The installers did a superb job

April 9, 2002

Recently we had a cedar shake roof replaced by Interlock Industries (BC) Ltd. The installers did a superb job. They were courteous, friendly and very cooperative. We can highly recommend them to anyone thinking of re-roofing their house.

H. Busch

Maple Ridge, BC

Thank you for sending such excellent workers

March 28, 2002

In doing the roofing project on my property, Tyler and Michael have exhibited exceptional professionalism. They were thorough and meticulous in what they did, and were pleasant and courteous in dealing with us. We are most satisfied with them. Thank you for sending such excellent workers to do the project for us.

Stephen Hoh, MD

Lions Bay, BC

When we got in touch with Interlock Industries our roofing problems were solved

March 27, 2002

I just wanted to write this note to thank you for our new roof. When we first bought this house 3 years ago we knew that we would need a new roof soon. When we got in touch with Interlock Industries our roofing problems were solved. We were tired of going up on the roof year after year trying to repair the old shingles. After every storm shingles would blow off and end up scattered all over the yard. Now our troubles are over for LIFE!  The high cost is worth not having to go up there and try to make repairs that would just blow away with the next high winds, I also love the fact that the snow just falls right off with out any effort from us having to push it off.  I was a little worried about the rain and how loud it would be but I haven't been able to notice any big difference in sound at all. I wanted to thank the crew that installed the roof as well. They did a great job and they were very personable people that knew what they were doing. The job was done in a very timely manner. I was actually shocked at how soon toe product was delivered and then installed. Thank you Interlock Industries for this roof of a lifetime!  We are very happy with the outcome and if we do end up buying another house we would definitely have one of these roots installed on it as well.

Jenni-Lynn and Levi Gervais

Lewiston, ME

We are extremely pleased with the completed result and the enhancement to our home

March 13, 2002

There are two reasons for this letter to you. First, both my wife and I wish to express our satisfaction with your roofing product. We are extremely pleased with the completed result and the enhancement to our home. Second, we wish to take this opportunity to commend your roof installer Mr. Larry Koster he is the kind of exceptional employee that any employer would be fortunate to have working for him. He persevered in spite of extreme adverse weather conditions, which included, rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind and cold, in order to complete the job. He is to be congratulated for being such a conscientious efficient tradesman.

Sincerely yours, Mr. and Mrs. K.J. Gourlay

Nanaimo, BC

I chose Interlock primarily because it is guaranteed for the life of the house

December 1, 2001

I had an Interlock roof put on my house recently. I am pleased with it. The color of the roof matches my house nicely. Your employees did a good job of cleaning up the debris, especially considering the fact that one-half of my existing roof had to be stripped of its existing two layers of asphalt shingles. I would recommend this roof to others for these reasons and also for the following reasons:

When I bought my house over four years ago, it was ten years old and had an asphalt roof; the home inspector who looked at the house noticed that a few of the shingles were lifting and that there were some gaps in the chimney flashing that he said were consistent with normal wear and tear over the years. When I hired a contractor to make repairs, I was surprised to learn from him that many of the asphalt shingles were cracked and that one-half of the roof would need to be re-shingled; my mother and I have since heard from several sources that during the 1930s there were problems with bad batches of asphalt roofing shingles being manufactured.

Earlier this year, I had a minor roof leak in the half of the roof that was not re-shingled. The contractor who repaired it said that this half of the roof would probably last 3 or 4 more years, I’ve heard that an asphalt roof could last for 20 years, but this was not the case with my house.

I clearly wanted a roof that would last a good long time and wanted an alternative to asphalt shingles. I chose Interlock primarily because it is guaranteed for the life of the house. I also like Interlock for other reasons as well.

The aluminum shingles interlock with each other on all sides. This prevents the shingles from lifting over time, a problem that I had with the previous asphalt roof on my house.

I’ve heard that Interlock roofs are more energy efficient than other roofs. Energy efficiency is important to me and should be to everyone in this day and age and the future to come.

