A large percentage of landfill waste is comprised of discarded roofing materials


To Whom It May Concern:

We bought our house in 2001. At that time we knew we had about 5-7 years of life left on our composition roof.

In October of 2009, my husband and I attended the Home Show held at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and we submitted our name at the Interlock booth to get more information about metal roofs, as we had been thinking about moving in that direction to replace the roof.

About two weeks later, we met Ross Peterson. He spent about two hours educating us on roofs and all the different types of roofing materials available, how a large percentage of landfill waste is comprised of discarded roofing materials, and the range of expenses associated with the different kinds of roofs available to homeowners. He was polite, patient, and very knowledgeable.

We went into the meeting hoping that the cost of a metal roof would somehow match up with the amount of money we felt we had available to put a new roof on our house. Overall, we determined that the work being done and the length of time we could expect the roof to last would far outweigh the expense in the long run. Especially since a metal roof can last 50 years, but you can expect to put a composition roof on several times in that time-frame.

Our materials were delivered in early December and a few days later we met the work crew. They were friendly, considerate, and seemed well trained to complete the job. Unfortunately, we started having extreme weather conditions, like deep freezes one week and heavy rains the following week. Both of those situations caused the job to be delayed, both due to the safety of the crew and to keep the roof conditions as ideal as possible.

We are now almost 3 months post install and are quite happy with the end result. We are pleased with our color choice and plan to paint our house this summer with a coordinating color to complement the roof.

Thank you Interlock!

Cindy & Harry Kleinfelter
Bremerton, WA

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