5 inches of rain on our new roof

April 3, 2004

Our Interlock roof installation was completed this past week. Several days after the installation was completed we endured a period of rainy days that dumped over 5 inches of rain on our new roof. Under this extraordinary onslaught we have seen no leaks or other problems. The installer was Alex, his work ethics were beyond reproach and we were impressed that one man could do a large job like this in such a timely fashion. Alex cleaned up the job site thoroughly at the end of each day, which we greatly appreciated. Your sales representative, Gerald Matta was through and professional. He gave us the information we felt we needed to make this important decision without undue sales pressure. Please feel free to bring any potential customers by to see the excellent job your company did. We will be pleased to talk with them.

Sincerely yours, Errol and Theresa Groff

Preston, CT

Je tiens à vous féliciter pour le travail de qualité, la promptitude et la propreté des lieux

March 17, 2004

Madame, Monsieur, Je voudrais féliciter l’équipe des Toits permanents du Québec pour leur excellent travail a mon domilile situé au 905 Duluth à Boucherville. Vous avez travaillé avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et de rigueur malgré le temps froid de ce début de saison.  Je tiens à vous féliciter pour le travail de qualité, la promptitude et la propreté des lieux. Je vous recommanderai chaudement car vous avez fait preuve d’efficacité. Encore une fois merci à votre jeune équipe dynamique et excellente saison.

Serge Gosselin Ph.D

Boucherville, QC

One of the smartest investments that we could have ever made

January 9, 2004

To whom it may concern; Several months ago we decided to have a new roof installed on our home. After comparing many different types of roofing materials, the decision was made to use the aluminum roofing system that Interlock presented to us. After several months I can say that the right decision was made. The new roof looks as great today as when it was installed. We have noticed our cooling costs in the summer as well as our heating costs in the winter have been greatly lowered. From the first day the roof was installed, numerous individuals have stopped to compliment and inquire of the roof. The one main concerns seems to be that of most that stop by to inquire of the roof - the noise level when it rains, with aluminum it must be terribly loud in the house, right? I tell them all the same thing. There can be a down pour going on outside and the only way I would know is if someone opened the door. Putting the Interlock Roofing System on our home was one of the smartest investments that we could have ever made. We not only have a roof that will look great for many years to come, we are also saving money each month on everything from gas and electric to homeowners insurance, and our home is now classified as energy efficient which means that there are more discounts to come for many years. But to me, just knowing that in twelve years I will not find myself looking up at the roof and cringing thinking that it is time for a new roof already, because I know it will look as great then as it does today.

Sincerely yours, Tracy Pritchett & Matthew Tedone

Oakdale, CT

Finally we do not have to worry about the roof any more

We just had the completion of our new roof. We are happy at how professional the job looks, and how the Interlock material gives the house a different look. It's a very good looking rich roof, we love the way the aluminum pieces interlock each other and make the house look so different than the other roofs. Many of the neighbors have stopped to look at the roof all are impressed how good and nice it looks. The workers were professional, hard workers and fast, and they cleaned up every night. We are very happy and pleased with the decision we made. Finally we do not have to worry about the roof any more.

Sincerely, Saliba and Olga Osko

Pawtucket, RI

I will never have to roof my home again

October 30, 2003

I want to thank you for coming to my home to show me the video, samples, and explain the differences between the Interlock Roofing System and regular roofing shingles. The blue I chose is beautiful and really perks up my old home. It is so comforting to know that it will no longer leak around the dormers. I can now paper and paint my bedrooms with confidence and know that we won’t be ruined by rain. It is so nice to know that I will never have to roof my home again. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Theresa M. Dixon

Quincy, MA

It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined

October 18, 2003

We have just had our aluminum roof installed by your company, in a charcoal grey with the tile effect. It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined. It has definitely changed the look of our home… bringing it more up to date and already have had more comments from our neighbours and friends on how nice it looks. It appears that one home in our area, after driving by ours, had their roof done in the shingle style not long after ours! The installers we can’t say enough about… Lee and his assistant Kyle were so professional, did such quality work, and were a pleasure to talk to for advice and explaining what had to be done. They are a real credit to your company and would be highly recommended by us to anyone interested in our area of Kamloops. Your staff and company have certainly been a pleasure to deal with and we wish you all continued success.

