Alvinston, ON — Roof Review — Feedback on your installers

We need more people like them and the customer service they provided was exemplary

Alvinston, Ontario


My husband and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new roof and to give you a bit of feedback on your installers.

Jeremy and Alex showed up when they said they would and worked very hard every day they were here. 

They had to deal with very high temperatures and humidity, but it didn’t slow them down. They are very dedicated individuals, friendly, polite, and very knowledgeable about what they were doing.

We need more people like them and the customer service they provided was exemplary. They are both truly an asset to your organization and we just wanted to say well done and to let management know what terrific people they have hired.

We will definitely recommend your company if we hear of anyone needing to replace their roof.

Yours truly,
Helen Lomax
Alvinston, Ontario, NON IAO

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Rosemont, ON — Roof Review | Its totally changed the way people view my home

Its totally changed the way people view my home. I'm getting all kinds of compliments

Rosemont, Ontario


I saw a home on my street that looked so striking; I knocked on the door to ask where they got their roof. The homeowner, Sebastian said that he had researched for years to pick a roof that was a good fit for his family. He chose Interlock.

I called Interlock and was contacted by a salesperson – John. We had a wonderful experience with John’s visit. He was very knowledgeable about the product and was very thorough in his explanation of how the roofing system would be installed.

The installers were very good. They were polite, courteous, and respectful of our property. They kept it very clean. They answered all my questions about what they were doing throughout the installation process. We are so happy that they were able to fix the sag in the roof.

I will install another Interlock roof in a heartbeat on any home I own. Interlock is a great organization – the people are wonderful.

I only wish I had done it earlier. My house looks so nice now. It’s totally changed the way people view my home. I’m getting all kinds of compliments.

Rosemont, ON L0N 1R0


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Noise of the rain on the aluminum roof is not much different from that of the asphalt shingles

Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Interlock,

My asphalt shingle roof was starting to curl and disintegrate after just ten years. Although I had considered metal the last time around, the cost seemed too high. This experience suddenly made it seem like the better choice.

Barry arrived on June 16 and delivered a wonderful presentation on the merits of Interlock aluminum products, reaffirming much of the information available on the internet. The price quoted was more or less as expected, although he did talk me out of the more expensive shake profile which featured in my plans. The one surprise was that my preferred colour, the aged copper, came at an added cost. It would have been helpful had the website indicated that it commanded a premium price.

The timeline was for installation anywhere from 2 to 7 weeks from signing. Provincial Foreman Tony advised me that the boxes of metal shingles and other materials would be delivered on June 27, but they actually arrived early the following morning.

Kelly headed up the crew who did the actual installation. He kept me advised about timing and let me know when illness delayed their arrival by a few days. They showed up as promised on July 7 and had about half the house done before noon, working very smoothly together as a team, with the underlayment completed. Note that the underlayment comes with its own 50-year warranty and claims that it can cover a roof for up to six months without protection. This may be standard but seems like good quality to me.

Cleanup was very good. The roof was completed on their second day of work, July 11, with a weekend of rain intervening. They also managed to do the entire garage roof (a separate building) the same day. The house roof is 17 squares, with the garage being another 7. Both are hip roof style.

Cleanup was again quite good – I followed around for the final look and didn’t spot anything. However, the next day a closer look around found several strips of the cut asphalt shingles on top of a hedge and in a flower bed (well hidden, in all fairness), along with a few small pieces of cut aluminum which might pose a hazard for some of the younger children who routinely pass through my yard. Yesterday I found two aluminum nails which came to light only after a decent rainfall. Disappointingly, some cut shingles were also left in the gutters which is a much greater problem for an older person, meaning me, to resolve.

Note that the noise of the rain on the aluminum roof is not much different from that of the asphalt shingles. Perhaps a slightly higher pitch, but the insulation in the attic and the fact that the old shingles were left on the roof under the aluminum perhaps helped to make it almost unnoticeable.

Two days was quite a bit less than the estimated five for the installation. No complaints on this front. From signing the contract to completion was less than four weeks, which ranks as excellent service.

