There is no more noise than there was with my old shingle roof


Please consider this my letter of testimony regarding the installation of my beautiful Musket Grey Slate roof!

From the beginning of this “roof project”, all of my conversations with Meg and Claudette were friendly and my questions were answered by these pleasant and knowledgeable ladies. Since I had already seen a presentation with a neighbor, Mike Rasmussen was able to save us both some time as I was very ready to get my leaky roof replaced! He thoroughly explained how the aluminum fits together and assured me the trained installers really did know what they were doing!

Rolland called to let me know when he would be delivering the materials. He was right on time – even with snow and icy roads to contend with! He very neatly placed boxed materials next to the garage and then covered everything with a tarp to keep it dry. I was concerned with his and the installers’ safety during those unusual winter weather conditions but both Rolland and Peter seemed to take it in stride. Peter was very efficient and explained how things worked and answered my questions that I didn’t know I had until I watched how fast yet carefully he worked. Mike was right – Peter was quick and there was very little wasted material when he had completed everything! As it turned out, Peter was the only installer and he wasted NO TIME removing the chimney, getting my skylight replaced and the roof was done in only two days!! It was unusually COLD in Oregon those days; January 7th and 8th. He worked well into the dark evening hours on both nights, which I thought was above and beyond the call of duty. He carefully cleaned up after himself before he left.

As you see, I am very impressed with my new roof. At one point, I was concerned that the aluminum may be “noisy”, however, with the amount of hard rain we have had, there is no more noise than there was with my old shingle roof. Again, I am impressed. My son is thrilled that he will never have to get up and toss laundry soap around on the roof to kill the moss! Just today, a gentleman stopped to chat about my roof as he’d noticed the sign in my yard. I happened to be outside for a few minutes and was happy to share my very pleasant experience with him. Neighbors have stopped to look at the sign and check out the roof on their walks.

Enclosed are pictures of my “roof project”. Strangers would not know there ever was a chimney on the house. Peter was very careful removing the bricks which I appreciated since the new Leaf Guard system was recently installed. I thank you all for your help with updating my house. Please feel free to call me at 503-xxx-xxxx if you would like further comments.

Iris C.
Hillsboro, OR

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