The noise level was no greater than it had been before


We recently had our aging asphalt roof replaced with your Interlock Roofing System and I must compliment you on your product.

When your salesman made the initial sales call we were presented with a complete roofing system package which looked ideal for our requirements. Upon examining the product I was extremely satisfied with the look and feel of the individual shingle. The installation process was clearly outlined and along with the guarantee was enough for us to go ahead. When the installation was completed by your experienced crew we were very satisfied and looked upon our roof as one of the most desirable in our neighborhood.

As we live on the West Coast I was anxious to see what the results of our winter rain and snow storms would be. When the first real rainstorm passed through we observed the water beading up and flowing freely off the roof with no soaking in as we had previously experienced. We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the noise level was no greater than it had been before. My biggest surprise was after the first snowfall. When I went out in the morning I was amazed that the roof was clean with no snow build-up at all. This meant no more worries about the weight accumulation of very wet snow building up on the roof structure which was aging.

We would like to close by saying your product has exceeded our expectations and has made us feel very comfortable in our home. We now know we do not ever have to worry about the failure of the roof during the life of our home. The Interlock product has proven itself to us to be vastly superior to the other systems we were looking at and was well worth the added expense. Thank you for letting us look forward to retiring without the worries of expensive modifications to our home.

Two more extremely satisfied customers,
James and Mary-Anne Reid
Langley, BC

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