Yours truly, Carl and Seon Bonderud

Kamloops, BC

We love the look of our roof and get lots of compliments on it

October 7, 2003

Just a note to let you know about the pleasant experience we had when your contractor came and installed our new Interlock roof on September 6 and 7. The young men who installed the roof seemed very experienced and had the roof installed in a reasonable amount of time. They acted professionally and courteously. They cleaned up all nails and other debris that fell when they were roofing. It was a good experience for us as homeowners. As an aside, and not as a criticism, I just want to suggest that the contractor may want to contact the homeowner a few days ahead of the day they would like to install the roof. Mr. Plesnik called us on September 5th at 4:30 pm to say he would be there the next morning to start the work, It worked out fine for us, but I’m sure it may be a problem for others, We love the look of our roof and get lots of compliments. We can hardly wait until the snow flies to see the difference that this new roof will make.

Sincerely, Marlene Pelkey

Lawrence, MA

I was interested in your roofing system due to our New England winters, snow and ice dams on my roof

September 30, 2003

I am so satisfied with my new Interlock Roof! Your regional manager, Mr. Patrick O’Riordan, was very polite and informative. He answered all my questions and clearly explained the Interlock Roofing System. The installer was extremely hard-working. And I can’t believe how clean he left the job site! I am truly impressed. Many people have stopped by, as this is a very busy street, and I have expressed my satisfaction with your company to those with whom I have spoken. I was interested in your roofing system due to our New England winters, snow and ice dams on my roof. I can hardly wait for a snowstorm (well-almost) to see how the roof performs. Thanks for such a great job! Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Gloria Carpentier

Dracut, MA

The only roof that seemed practical for our needs was the Interlocking roof

August 10, 2003

Dear Interlock Industries, I am writing this letter to you regarding the installation of our new roof. My wife and I were looking for a roof that would last as long as the 40-year-old roof on our house. We looked at all different types of roofing materials, but the quality isn't as good as it was 40 years ago. The only roof that seemed practical for our needs was the Interlocking roof. Your sales representative Daniel Adolfson came out to show us your roofing system. After his visit, the interlocking roof seemed like the only solution. Your installer that was sent to install the new roof was great. He worked the hottest two weeks of the summer, alone installing the roof and making sure the house was watertight every night. He also picked up all of the materials in the yard. We would recommend this type of roofing system and your company to anyone that is looking for great service and a good product.

Sincerely Yours. Dennis & Theresa Donahue

Burlington, MA

It has become the focal point of the house

August 4, 2003

We recently had a new Interlock roof installed on our contemporary home. It has become the focal point of the house. We have had many compliments from neighbors and friends. I would also like to say that the work crew we had were very thorough and courteous. They did an excellent job.

Sincerely, David & Paula Keane

Easton, MA

I can't tell you how happy I am I made this investment

June 14, 2003

Even though I have only had my new roof for one week, I don't feel it's too soon to tell you how much I love it. It looks so neat and professional. My neighbors are all going crazy over it! It has made a big hit in my neighborhood. The workers who installed the roof were professional, courteous, hard workers, and extremely neat. Sometimes big home improvements can be very stressful. This was stress-free. Also, I have to say last night it rained so hard, but I did not hear a thing. I can't tell you how happy I am I made this investment, Paul Curtis was a pleasure to work with, a true professional. I would definitely recommend your company and Paul to others. In addition, I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul McAllister. Who was also professional and courteous.

Lorraine Ferri

Cranston, RI

The Waterton area is quite windy in the winter and this year we experienced winds gusting to over 200 km per hour

May 9, 2003

Joanne and I are very pleased with the performance and features of the Interlock Roofing System. Not only does it look great, but it has also proven its worth during the last two winters. As you may know, the Waterton area is quite windy in the winter and this year we experienced winds gusting to over 200 km per hour. While our neighbours are out gluing and nailing down their asphalt shingles, we’re sitting home relaxing without worrying about our roof. We have mentioned our satisfaction to many people in the area and hopefully, we are able to send new customers your way. We have many high-quality pictures of our home so if you would like to review the images, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured if you would choose one of the pictures for your promotional literature.

