I highly recommend metal roofing

Norwell, Massachusetts


We have had significant damage due to water leaks inside our house over the past 5-6 years. The reasons behind these leaks were ice dams and icicles. Our house is facing north. It gets minimum or no direct sun exposure most winter months. Repairs were costly. The problem, however, would recur every winter. Our roof was about 15-year old and it was not in a bad shape. We had a contractor installing a reinforcement felt in the area of interest (cost about four thousand dollars labor and material) but failed to correct the issue.

After a thorough research, we were left to choose between electrical panels or a metal roof. We opted for the later, for both, safety and aesthetic reasons. We found Interlock Industries through internet-Google- search. We are pleased with our 2 choices (metal roof and Interlock) for the following reasons, with few remarks:

Estimate and contract

Done properly, in a pressure-free environment. Larry Ebbs understood and executed his role well.

Communication and coordination

With the central office were excellent (Jennifer Simons)


A highly professional crew. Neat, detail-oriented, highly efficient, and courteous workers. Two caveats:


Expensive upfront. About 3 times the cost of a shingle roof; cost will go down to about 2.5x with discounts and incentives. Financing option is available, but the interest rate is relatively high. A tax credit is available since (Interlock) metal roofs are energy efficient.

Head Roofer

Paul McAllister is outstanding (as a person and as far as quality of work). In addition to the metal roof, Paul and his crew successfully fixed a chronic leak from a small flat roof in the back of the house. This is a leak that we tried to repair at least twice (different contractors) without success.


* Functionality: We have had 2 major snow storms this winter, between 12-15 inches of snow each time, comparable to prior years. We are delighted to announce that we have not had any leaks. Ice dams continued to form, mainly in the northern section of the house (where the insulation, we believe, is imperfect), but they are much smaller in size and fewer in number. No further icicles noted (make sure you don’t stand underneath the roof after a snowy day, as the snow slides off the roof like an avalanche). One downside is the noise caused by the rain drops. This noise is here to stay and will bother some people.
* Appearance: The roof look is outstanding. Sharp and perfect geometry. The color contrasts nicely with the paint.


If you live in a snowy region, and you are planning on replacing the roof of your home for functional or aesthetic reasons, or for both, I highly recommend metal roofing.
I also recommend metal roofing for new constructions in these areas as well.
If you decide to go with a metal roof, Interlock Industries (New England) will meet or exceed your expectations.

Jean-Pierre G.
Norwell, MA 02061

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