Neighbours have been very complimentary about the appearance, with one opining that it’s the best-looking roof in the area.

At the end of the day, my house and garage have great looking roofs which should add value when the house is sold (not anytime soon) and will not require replacement for the remainder of my ownership. Interlock personnel all performed admirably, and I am pleased with the final result.

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Thank you.

Ottawa, Ontario
c/o Barry Brinson

Kemptville, ON — Roof Review — The biggest selling feature for us was the longevity of the roof

We got exactly what we wanted, which was a sharp looking profile that would blend in with the architecture of the house

Kemptville, Ontario


Hi Barry,

Our roof has been completed for about a month now and we’re starting to feel settled in our new house. We are very happy with the results and the process taken to get there.

First of all, the crew was great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone. They were really friendly and very hard working. The temperatures were in the low 30s for the entire week, but these guys were troopers and were very committed to the job. I was very impressed with their focus while enduring extreme heat, on a black roof with no escape from the sun. They did a great job and the work site was kept clean and tidy. Boxes and trash were removed daily and our home functioned as normal when work was completed for the day.

Most importantly, we are very impressed with the roof itself. We got exactly what we wanted, which was a sharp looking profile that would blend in with the architecture of the house. We didn’t want something flashy that would be the focal point of our property; however, since we started the process of educating ourselves on roofs, we’ve come to better appreciate this feature of a home. The Interlock slate shingles we chose are quite subtle and look much like a traditional roof, but a closer inspection reveals a sleek and attractive finish with well-integrated flashing’s and vents. The ridge vents are essentially invisible.

The biggest selling feature for us was the longevity of the roof. We hope this investment will truly mean that this is our “last roof”. So far, Interlock has delivered on all its promises and we are very pleased with the choice we made. Thanks to you and your colleagues for the work you have done. The roof is a great addition to our home and we’re looking forward to many years of living under it.

Greg and Anne
Kemptville, ON

c/o Barry Brinson

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Interlock finished ahead of schedule and under budget!

The contract between St. George’s Church and Interlock Industries (Ont.) Inc. for the restoration of the Church roof, including new vapour barrier, insulation, ventilation and slate-pattern aluminum shingles, is now complete and I wanted to express to you our satisfaction with the entire project.

Interlock finished the work ahead of schedule and under budget, which is much appreciated. The staff from lnterlock with whom we were associated, were very professional and competent. John Reeves, your sales representative who responded to our RFP , was well informed as to our requirements, and provided us with a very comprehensive and competitive quotation. Your site representatives , Sheldon Maddox, Supervisor, Tony Lupton, Site Superintendent and Toma Gravelle , Lead Installer, were all very accommodating and proficient. They provided us with good advice and were very responsive to our various requests. Interlock is very fortunate to have staff of their caliber.

The materials that you used were of the highest quality. I recognize that the ventilated, insulated plywood used for the insulation of the roof, and the slate-pattern aluminum shingles were the materials that were specified in the original quotation and we are very satisfied with th is material. However, what particularly impressed me was your voluntary use of the high quality RoofTopGuard II vapour barrier that your staff felt would give us a better end product, given the site conditions. This material upgrade clearly demonstrated the concern that Interlock has for the quality of work they do, and your dedication is sincerely appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Interlock to any person or organization investigating the restoration of their roof with a high quality product, installed by professionals. Thank you!

Very truly,

R.J. Henderson.
Mississauga, ON

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Roof Looks Great On Our Victorian House

Dear Interlock,

It is a great feeling to know that our new Interlock roof has been completed. For 3 years we have looked at our roof and known we had to do something. We contacted Barry from and he responded to our call immediately. We thought the products and the service he offered us were top of the line. We were not disappointed with either, our new aluminium roof looks great on our Victorian house, and the crew installing it did a terrific job. Each day after completing their work they did a thorough clean up of the job site. They were very pleasant to talk to and always explained what they were doing.

We honestly believe we made the right decision on selecting Barry and his crew to complete our roofing project. Now we have a roof that looks great, and is guaranteed for our lifetime.