Yours very sincerely, Stephen & Joanne H.

Waterton Park, AB

The site was kept very clean

May 1, 2003

This is to inform you of our satisfaction with the new Interlock roof on our home and to express an even greater satisfaction in the relationship with your staff during the entire process. Wayne Grant was very informative and courteous with his presentation and in filling out all the necessary paperwork to get started. Fred and his crew of installers were very professional and kept me totally informed on all aspects of the installation. The site was kept very clean as they worked and was totally cleaned each day before they left. Fred showed considerable concern in our satisfaction in all areas. Thank you for all your help

Sincerely; Bibb Longcrier

Kittery, ME

We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the noise level was no greater than it had been before

May 1, 2003

We recently had our aging asphalt roof replaced with your Interlock Roofing System and I must compliment you on your product. When your salesman made the initial sales call we were presented with a complete roofing system package which looked ideal for our requirements. Upon examining the product I was extremely satisfied with the look and feel of the individual shingle. The installation process was clearly outlined and along with the guarantee was enough for us to go ahead. When the installation was completed by your experienced crew we were very satisfied and looked upon our roof as one of the most desirable in our neighborhood. As we live on the West Coast I was anxious to see what the results of our winter rain and snow storms would be. When the first real rainstorm passed through we observed the water beading up and flowing freely off the roof with no soaking in as we had previously experienced. We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the noise level was no greater than it had been before. My biggest surprise was after the first snowfall. When I went out in the morning I was amazed that the roof was clean with no snow build-up at all. This meant no more worries about the weight accumulation of very wet snow building up on the roof structure which was aging. We would like to close by saying your product has exceeded our expectations and has made us feel very comfortable in our home. We now know we do not ever have to worry about the failure of the roof during the life of our home. The Interlock product has proven itself to us to be vastly superior to the other systems we were looking at and was well worth the added expense. Thank you for letting us look forward to retiring without the worries of expensive modifications to our home.

Two more extremely satisfied customers. James and Mary-Anne Reid

Langley, BC

We are looking forward to an “ice dam” free winter next year

April 22, 2003

We just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our new Interlock shingle roof. The newly installed roof provides the house with a great “look” and it is performing beautifully. We have had 2 snow storms since the installation, and just as was promoted, the snow comes sliding off after only a few inches of accumulation. We are looking forward to an “ice dam” free winter next year. I would also like to say that the entire process, from estimate to job completion was a pleasant experience. Your salesman was professional and presented the product with facts. There were no high pressure sales tactics which was wonderful. The installation crew was also professional and courteous. They kept the work area neat and clean and went out of their way to make sure we were completely satisfied. In closing, we have, and will continue, to recommend this roofing system to anyone who asks. Thanks for the wonderful, worry free roof.

Sincerely, Bob & Marsha Brady

Kennebunk, ME

The roof looks wonderful; it’s the best one on the street

March 31, 2003

Just a note about the roof we installed in March of 2003. The first thing that we have to say is that the roof looks wonderful; it’s the best one on the street. A neighbor two houses down the street had a new asphalt roof installed shortly after we had our Interlock Roof installed. The neighbor across the street remarked that our roof looked a lot better than the neighbor's. We have had quite a few neighbors stop and ask about the roof and remark how good it looks. Having the chimney flashed with a solid flashing (instead of step flashing) and the ducts matching the roof really makes the roof look finished off. Also, having them put vents on the back which match the roof looks finished off, so they are not noticeable. As far as the workmen and the quality of workmanship, we feel that it was done very professionally. We asked that they not start working until 8:00 am, and they waited until 8:30 am to start. They kept the grounds very clean even when they were stripping the roof. They hung tarps so nothing could or would damage either the house or any plants which are around the house. They were very friendly and courteous. In closing, we are very pleased with the roof and the professionalism of the workers.

