The salesman was amazing; there was no pressure

May 22, 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I was very impressed with this company from beginning to end. Johnathan, the salesman was amazing, there was no pressure, and he was so courteous and knowledgeable. Jenn from Walpole was such a wonderful person to talk to. She had all the knowledge of the project and was such a pleasure to work with. She called several times to make sure the project was going well, and it was going great. The installers were very professional and courteous. They left no mess behind; they answered all questions we had. Everyone loves my new roof, as do I. I would recommend this roof and especially this company. Thank you all for all the great customer service and all the work done to repair and install my new roof. I love pulling into my driveway and seeing such a beautiful roof. Services: Roof installation, Roof repair

Debby D.

Plympton, MA

Our original roof that was installed in 2011 is fine

March 24, 2022

Critical: Responsiveness Our original roof that was installed in 2011 is fine, but, like other reviewers, it has been impossible to get a quote for a roof on an addition we are planning. The contractor has tried multiple times to get a quote and was repeatedly told they would relay to request. When he got nowhere, I called and was told Jennifer, the installation coordinator, was out sick, but they would send her an email. They agreed to cc me on the email, but they never did. I just tried calling and had to leave a voice message. Does your company want more business or not?! Service: Roof installation --- Response from the owner: Hi Barbara, I understand Mike Rasmussen has been in touch with your husband and your contractor regarding your project, and it’s in the works. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, Scott Interlock Metal Roofing Never Re-Roof Again.® with New England's Best Roof™ 1-866-319-8769

Barbara W.

Upton, MA

I would highly recommend this company

November 20, 2018

Dear Interlock, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new roof. It is gorgeous! Mike Baldassari was a pleasure to deal with. He was so informative about the whole roofing process. He had many examples of different roofs so that I could choose the perfect one. Michael also took the time with my daughter to discuss all the important details to look for in the purchasing of her new home. Benjamin and his crew were the hardest workers. They put in a couple of eleven-hour days in very cold, damp days. Jennifer from the office was great about calling and keeping me updated and making sure all my questions were answered. I would highly recommend this company.

Linda M.

Rochdale, MA

One of the best decisions I've ever made for my home

August 26, 2017

I can only speak from my experience with Interlock, but their communication, follow-up, installation, and quality have exceeded my expectations of any contractor. My roof is absolutely gorgeous and the talk of the neighborhood. The installers have gone about their work quietly, professionally, and respectfully (cleaning up my yard at the end of each day's work). I highly recommend this product and company to anyone looking to replace their roof with something gorgeous and enduring. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my home.

Jonathan B.

Dorchester, MA

The new roof started earning its keep the day after it was finished

The experience with the entire Interlock team was a pleasure. First having Mike come out to give an estimate and his patience with making a decision, to scheduling and other matters with Jennifer in the office and finally, Igor and his crew. Igor and his crew worked really hard; their workmanship was more like craftsmanship. They were very respectful and treated our home and property like it was their own. When they completed the job, you did not know they were even there, except for the beautiful new roof. The new roof started earning its keep the day after it was finished due to a bad rainstorm. Throughout this winter, we were amazed that once the snow had fallen off the roof, we were the only home in the neighborhood to have no snow or ice. Our advice to any homeowner is to take the leap and get an Interlock roof, you will not regret it.

Karen & Anthony K.