Finally, another reason that I like Interlock roofing is for safety reasons. While installing any roof on the house involves unavoidable safety risks to the roofing installers because of Interlock's lifetime guarantee, no one should have to go up on the roof again once it is installed. During the life of a house, this reduces the amount of time that the safety of individuals who work on the roof of the house is at risk. With asphalt roofing on a house that requires replacing every year of the house’s life, there is an increased risk of a roofing installer working on the roof of that house getting hurt.

Sincerely, Michael G. Casey

Mansfield, MA

The concept of permanent roofing system with a lifetime transferable warranty, will give us peace of mind, as well as increase the value of our property

November 25, 2001

My Wife and I are very pleased with our new aluminum roof it has been almost four months since Interlock crew in so efficient and timely manner installed it. Some years ago after my asphalt shingles roof No.3, I promised myself never again with the asphalt crap, I HATE IT (Heavy, Flammable, Granules- shedding-eaves-clogging, gone with the wind, etc, etc.). The concept of permanent roofing system with a lifetime transferable warranty, will give us peace of mind, as well as increase the value of our property. After some hesitation regarding the cost, looking in retrospect, I believe it -was the right decision to make. The only thing left to do now is to sit, and relax under a maintenance free Interlock roof. Finally, hats off to the installation crew, very helpful in answering technical question, posed to them on the precautions they took to prevent damage to property, on how clean they daily left the surroundings.

Thank you, Sirs, Sincerely, Peter Firsoff

Brampton, ON

We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock

October 17, 2001

For the last five years my husband had been hinting hard that our house needed a new roof. My reply was, I need a new carpet and some painting done. His reply was. "A new carpet won't be very pretty when it is wet." Every summer storm showed lots of shingle debris on the deck and lawn. I was still reluctant to get new shingles. On a whim we attended a home show in Edmonton in the spring. It was very interesting and we saw several companies showing new shingles. When we came to the Interlock booth, we were met by a friendly salesperson who explained their product. To this day I can not believe that I fell in Love with new shingles.  We were both sold instantly. We were then paid a visit by the salesperson who did a good job of selling his product, even though he didn't have to. We were committed. The installation of the product was timely and went very smoothly. The staff were very friendly and efficient. Our roof looked great and the yard was left very clean. We are proud to display our home to the town of Westlock.

Sincerely, Marion Zilinski Proud Home Owner PS. The new carpet is on order

Westlock, AB

Very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with

July 27, 2000

Dear Inter Lock Roofing: Subject: roof installation I would like to express my recommendation for your installers, Mike and Nedjo. It was a pleasure to work with these gentlemen; when it is time to do these other roofs on our place I want them back, and not hesitate to pass their names to others. They were both very professional and had some difficult weather conditions to work with.

Dennis Dodds Thunder Valley Farms

Nanton, AB

Thank you for making the excellent product

July 5, 2000

When my husband Richard said he wanted to put a metal roof on this 1929 English Tudor house, I thought he had gone around the bend, maybe several bends. After seeing the pictures and hearing about the features, I started to become a convert. Now that the job is down, I know that we made the right decision for several reasons. First, the black Interlock shingles look so appropriate on this house. In certain lights it even appears to look like slate. Many neighbors and friends have commented on how very attractive it looks, Secondly, the workmen did such a professional job. They were meticulous at each step of the process and, we are confident, that their craftsmanship was excellent. Each day that they were here they worked diligently and conscientiously making sure that every step of their work was done to the highest expectations. In addition, they were quiet and tried not to interrupt our daily routine. Third, we are most pleased about all the high quality features of the product: the durability, the appearance, and the fact that it is maintenance free. Thank you for making the excellent product.

Sincerely, Susan and Richard Alvord

Seattle, WA

If the roof is as good as it appears and is warranted for, the cost is justified

April 11, 2000

In less than a week since the new Interlock roof was installed on our house we have had several compliments. It is somewhat a coincidence that the color of paint we put on the gutters and gable ends a couple of years ago is compatible with the weathered copper color of the shingles. Most homes in our neighborhood are between twenty and thirty years of age. All have been re-roofed. Some need replacement again. They should consider Interlock. The weather was not always the best during the job. The installers seemed to know exactly what to do and how to do it. If the roof is as good as it appears and is warranted for, the cost is justified. In comparison with anything else around we're quite proud of it.

