Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — The three-person crew was very courteous

Alvinston, ON — Roof Review — Feedback on your installers

Rosemont, ON — Roof Review | Its totally changed the way people view my home

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — Noise of the rain on the aluminum roof is not much different from that of the asphalt shingles

Kemptville, ON — Roof Review — The biggest selling feature for us was the longevity of the roof

Mississauga, ON — Roof Review — Interlock finished ahead of schedule and under budget!

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — Our new aluminum roof looks great on our Victorian house

Brockville, ON — Roof Review — They were fast, efficient and skilled

Toronto, ON — Roof Review — Complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch

Toronto, ON — Roof Review — A return on our investment when we eventually sell our home

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — We wholeheartedly recommend the Interlock Roofing System

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — I could not have had a better team of roofers, or a better product

Hamilton Roofing Review 2010-07-08

Customer Satisfaction 6/6

Job well done.  Good men on job site.  Thank you!

1.  Did you receive all materials and services presented to you by our company representative?  YES
2.  Are you completely satisfied with teh product and workmanship?  YES
3.  Were our installers courteous and professional in their work?  YES
4.  Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned upon completion of the installation?  YES
5.  Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith?  YES
6.  Have you inspected the job during day light?  And walked around the job with the installer?  YES

Bolton, ON — Roof Review — The crew were very neat, clean and efficient

Wollaston, ON — Roof Review — New roof which complements the surroundings