Haverhill, MA

I highly recommend metal roofing

We have had significant damage due to water leaks inside our house over the past 5-6 years. The reasons behind these leaks were ice dams and icicles. Our house is facing north. It gets minimum or no direct sun exposure most winter months. Repairs were costly. The problem, however, would recur every winter. Our roof was about 15-year old and it was not in a bad shape. We had a contractor installing a reinforcement felt in the area of interest (cost about four thousand dollars labor and material) but failed to correct the issue. After a thorough research, we were left to choose between electrical panels or a metal roof. We opted for the later, for both, safety and aesthetic reasons. We found Interlock Industries through internet-Google- search. We are pleased with our 2 choices (metal roof and Interlock) for the following reasons, with few remarks: Estimate and contract Done properly, in a pressure-free environment. Larry Ebbs understood and executed his role well. Communication and coordination With the central office were excellent (Jennifer Simons) Execution A highly professional crew. Neat, detail-oriented, highly efficient, and courteous workers. Two caveats: The crew who worked on our house was not fluent in English, and communication, when occasionally needed, had to happen over a cell phone. The start was phenomenally fast; completing the job dragged a bit longer. Cost Expensive upfront. About 3 times the cost of a shingle roof; cost will go down to about 2.5x with discounts and incentives. Financing option is available, but the interest rate is relatively high. A tax credit is available since (Interlock) metal roofs are energy efficient. Head Roofer Paul McAllister is outstanding (as a person and as far as quality of work). In addition to the metal roof, Paul and his crew successfully fixed a chronic leak from a small flat roof in the back of the house. This is a leak that we tried to repair at least twice (different contractors) without success. Results * Functionality: We have had 2 major snow storms this winter, between 12-15 inches of snow each time, comparable to prior years. We are delighted to announce that we have not had any leaks. Ice dams continued to form, mainly in the northern section of the house (where the insulation, we believe, is imperfect), but they are much smaller in size and fewer in number. No further icicles noted (make sure you don’t stand underneath the roof after a snowy day, as the snow slides off the roof like an avalanche). One downside is the noise caused by the rain drops. This noise is here to stay and will bother some people. * Appearance: The roof look is outstanding. Sharp and perfect geometry. The color contrasts nicely with the paint. Overall If you live in a snowy region, and you are planning on replacing the roof of your home for functional or aesthetic reasons, or for both, I highly recommend metal roofing. I also recommend metal roofing for new constructions in these areas as well. If you decide to go with a metal roof, Interlock Industries (New England) will meet or exceed your expectations.

Jean-Pierre G.


We are more than satisfied with our experience

After we experienced a problem with our initial salesman, Dave and the staff were exceptional in resolving the issue. We are more than satisfied with our experience.

Sincerely, Michael & Deborah K.

Chelmsford, MA

Highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the 110 inches of snow this winter

We just purchased the Interlock Roof System for our home and we couldn't be more pleased. The Interlock System has high performance with great curb appeal. Many people have commented on the distinctive look. From our initial meetings to the finish product; we were very impressed with the installation, knowledge of the product, attention to detail, and professionalism of the company. We highly recommend the Interlock Roof System especially after the 110 inches of snow this winter.

Keith and Anna Meliones

Wayland, MA

Superior product which is energy efficient, color fading resistant for many years, weather and wind resistant, and environmental friendly

June 3, 2015

The house is 16 years old. The roof tiles were beginning to curl, and I thought it was time to get a new roof. I consulted a company I had employed in the past, and they offered me a roof with a 50-year warranty for about $28,000. I told my optician about their offer, and he told me not to use them but to try Interlock. He had had a good experience with Interlock and recommended them to me. He gave me the BBB number to make the connection. Interlock offered me a limited lifetime warranty with a far superior product which is energy efficient, color fading resistant for many years, weather and wind resistant, and environmentally friendly, made of 95% recyclable material. Up to a degree, it is fire-resistant, too. Pigeons are not attracted to it, and that is marvellous because before, I had a lot of pigeons sitting on top of it and getting a lot of droppings from them. Not now. The work was done in about a week and a half. The workers worked constantly and were courteous and friendly. All spoke Spanish, my mother tongue. That made it pleasanter. I was surprised Hispanics were involved in this industry. Now I have a new roof from Interlock, new gutters from Leaf Guard, and new windows and doors from the Power Remodeling Group, all with a limited lifetime warranty. As a senior citizen, I cannot ask for anything more as my income becomes fixed in a few years.

Ana M.

Chelsea, MA

It looks as good as the day it was installed!

May 12, 2015

I was referred to Interlock Roofing from my Dad, who has had an Interlock Roof since 1999. It looks as good as the day it was installed. I am hopeful my roof will last with similar results. My salesperson, David and my installations coordinator, Jennifer, were prompt, professional, and very helpful.

Joseph B.

Oxford, MA

The first year I saved 20-30% on heat

September 30, 2013

We had our roof put on 3 years ago in Peabody, MA. The first year I saved 20-30% on heat. No problem with snow or ice. Love this product.

Francis Tilley

West Peabody, MA

It is quiet and looks great!

We had an Interlock roof installed 18 months ago and love it. It is quiet, looks great, easy to remove snow (low pitch) and no granules from roof on patio.

Jim & Nancy Stronach

Boston, MA

Workers made very effective use of time

Customer Satisfaction 5/5 Workers made very effective use of time, were courteous and respected plantings around the house. They not only cleaned at the end of the job but at the end of each day.

