questions about the installation and challenging areas around the Log dormers and multiple skylights. They worked long days showing much tolerance and patience despite all the rain, cold and wind March/early April threw at them! They made sure at each day's end to clean thoroughly and secure the worksite before leaving. Our neighbors have commented on what a great-looking roof it is and the great job the installers did as well. We've even had people drive down our street from the main road upon seeing the roof to comment on its outstanding look. Many of them have been following the progress since its start. We are so pleased with the final results! It is a very attractive, "rich" looking roof and makes our log home look once again like it was just built! We do highly recommend your product and your company to anyone who is considering a new roof. We are looking forward to a future without facing roof replacement again! Thank you for an excellent product and outstanding service from your company.

Sincerely, Diane Camacho, Jo-Anne Gallout

North Dartmouth, MA

We live in a house that was built in 1886, and the new roof looks just like slate

April 22, 2004

We are very pleased with our new Interlock Roof!  We live in a house that was built in 1886, and the new roof looks just like slate. This was the perfect choice for our home, and we look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. We are very impressed with the quality of the materials and the workmanship of the roofing crew assigned to our home. The crew was outstanding, and we were very impressed with their punctuality and their roofing skills. The job site was kept neat and picked up throughout the process. Now that a week has passed, we still haven't found any nails or scraps in the grass around the base of the house. Please express our thanks again to the roofing crew for a job well done! We would highly recommend them and your company to anyone interested in a new roof. Feel free to give us out as a reference in the future.

Sincerely, Nancy and Steve Gray

West Lebanon, NH

Our new blue Interlock Roof is exceptional and the house looks absolutely great

April 22, 2004

There is no doubt about it. Our new blue Interlock Roof is exceptional, and the house looks absolutely great. We certainly were very pleased with your installers. Their professional workmanship and the efficiency with which they performed and completed the job were outstanding. They always took the time to remove the excess debris from around the house when they finished the day. It’s very refreshing to know that there are still companies that care enough to do the job right. As we are on a very busy road, we get to see people doing “double takes” to look at our roof. In fact, we gave a brochure to someone up the road from us, and you have since installed a new roof for that person. The overall effect is an excellent advertisement for Interlock! Thank you again for all your efforts; we are so very pleased.

Sincerely, Dan & Marlene Brodeur

Bow, NH

Sometimes home improvements can be very stressful; This was stress free

April 7, 2004

I would like to take this time to inform you how much our family is pleased with our new roof. The workers who installed the new roof were professional, courteous, hard workers and extremely neat. Sometimes home improvements can be very stressful. This was stress free. Since the completion of the installation I have had many neighbors comment on the new roof. They comment on how much it looks like slate and the vast improvement compared to our previous roof. They use the term "enriched" to describe the enhanced appearance it gives to our home. I will recommend your company and product to anyone contemplating a first class product.

Sincerely, Robert Shea Jr.

Charlestown, MA

5 inches of rain on our new roof

April 3, 2004

Our Interlock roof installation was completed this past week. Several days after the installation was completed we endured a period of rainy days that dumped over 5 inches of rain on our new roof. Under this extraordinary onslaught we have seen no leaks or other problems. The installer was Alex, his work ethics were beyond reproach and we were impressed that one man could do a large job like this in such a timely fashion. Alex cleaned up the job site thoroughly at the end of each day, which we greatly appreciated. Your sales representative, Gerald Matta was through and professional. He gave us the information we felt we needed to make this important decision without undue sales pressure. Please feel free to bring any potential customers by to see the excellent job your company did. We will be pleased to talk with them.

Sincerely yours, Errol and Theresa Groff

Preston, CT

Je tiens à vous féliciter pour le travail de qualité, la promptitude et la propreté des lieux

March 17, 2004

Madame, Monsieur, Je voudrais féliciter l’équipe des Toits permanents du Québec pour leur excellent travail a mon domilile situé au 905 Duluth à Boucherville. Vous avez travaillé avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et de rigueur malgré le temps froid de ce début de saison.  Je tiens à vous féliciter pour le travail de qualité, la promptitude et la propreté des lieux. Je vous recommanderai chaudement car vous avez fait preuve d’efficacité. Encore une fois merci à votre jeune équipe dynamique et excellente saison.

Serge Gosselin Ph.D

Boucherville, QC

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