Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — The three-person crew was very courteous

Alvinston, ON — Roof Review — Feedback on your installers

Rosemont, ON — Roof Review | Its totally changed the way people view my home

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — Noise of the rain on the aluminum roof is not much different from that of the asphalt shingles

Kemptville, ON — Roof Review — The biggest selling feature for us was the longevity of the roof

Mississauga, ON — Roof Review — Interlock finished ahead of schedule and under budget!

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — Our new aluminum roof looks great on our Victorian house

Brockville, ON — Roof Review — They were fast, efficient and skilled

Toronto, ON — Roof Review — Complex series of dormers set on a steep pitch

Toronto, ON — Roof Review — A return on our investment when we eventually sell our home

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — We wholeheartedly recommend the Interlock Roofing System

Ottawa, ON — Roof Review — I could not have had a better team of roofers, or a better product

Hamilton Roofing Review 2010-07-08

Bolton, ON — Roof Review — The crew were very neat, clean and efficient

Wollaston, ON — Roof Review — New roof which complements the surroundings

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