Sincerely, Donald Sherp

Auburn, WA

My 35-year-old shingles failed after 12 years

April 10, 2000

My Interlock roof looks very nice, and I am very pleased. The workers were neat, courteous, and great craftsmen. The reason for my new roof was that my 35-year-old shingles failed after 12 years. It had many leaks, and I was about to replace it. Then I saw Interlocks' flyer and decided to give them a call at Walpole. Now, I have a beautiful mountain blue roof. I get so many compliments on it all the time. I know that I have made the correct choice, and I will benefit from it in the many years to come.

Sincerely Yours, John Howard

Easton, MA

My new Interlock roof has satisfied me beyond all expectation

March 26, 2000

It has now been two years since the installation of metal interlocking shingles on the roof of my residence in Ottawa. As I indicated to the salesman at the time, if after two years I was totally satisfied with the installation and performance of my new roof I would take the time to extol the virtues of the Interlock system. To date, I have indeed been most impressed with the performance of my roof prior to the installation of the Interlock system, I was required to change the asphalt shingles on my roof every eight to ten years. Because I have a low slope roof on my home, I was not immune from the occasional leak between re-shingling jobs. Re-shingling a roof is a major financial investment, and obviously more so when considering an upgrade from the standard asphalt shingles used by the construction industry; therefore, prior to my decision to accept the Interlock roof system, I had a number of concerns, such as fading, longevity, performance, workmanship, appearance, etc. I can categorically state that, to date, initial apprehensions have not materialized. My new Interlock roof has satisfied me beyond all expectations. Besides the leak-free performance of my new root, the next greatest benefit is the appearance of the Interlock shingles versus the conventional asphalt shingles. Homes with Interlock systems have a much greater aesthetic appearance, as attested to by friends, neighbours and strangers passing through the area. This, in addition to the lifetime warranty (50 years on the resale of the home), greatly enhances the marketability of the home on re-sale. To say I am pleased as punch with my new roofing system is an understatement. I have no objection to Interlock Industries using my endorsement of their product. I have not, nor will I receive any financial or other benefits for this endorsement. Satisfaction and peace of mind (especially when it rains) are my rewards. Thank you Interlock Industries, for a job well done.

Thank you, R.J. Bens

Ottawa, ON

Another advantage of a very conductive aluminum roof is that it forms a Faraday cage around the house

November 2, 1999

The Kirkwood family is the proud owner of a new, red, Interlock aluminum alloy tile roof, installed this July. This new roof greatly improved the look of our home in replacing our old wood shingle roof, whose life had expired. We were happy that the new roof could be installed directly over the old wood roof, without the messy ripping up that we have observed each of our neighbors go through. The installation crew were extremely courteous and worked very hard to complete the installation in 3 days. We were also impressed with the promptness of delivery for a custom made roof. It was only two weeks from order to installation. What a difference! On a bright sunny day the red surface of the garage roof actually glows against the second story of the house. Our neighbors from up to a block away have commented that the house looks brand new. Sometimes we think they  enjoy it more than we do. That is not completely true, however, because I will not miss cleaning the maple nuts, leaves and moss, applying water sealer then patching the wood shingle splits to prevent leaks. We waited in sending this letter until the  middle of fall, to see how the new roof handles the maples nuts and leaves, as we live in a forest setting. On a rainy, windy, night this week, the rain washed the leaves down into the gutters, leaving the roof clean. It is much easier to clean the gutters than the roof. Our house is also located near electric power transmission lines and stray electric fields from them interrupt AM radio signals. Another advantage of a very conductive aluminum roof is that it forms a Faraday cage around the house, eliminating the AM interruption and also potential health hazards. The roof has also improved reception from our outside antenna for TV signals. We are very happy with our new roof.