George T. Brooks Mary A. Brooks

Easthampton, MA

With this roofing - problem solved

March 23, 2003

For me, the change to a metal roof is something I have thought about for some time as I have had nothing but problems with the new asphalt put on ten years ago. Ice dams and leaks have been a problem from the beginning of which I thought taking off the gutter would help. Next was to pay to have a three-foot piece of aluminum put in along the length of the roof, resulting in snow dams above the aluminum strip. The next thing to try was electric wires, which were somewhat successful, but meant taking down and putting up yearly. At 54, to be on a ladder dealing with wires and ice dams is okay, but how about 64 or 74? Some new way to roof had to be the answer. In New Hampshire, where my brother and I have a summer place, a new cabin was being built, and it had long metal panels which didn’t look too bad but were painted. The idea that an option was out there. Interlock was the better choice for a metal-type roof and looked better too. The cost of snow seals and new shingles, stripping off two layers, and the cost of recycling in twenty years led me to see that non-asphalt does cost more initially, but how about in the long run? Probably not. With my new Interlock Roof, time spent on the roof, don’t see any need for snow dams, as snow slides off. No need for a roof rake or wires. Loudness in the rain, not noticeable. The appearance looks great. With this roofing – the problem is solved; it’s on to other needed repairs.

Sincerely, Daniel Raske

Burlington, MA

This new roof has put our concerns about water damage to rest

March 9, 2003

Kathy and I would like to express our thanks to you and the installation men from INTERLOCK for installing a very attractive roof that has already elicited praise and accolades from our neighbors. We have already seen the benefits of the INTERLOCK system with all of the snow that has fallen in recent weeks. As described in your marketing materials: it just slides right off. This new roof has put our concerns about water damage to rest since we invested a considerable amount to have five rooms of our home renovated in August-September 2002. We like to think of this new roof as the "icing on the cake." We hope to direct our neighbors in your direction in the near future when they decide they, too, would like to add the same impressive roofing structure to their home's value. Finally, we would like to give a special thank you to the installation team for installing our roof under less than perfect weather conditions. February 2003 had its share of record amounts of snow and cold weather, and your team was unfazed by these extremes. They completed the task in two weeks and never rushed the job. It is truly a testament that you have dedicated staff that strives to deliver on Interlock’s mission statement. BRAVO!


 Kevin and Kathleen Arvisais

Attleboro, MA

And, no, we don't hear "pitter patter" when it rains!

Addressed to: Popular Mechanics I have read your recent issue which included a section about roofing materials. I was surprised your excellent publication did not include information about aluminum metal roofs in that section. We recently had one installed and are quite pleased with the appearance. Our roof was installed by Interlock Industries, based in Vancouver. Their shingles come in many colors and somewhat resemble the look of an asphalt shingle roof. However, unlike asphalt shingle and other roofing types, our roof has a lifetime, non-prorated, fully transferable factory warranty. It is fireproof, rot proof, energy efficient and can withstand winds in excess of 100mph. The cost per square foot is more expensive than asphalt shingle but not much more expensive than a 30 year warranted asphalt roof. Much has been written concerning the rapid deterioration of today's asphalt roofs and I would suspect your readers would be interested in learning more. And, no, we don't hear "pitter patter" when it rains!

Robert M. Briggs

Narragansett, RI

The Interlock System is actually quieter in the rain than the existing asphalt shingles were

February 17, 2003

I am writing to compliment you on your excellent product and to tell you how much I enjoy having it on my home. The existing roof on my house was about 20 years old and was showing its age in a few places. When I heard about the Interlock Roofing System, I knew it was the right solution for me. Your salesman Daniel Adolfson was very thorough in his presentation and really took the time to explain the System in an easily understood manner. Your installation crew was prompt and courteous, finishing the job in only a few days. Since completing the job, we have had snow and rain. I have been amazed at the performance in either type of weather. The snow simply slides off and the Interlock System is actually quieter in the rain than the existing asphalt shingles were. In closing, I thank you for an excellent product and a job well done.