Bob Ruddock and Jill Dumaresq
Ottawa, ON

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Brockville, ON — Roof Review — They were fast, efficient and skilled

As the crew worked on the roof, they were fast, efficient and skilled in the operation of installing the materials

Brockville, Ontario


Dear Interlock,

Thank you for sending the package of brochures including Dave Brown’s letter explaining the Referral Program.

Please note that the 3-man crew began May 14th and completed the job on the 16th. The crew led by George did an excellent job. From the moment that they arrived at our home, they conducted themselves in a very professional manner! As the crew worked on the roof, they were fast, efficient and skilled in the operation of installing the materials. There was never any mess as they continuously “cleaned up”! In chatting with the fellows, they were friendly and polite. The entire process never interfered with our coming and goings but we were interested in watching from time to time! A real learning experience!! All in all, we would certainly recommend your company and roofing system as we are very, very pleased with the final result – just prefect!

Thanks again to INTERLOCK for installing a roof which is both long-lasting and beautiful.

We have already received many positive compliments!

Yours truly,
Sharron and Neil Fairgrieve
Brockville, ON

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Complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch

Eleazor Genge was the foreman of the team of roofing contractors supplied by Interlock Industries (Ont) Inc. to reroof our house at the address above. The job was started in 2011 and completed in 2012 and involved both the installation of a new aluminum sloped roof and a new flat roof covered by a heavy rubber membrane.

This job was very technical in that the roof was a complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch. There were numerous roof sections that required the metal shingles to be custom cut and several of these sections were curved which required much skill to execute properly.

We were more than impressed with the level of craftsmanship that Mr. Genge brought to the job. His careful attention to detail and his vast knowledge of carpentry and metal work provided us with an absolutely stunning end product. We feel extremely fortunate that Mr. Genge was the foreman provided on this job and we commend his services to anyone looking to complete this type of work.

Yours truly,
Mark Quail / Lisa Hamilton
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON — Roof Review — A return on our investment when we eventually sell our home

A return on our investment when we eventually sell our home

Toronto, Ontario


Re: Roofing installation on House and detached Garage.

We became interested in your product when we saw a neighbour’s, (Len Sylvester) house roof during our investigation into a roof replacement. Although the pricing was expensive, the look, warranty, neighbourhood references and benefits of an Interlock roof, persuaded us to contract with you.

The installation of an aluminum black slate roof on our house and garage is just being completed today.

We are very satisfied with the result. It looks magnificent, and our neighbours are already commenting on the beautiful appearance.

Moses and Fred were sent as our installation team, and we are very happy that they were assigned to our job site. They are both extremely hard working. They put in long hours during a very hot humid summer period. Their work was professional, and they were friendly to us and considerate of our neighbours. Moses’ experience and attention to detail has produced an excellent result on a complex roof structure.

We look forward to many years of satisfaction, and a return on our investment when we eventually sell our home.

Many Thanks,
Yours sincerely,
John and Sandy Edmonds
Waterford, WI

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We Wholeheartedly Recommend The Interlock Roofing System.

Dear sirs,

Following the installation of our new Interlock Roof (Slate Style in Green Colour) in late summer 2010, we are pleased to report that we are completely satisfied with the look and appeal of the new roof in addition and more notably with the quality of the product (Energy Star Rating) and installation. The Interlock installers were quite competent and meticulous in their work and procedures as well as being quite forthcoming and courteous in providing answers to our questions.

There was only one minor issue following the installation and that was resolved on a very timely basis and explains our complete satisfaction with this new Interlock Roofing System on our summer home originally built in 1940 on the 1000 Islands Parkway between Gananoque and Lansdowne. We are also grateful to Barry Brinson for arranging to have delivered to us a few more green Interlock tiles so that we can adapt and install them to the tops of the bird houses found on the property!

Based on this very positive experience and outcome, we wholeheartedly recommend the Interlock Roofing system/product and the professional installation crew that worked on our summer home in the 1000 Islands.

With our many thanks and appreciation,

Sheila and Richard Brisson
Lansdowne / Ottawa, Ontario