Interlock finished ahead of schedule and under budget!

The contract between St. George’s Church and Interlock Industries (Ont.) Inc. for the restoration of the Church roof, including new vapour barrier, insulation, ventilation and slate-pattern aluminum shingles, is now complete and I wanted to express to you our satisfaction with the entire project.

Interlock finished the work ahead of schedule and under budget, which is much appreciated. The staff from lnterlock with whom we were associated, were very professional and competent. John Reeves, your sales representative who responded to our RFP , was well informed as to our requirements, and provided us with a very comprehensive and competitive quotation. Your site representatives , Sheldon Maddox, Supervisor, Tony Lupton, Site Superintendent and Toma Gravelle , Lead Installer, were all very accommodating and proficient. They provided us with good advice and were very responsive to our various requests. Interlock is very fortunate to have staff of their caliber.

The materials that you used were of the highest quality. I recognize that the ventilated, insulated plywood used for the insulation of the roof, and the slate-pattern aluminum shingles were the materials that were specified in the original quotation and we are very satisfied with th is material. However, what particularly impressed me was your voluntary use of the high quality RoofTopGuard II vapour barrier that your staff felt would give us a better end product, given the site conditions. This material upgrade clearly demonstrated the concern that Interlock has for the quality of work they do, and your dedication is sincerely appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Interlock to any person or organization investigating the restoration of their roof with a high quality product, installed by professionals. Thank you!

Very truly,

R.J. Henderson.
Mississauga, ON

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We have been through a few storms since the installation, and they were bad, however, we actually heard no noise from the pounding rains

I would first apologize for such a delay in this letter. As you were aware, when we spoke to you, we had just purchased our house, and were still in the process of continuing with additional modifications, including the installation of your companies INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM, We have had the new roof for the past six months, and I am astounded that so few people have taken advantage of such a roofing design. We have been through a few storms since the installation, and they were bad, however, we actually heard no noise from the pounding rains, which I was concerned as the roofing is aluminum.

I must also add that your staff was outstanding. The fact that I am police officer meant that some mornings I was not up as bright and early as your staff. They however were very obliging in working on another area of the roof, until after I had awakened. I never did hear them up on the roof. They were also very meticulous in ensuring all of the left over debris was cleaned up.

In closing, I can only hope that your company some how reaches a lot more home owners, as your system of roofing is not only exceptionally sound, safe and pleasing to the eve, more importantly, it is ecological, thus saving some of our near depleted natural resources.

All the best to you and your endeavors. And again thank you for helping us to purchase a roofing system which will be with us for many, many years to come.

Bob and Judy Hillier
Mississauga, ON

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