Chelmsford, MA

Snow easily slides off and does not build up a snow load

March 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Michael Baldassari, My wife and I would like to express our satisfaction with your metal roof installation on our house.  The roof was installed in late November of 2009, only a few days before we received our first major snow fall.  Your roofing crew was extremely professional and their work exceeded our expectations.  They installed our roof in an efficient and careful manner; working tirelessly for two and a half days.  At completion, they did a fantastic job of cleaning up the yard around the house. In particular, we have really appreciated one of the advantages that your metal roof offers.  Snow easily slides off and does not build up a snow load.  After the second snow fall, I gave away my snow rake knowing that I would never again have to get on an extension ladder to clear a two and a half story roof.  Due to the size of our roof, in the past, this task has taken several hours and has been somewhat hazardous.  I certainly won't miss this "pleasurable task" of home ownership. Last week on Thursday evening, the 25th of February, we had rain, snow and wind gusts up to 68 miles per hour for several hours.  The roof received punishing forces from the wind as well as flying debris from tree branches and pine cones.  We were a little concerned that we would see roof damage the next morning.  However, upon inspection, the roof remained intact.  The resistance to such forces demonstrates how well the metal roof has been installed and the topnotch quality of the metal roofing material itself. Knowing that we will never have to replace our roof again has convinced us more than ever that we made a wise investment.  The aesthetics of the black metal roof has added a richness and quality finish to our home which we will enjoy for many years to come.

John and Jane Vaitkunas

Auburn, MA

Interlock is a great company with a product that is sure to give us many years of security

Thank you so much for meeting with us to arrange the purchase of a new roof by Interlock. It’s gorgeous! It is so comforting to know that our roof is now safe from leaks and ugliness. We had a few obvious leaks every time it rained or snowed, and that hasn’t happened since our new roof was completed. We have seen several people “looking” as they walk or drive by, and several neighbors have made comments as to how great it looks. This was a job that we put off for years – and now we’re so glad that we have done it! What a great crew you had – they were polite – they did the work, and they cleaned up beautifully (even better than how they found it – to our pleasure). The roof was delivered as promised – on time! The crew worked long hours to get it completed, and although we had bad weather on a few of those days – the work was completed in a week! They never interfered with our own schedule and despite the hammering which comes with any job of this nature – we just knew they were getting the work done as expeditiously as possible – working until the available light made it unsafe to continue for the day. Thank you – Interlock is a great company with a product that is sure to give us many years of security, knowing that our roof will surely outlast us and that we don’t have to worry about any future roofing jobs. You were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with! It is great to know that we now have the “best roof” on the block – not the worst!

Mike and Betty Rich

Arlington, MA

He is a master craftsman. There is no other way to describe the quality of his work

June 21, 2009

We recently had a metal shingle roof installed by Interlock Roofing from Waltham, MA. The company coordinated the delivery of materials and dumpster pick-up.  The work crew treated our home and belongings with consideration and respect.  I happened to come home while one gentleman cleared the furniture and plants (there were many) from the deck.  He moved our tomato plants one at a time as though they were very valuable to him.  They worked very hard at our home for four days, two of which were twelve-hour days for them.  This was the direct result of the work ethic of Baha, the crew chief.  He was fabulous.  They worked Saturday and Sunday, which happened to be Father’s Day, in the rain to finish our roof in the time frame they initially told us.  He checked in with us frequently for feedback, and we developed quite a rapport.  He is a master craftsman. There is no other way to describe the quality of his work. He was concerned that every shingle is the best.  He hand-shaped many of them, and it shows.  He improved the original plan for the placement of snow guards. The roof is extremely well done, and we are proud of it and the people who did it. We expected our yard to be a mess when the roof was finished.  There was no mess.  None of our perennials were damaged, and we have several next to the house.  One man used a magnet to pick up the nails on the ground from removing the old roof.  Baha even had one of his men push the materials in the dumpster down so that it would look as nice as possible for the twelve hours it sat full in our yard.