Dr. & Mrs. Brad Kirkwood

Everett, WA

The haunted house look changed instantly into desirable real estate

October 26, 1999

What a substantial difference the Interlock aluminum roof has made to the appearance of my hundred year old house. The haunted house look changed instantly into desirable real estate. The people who sold me the house have said they wish they had asked more for it now! My previous roofer, who I have used for many years on five different roofs with excellent results; drove by and said he knew it was a good job. He also wanted to recommend Interlock roofing to another customer who wanted something better than composition roofing. The service was great, the sheet metal engineers were industrious, exacting workers, and there have been no problems with anything. It looks so solid and neat; I cannot describe it exactly, but I will never be happy with composition roofing again. The leaves slide right off so it is always clean, and shows off the gables and fancy lines of the house so well... I love it!

A very satisfied customer, Marilyn Young

Lynden, WA

Beyond the call of duty

July 11, 1999

This is to advise you that Steve Graetsch and Jim Barnes have completed the installation of our Supertile aluminum roof. They have worked beyond the call of duty, in adverse conditions, and done an excellent job. My wife and I are extremely pleased with their professionalism, their knowledge, and the quality of their work. We heartily recommend their work to all, and have heard nothing but praise from all who have seen the new roof.

Sincerely, Roman Kravec

Edmonton, AB

The difference from before to after is spectacular

July 6, 1999

Thanks so much for improving the appearance of our home. The difference from before to after is spectacular. It was also nice to have Interlock install gutters as we did not have them before. The job was done quickly (within a week), and the clean up was amazing!! Having had numerous problems with roofers in the past and not having much trust in roofers, It was a pleasure to work with you and have such an easy process with no hassle and a fabulous product to have for 40 years!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Sincerely, Jennipher and Justin

Issaquah, WA

With Interlock Roofing, we had absolutely no problems

May 25, 1999

Dear Sir: Today our beautiful new roof is completed. We are very pleased with the quality of your product as well as the genuinely dedicated employees that we have had the pleasure of meeting. Your service is excellent; your employees believe in the product and take great pride in presenting us with nothing but the finest. It is said that “You get what you pay for” but rarely does one get exactly what one pays for without having to constantly check on the workmanship, the product quality and in general just make sure that what has been promised is actually going to happen, with no shortcuts or shoddy corner cutting. With Interlock Roofing, we had absolutely no problems; everything was done exactly as promised! The young man who installed our roof “Brennan White” was an artist! What a pleasant, friendly and conscientious tradesman! Brennan’s attention to detail was appreciated very much. It is not often in today’s world that one has the chance to meet a young man who is down to earth, hard working and reliable. Brennan is a good ambassador for your company, I do hope you will mention to him how much we appreciate all the little things he did and the extra time he spent making certain we were totally satisfied with our new roof. Brennan was here on our job site alone, because his helper had a family emergency and so Brennan slaved away here for a week installing our roof. He is an honest and hard working young man and I hope Interlock is aware of the valuable asset he is. With regards to the roof itself, I must say how happy we are that we have at last a roof over our heads that will always be there. We have replaced roofs on other homes twice and we were very disillusioned to think that in 5, 10 or 20 years we would need to do it all over again. It is awesome to know that we will never need to worry about our roof again. A new roof most certainly increases the value of any home but that value lessens with each passing year in all other types of roofs. The life time warranty and 50 year-transferable guarantee, that Interlock Roofing provides, will allow us to maintain the equity of our investment for as long as we live! And it will always look great! We would also like to thank Ted, for role he played in our investing in this wonderful roofing system. Thanks Ted for taking the time, for showing us what else is out there in the marketplace and for checking in on the job itself and interacting with us. So very often today, when you purchase something, you never see the sales representative again, which always leaves us wondering if our decision to purchase was a good one. As I stated before our roofer Brennan was just great but seeing Ted stopping by to ensure that the job was being done to our own high standards, was very profession and reassuring. Thanks to Ted and Brennan.