Sincerely, Dave Schwoch

Oak Bluffs, MA

We have already noticed the benefits that the salesperson had sold us on

January 9, 2003

I would like to take this time to thank you and your installers for the high-quality workmanship and timely installation of my new Interlock metal roofing system. The installation was very well performed and in a timely manner. I have had no problems in recommending your company and product to many of my friends and family when the topic of roofing has come up. We have already noticed the benefits that the salesperson had sold us on and we look forward to many years of hassle-free “coverage” your system provides.

Thank you, Lock Corley

Coquitlam, BC

This sort of customer service is what really separates companies that are in it for the long haul

January 3, 2003

I just wanted to take a moment to commend Interlock on a great product and thank you personally for your follow through after installation. I am pleased with the roof overall because it's good looking and works well. I get compliments about the new roof frequently. The description you provided of what to expect from beginning to end and what was delivered was consistent. This is such a simple thing to do but a surprising number of companies simply don't execute on their promises so I was pleased with the end result Interlock provided. The crew that removed my old roof and installed the new one was courteous and professional. They did a good job of cleaning up the job site each day and obviously take pride in their work. The only thing I would say was a drawback is that I had filled out the customer satisfaction survey before the dumpster was removed from my front yard. After the dumpster was removed I discovered two long indentations on my front lawn over a foot deep caused by the weight of the fully loaded dumpster. When I called you about it, you said you would correct it and now it has been corrected. This sort of customer service is what really separates companies that are in it for the long haul. I appreciate your follow up and the fact that you were able to correct the only item where I was not completely satisfied. I recommend Interlock to anyone considering a roof replacement based on the merits of the product alone. I had done a good amount of research in Consumer Reports on the longevity of different roof types as you know so there was no question in my mind that I wanted a metal roof but I didn't know how nice the end result would turn out. Your product combined with outstanding customer service is an unmatched offering. Consider me a reference for other potential customers curious about the experience they had with Interlock

Michael Dalton

West Hartford, CT

Thank you for being such an excellent firm

November 29, 2002

My wife and I want to express our complete satisfaction with the "Aged Copper" roof your firm installed on our "Barn-house" and gazebo. The two roofs have a high quality appearance and they enhance the looks of the property. We are looking forward to many years of satisfaction. We are now planning to re-paint the house with a color to better blend with the roof. The work performed by your installers was outstanding. They were friendly and very professional. They worked efficiently and energetically, and it was obvious they had the skills to do the job. Thank you for being such an excellent firm.

DeWitt Griffin

Bainbridge Island, WA

No difference in sound compared to our old roof

November 27, 2002

I wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I are with our new Interlock roof and the quality of the installation work. The installers presented themselves in a very professional manner. They took great pride in their job and worked on our home as if it was their own. At the end of the day, they always cleaned up after themselves and never inconvenienced my family. They truly were a wonderful crew! The roof looks fantastic. It is much sharper and cleaner looking than our old roof. Since it was completed, we have had several hard rainstorms. The roof performed very well. One of our initial concerns was if rain hitting this new roof would be louder than our old. On those stormy nights, our fears were quickly put to rest. There was no difference in sound compared to our old roof. Then, the night before Thanksgiving, we had a snowstorm. Thanksgiving Day was nice and sunny, and our house was the only one with no snow on the roof. The Interlock roof is, by far, the best home improvement project I have undertaken; it is wonderful knowing I will never have to worry about my roof again. Thanks for the great product and service.

Sincerely, Joseph A. DeForte

Medford, MA

He went beyond the call of duty to perform an excellent job

July 16, 2002

This letter regards the installation of a new roof on our house using your products. First of all, we are extremely pleased with your product. We would be happy to recommend it as an excellent product. Next, I would like to commend you on your choice of an installer for our new roof. I do not think you could have chosen a better installer. From the very first day on the job, it was obvious that Mr. Ritter was a highly competent tradesperson. He pointed out many errors that had been made on the original roofing system. In addition he advised us on the necessary corrective measures. In my estimation he went beyond the call of duty to perform an excellent job. I feel you company should be very pleased to have a craftsman with such a good sense of responsibility, desire and ability to do an excellent job. Once again, we are extremely pleased with your product and the workmanship of Mr. Ritter.

Yours truly, M.A. Lantz

Ladysmith, BC

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