Sincerely, Dave and Jo-Ann Whiting

Waltham, MA

Reduced heat and electricity bills

April 18, 2009

Dear Interlock, This letter is in regards to the absolutely gorgeous roof you recently installed for us. The roof looks amazing. The red choice was a little nerve racking, but it is even better than we could have imagined. We live on a very busy street and we can often hear cars slowing down in front of the house to look at the roof. Mike met with us in mid March and was extremely knowledgeable about the product and answered all our questions. When we were ready to proceed with the project. Miranda was very helpful and courteous to us. Within a couple of days of getting the go ahead for the project, one of Interlock's installers was at our door, saying they would be starting the next day. He notice something that was missed in the initial roof review and suggested we add some ice guards above our skylights for extra protection. They started the next day promptly at 8am and with fear of rain the following day they worked til well after dark and then picked up the debris from our yard and took it away with them. They also carefully covered the additional materials to be used in case of rain. They finished the project in a couple of days and cleaned up every day before they left. The installers were very polite and worked hard to get the project completed. We plan on staying in our home for many years to come and are pleased with the decision we made to go with the Interlock Roofing System. Both for the beauty it adds to the exterior of our home, the immediate savings coming over our way with reduced heat and electricity bills and the long term benefit of never having to replace the roof again.

Sincerely, Christopher and Danon Perry

North Reading, MA

Best looking roof in the neighborhood

Dear Interlock Management, As promised I am writing you a follow up letter sharing our experience regarding the purchase and installation of our new Interlock Roof. Long before we received your introductory mailing my wife and I had already had our minds set on eventually installing an Interlock Roof. Our reasoning was simple. We only wanted to install one more roof in our lifetime, and we were very interested in the looks, durability and warranty of your product. As an experienced service and installation manager myself, I am very familiar with the fact that many jobs have their surprises, and sometimes despite planning things go wrong. What really matters is how those instances are dealt with. As in our case, the first day the crew did not arrive until several hours later than expected due to issues back at the warehouse. The Customer Service Manager I believe, Miranda was very apologetic and did try to explain as well as got back to me with status on their expected arrival. The late arrival was quickly put behind us as upon arrival your crew without walking around or discussion divided and began what was a dynamic, organized and efficient process of setting up and beginning installation like nothing we or our neighbors have ever seen. In just a few hours they had stripped two layers of roofing off the house and garage, did some repair work, papered the roof and had half the garage and the front half of the main roof complete. On day two they completed the install and did an incredible job of cleaning up. This included every member of the crew walking my property to insure not one nail was left to step on, or cause tire damage. Our second surprise or problem was detected after their departure which was related to the fact that the back half of our roof had to be done in neoprene and the drip edge was not only different but was white instead of black causing our roof to look incomplete. I believe we both learned something that day. Your company for the future will be able to point this out up front and offer to paint the the edging in advance of the installation. In our case you had a man here the next day and he painted the drip edge to match the front half of the house and shingles. We also had two separate follow up visits from your quality control people to inspect the job for proper install and completion. In summary we are very pleased with our roof and the diligence of your hard working, professional crew. We without a doubt have the best looking roof in the neighborhood, bar none.

Sincerely, Dave Marr

Lowell, MA

Home is where one starts from

April 22, 2008

Dear Sirs, To quote from T. S. Eliot, “Home is where one starts from.” And our home needed a kick to start it again! We built our home 12 years ago, but our roof was already showing real signs that we needed to replace it, as the shingles where curling, slipping out of place and although not causing leaks at the time it surely would have. The way our home is situated on our lot, it gets total New England weather. There is also “a lot” of roof in the front, so we needed it to look incredible as well. We had looked into Interlock a year prior, but with children and careers, sometimes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But a year later we knew that our roof was the first project on our list to get attention. We got in touch with Interlock, and that is the best decision we have made! Our initial visit with Dan was pleasant, not pressure packed to purchase on the spot, as we had done our research. The cost to re-roof with asphalt shingles at this time, plus the possibility of having to do another 12-15 years versus the price presented to us go with Interlock AND NEVER ROOF AGAIN was well within our budget! We decided that meeting to go with Interlock. We received updates on our order process at each step, from the order being received to when the order was being shipped. The kept us informed and provided excellent customer service. Our roofing system went on ahead of schedule and the installers were excellent! Nick and Serge were pleasant, extremely hard workers and cleaned up the site each night! They were a pleasure to have around! Our home is beautiful, again! We have a company to back up our roofing system and feel that going with Interlock was the best decision we have made! Thank you so much for having such quality employees, for your communication and for brining peace of mind to us!

Sincerely, Connie and Bruce Harris

Amesbury, MA

My neighbors took out their snow rakes to prevent potential problems...