Sincerely yours Connie Wilson and Sandy McDougald

Duncan, BC

I'm glad we did it now rather than waiting

As I promised, here is our very belated letter following the installation of our new Interlock Roof in mid April of this year. Mark and Martin, our installers, were terrific. They were courteous and friendly and Mark took the time to answer all my questions. They cleaned up those huge mounds of old shakes completely and they left the worksite neat and tidy at the end of each day. They did a great job! As Mark told me when I complimented them, he treats each job as if he were doing it at his own home. They take pride in their work. Ted, I think these guys deserve a raise!! We are very happy with the appearance of the roof and knowing that we are worry free for the rest of our lives is a good feeling. The neighbors watched the installation with great interest as most of them also need to re-roof their houses soon. When I saw how crumbly and dry those cedar shakes were, I would say sooner, rather than later. I’m glad we did it now rather than waiting until we had either water leaking in and staining our vaulted ceiling or shingles flying off in the wind. When you are back in Calgary feel free to stop by and take your pictures; now that spring is here the yard is looking quite lovely. Call me first so I can put the coffee pot on!

Sincerely, John & Jan Anders

Calgary, AB


April 29, 1999

LOOKS – LOOKS – LOOKS GREAT!!! We just wanted to say the roof really looks great. The reason we are writing this letter is to let you know how pleased we were with your workmen. They did a fantastic job on the roof as well as cleaning up after themselves each day. Please extend our thanks to them for a really professional job well done.

Yours truly, Harold and Sandra B.

Hamilton, ON

The roof looks great and I am looking forward to the many years of "no maintenance" ahead

April 29, 1999

I am writing to say “job well done” in regard to our roofing contract. The installers tried their best in spite of many days of snow and were here when they stated and called if they could not. This is not the typical experience with any other contractors when you don’t know when they will show up or when they will finish. The roof looks great, and I am looking forward to the many years of “no maintenance” ahead. The salesman was very professional and easy to work with. The secretary that set up the meetings and returned calls had very good interpersonal skills. I hope to recommend your company to all I can. Thank you.

Sincerely, Monica M.

Klamath Falls, OR

This roof is one of the best investments and improvement we have made for our home

April 6, 1999

Thank You So Much!! The roof that you installed looks so wonderful! I had my doubts as the “typical” aluminum roof looks too barn-like. With the Interlock roof, we got the look I wanted and the durability my husband was looking for. We were very pleased with the installation as it took only a few days, and our yard was neat and clean when completed. This roof is one of the best investments and improvements we have made for our home. We highly recommend the Interlock Aluminum Roof Shakes for anyone interested in investing in their home.