December 14, 2023

I’m writing to thank you and your team of installers for a job well done. The size of the job was 30 squares.  The crew completed it in three days and in 30 degree weather.  Not only does my roof look awesome but the installation team had meet and exceed my expectations for customer satisfaction. I signed the contract with Interlock on November 4 and the installation began on December 4. One day after the first snowfall of the season.  The installation crew (of 4 men) went to work removing the snow from the roof before starting the task of installing the Interlock system over my existing asphalt roof.  The existing asphalt roof was original to the house and was only 14 years old.  Several years earlier, it had started to show signs of curling and was now beginning to disintegrate leaving black stains on the lower trim boards and grit on the steps. The team arrived at 7:30am and promptly got to work.  They worked well into the evening (5:30pm).  They rarely took breaks.  They worked like bees in a hive with everyone knowing his job. It was dark by the time they left and as I mentioned earlier, they had to shovel the snow off the roof, which in turn went on to the ground piling up in front of the garage doors and the other doorways.  Prior to leaving the site for the evening the crew did a quick clean up of the area, including shoveling out the entrance ways and the garage doors.  Needless to say, I was impressed with the attention to these simple customer focus details. Since completion we have had several major snow storms in a short period of time.  On the news, people were worried about ice dams and the possibility of roofs collapsing from the weight of the snow.  My neighbors took out their snow rakes to prevent potential problems; however, I didn’t need to take such action as the snow just slid off my roof. Many of my neighbors have commented on how nice the house looks with the new roof.  One neighbor noticed that my house did not have now on it when all the other houses in the neighborhood did.  He was so impressed with the Interlock Roofing System that he and his brother in-law came to look at it after discussing it at Christmas dinner. Thanks again for a job well done.  Everything you said exactly how the job was executed which is a rare pleasure.

Kathy Christiansen

Tyngsboro, MA

Communication between us was never an issue

This letter is written to inform you of my recent installation experience with your company. As a former Regional Sales Manager for 22 years in the Northeast US, I believe I can speak from experience when it pertains to customer service, customer relations and more importantly, customer satisfaction. That being said, I offer the following comments for your review: Interlock Industries employee, Vitale Sukhovtsev, was my main contact and installer throughout the entire roofing process. Although Mr. Sukhovtsev is deaf, we established an immediate rapport. Communication between us was never an issue. I found Mr. Sukhovtsev’s work ethic, professionalism and craftsmanship to be exemplary. He was prompt, courteous and meticulous in his craft. It was impressive to see someone who took such pride in his vocation. He is a great ambassador for your company and he has made my experience with Interlock Industries a very positive one. In closing, based upon the installation process, I look forward to a high performing and maintenance free roof. Should you have any questions regarding the aforementioned, please feel free to contact me directly at home (978) xxx-xxxx.

Sincerely, Michael Gauthier

Georgetown, MA

Environmentally friendly

Our new roof looks great!  The numerous lines and angles of our gray contemporary house set up beautifully against the look of the “black slate”. Of course we like our house, but the best affirmation for its good looks came from our neighbors who were quick to notice the new roof was not just an ordinary replacement, but stand-out. We look forward to realizing efficiencies in both our winter and summer utilities making this investment in our roof one way that we can use fewer energy resources. Our black slate Interlock roof helps us achieve our goal to be more “green” with a roofing solution that’s environmentally friendly, especially by comparison to an asphalt alternative. Additionally, since we live in a heavily wooded environment, the leaves and pine needles that would stick to our previous roof now fall to the ground as nature intended.  You won’t find us climbing ladders to clear off the roof in the future! Count us among your satisfied customers.

Sincerely, Maribeth and Rich Marcello

Harvard, MA

Interlock is a great company

July 30, 2007

Thank you so much for meeting with us to arrange the purchase of a new roof by Interlock. It’s Beautiful! It is so beautiful that our neighbors are always looking and complimented us for the decision we made to install our Interlock roof. The crew, Mr. Molin Temofey the most professional, intelligent worker, I ever had working on my house, he was polite – he did the work, and he cleaned up beautifully (even better than how he found it – to our pleasure). The roof was delivered three weeks earlier, as well the installation! The crew worked long hours to get the job completed. I WILL RECOMMEND not only the Interlock sales as well the installation personnel. Thank you – Interlock is a great company with a product that is sure to give us many years of security knowing that our roof will surely outlast us and that we don’t have to worry about any future roofing jobs. You were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with!

Jose and Zelinda Silva

Peabody, MA

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