Sincerely, Todd and Ellen

Jefferson, OR

Headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles

April 9, 1999

We hope this letter will save someone experiencing some of the aggravation, expense, internal damages and headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles. Our home built in 1984, had its roof finished with asphalt shingles. Within ten years we started to experience leaking around flashings resulting in a rosewood chest having to be refinished and stippled ceilings in several areas of our home having to be repainted. By 1995 we reluctantly gave in to the realization our roof needed replacing and started shopping for a new roof. In May 1996 we re-roofed our 11-year-old home using IKO’s “Aristocrat” asphalt shingles which were rated at 25 years (cost $3321.28). Unfortunately, when the roofing contractor ordered the shingles they did not order enough, and the finished roof ended up with a distinctly different colored patch at the front of our very long roof which extends from the peak of our house to the front of the garage. At the time I was assured a year of sun bleaching should rectify the color variation, but if it didn’t, I was to call them to arrange to have it rectified. One year later our “new” roof still looked “patched,” and a call was made to the roofing company who arranged a meeting with a senior representative of IKO, the president of the roofing company and myself. Following that meeting, I received a letter from IKO telling me the guarantee did not cover “colour.” The IKO letter Included an offer of approximately $500.00 so that I could deal with MY problem on my one-year-old, Aristocrat (26 years) shingle roof. Upon receipt of that letter, I contacted the roofing contractor, told them about the letter and informed them they would not be hearing from me again but would hear from a lawyer on my behalf. Boy, did that get things happening! Fortunately for us, the roofing contractor stood by us, and the “colour” matter was satisfactorily resolved by November 1997. Unfortunately, we experienced significant interior leaking in December 1997 following a very wet heavy snow. The leaking was so bad it was “raining” from the light in our front entrance, and our front door froze shut! The result to us was more inconvenience, more damage, more shabby cosmetic repairs by a fellow provided by the roofing contractor but at last, it looked like our roofing problems were behind us. In July of 1998, Northwest Calgary was hit by a severe hailstorm. My husband’s worse fear was the storm would have knocked 15 of the 25 years off the life our “new roof.” That storm obliterated our roof, and the insurance adjuster’s first comment was that the roof would need replacing. During the summer and fall of 1998, it was almost impossible to get a roof installed, and we seriously questioned the quality of work that we saw around us. February of 1999 arrived with us still in need of a new roof, so we went roof shopping at The Home and Garden Show where we met Ted Rector of Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd. Several of Interlock’s competitors couldn’t even be bothered to take the time to talk to us. Those that did speak to us were selling asphalt (paper or fibreglass) shingles. Within a week Ted came to our home, and we had arranged to get a roof to solve our problems finally. Our new roof tile in charcoal gray is now on our home. We love the look! The installers were a super group of very considerate fellows. Clean-up by Interlock’s installers was very thorough. I wish all of our roofing experiences could have been as pleasant as our dealings thus far with Interlock and its representatives!

Wendy L. H.

Calgary, AB

We look forward to a roof that will continue to look good over time and provide increased protection and insulation from the elements

March 7, 1999

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new Interlock Roof. The installers, who worked on our house, as well as being friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about the product, worked quickly and efficiently. They tidied as they went along and kept us informed about the progress of their work. Your office staff were also very Informative and helpful. I have no hesitation in endorsing your roofing system. I am astounded that so few people have taken advantage of such a roofing system, I can only hope that your company somehow reaches a lot more homeowners, as your roofing system is not only exceptionally sound, safe and pleasing to the eye, more importantly, it is ecological, thus saving some of our near depleted natural resources. The Interlock Roof really has added to the attractiveness of the house and has drawn interest from neighbours and passers-by. We look forward to a roof that will continue to look good over time and provide increased protection and insulation from the elements.

Sincerely, Ben G.

Scarborough, ON

Several neighbors have called to comment on how nice it looks

January 1, 1999

I want to thank you for a job well done on my new roof. The work was done on schedule in spite of winter weather, and Brian, your roofer, was very polite and responsive. Several neighbors have called to comment on how nice it looks.

Sincerely, L.A. Fogt

Sumner, WA

We have been through a few storms since the installation, and they were bad, however, we actually heard no noise from the pounding rains, which I was concerned as the roofing is aluminum

October 27, 1998

I would first apologize for such a delay in this letter. As you were aware, when we spoke to you, we had just purchased our house, and we’re still in the process of continuing with additional modifications, including the installation of your companies INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM, We have had the new roof for the past six months, and I am astounded that so few people have taken advantage of such a roofing design. We have been through a few storms since the installation, and they were bad, however, we actually heard no noise from the pounding rains, which I was concerned as the roofing is aluminum. I must also add that your staff was outstanding. The fact that I am a police officer meant that some mornings I was not up as bright and early as your staff. They, however, were very obliging in working on another area of the roof, until after I had awakened. I never did hear them up on the roof. They were also very meticulous in ensuring all of the leftover debris was cleaned up. In closing, I can only hope that your company somehow reaches a lot more homeowners, as your system of roofing is not only exceptionally sound, safe and pleasing to the eve, more importantly, it is ecological, thus saving some of our near depleted natural resources. All the best to you and your endeavours. And again thank you for helping us to purchase a roofing system which will be with us for many, many years to come.

Bob and Judy Hillier

Mississauga, ON

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