Made a huge difference in my electric use for cooling the house!

June 10, 2024

Not only was the sales process easy, the installation guys were very respectful of my neighbors and my comfort while they were working. Now that it’s done I absolutely love the roof. It’s already made a huge difference in my electric use for cooling the house!

Jenn D.

Brookfield, IL

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It is so cool looking, it adds a great deal to the curb-appeal of our house

May 8, 2024

We are so proud of our new roof. It is so cool looking, it adds a great deal to the curb-appeal of our house. I also appreciate the security of knowing I'll never have to replace it or worry about it in even the strongest winds. I used to lose shingles in strong windstorms. Interlock was easy to work with. The workers were very respectful of my property and were meticulous about clean up after.

Patrick G.

Grayslake, IL

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Considering the amount of man hours put into the installation, I got a bargain!

August 10, 2023

John M. was the third roofing sales consultant I talked to, and I had two more scheduled. After listening to John explain all the advantages of the InterLock System and materials, I was 95% sold but I thought it might be a little out of my price range. I was going to wait and hear from the other two roofers before I made my decision. John asked me what it would take for me to make my decision right then. I told him, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I cancelled the other two sales rep. meetings. Boy am I glad I did. Considering the amount of man hours put into the installation, I got a bargain! Jessie's team worked from 8AM to 7PM for a total of 8 days to complete the installation during July 2023 ( the hottest July ever recorded ). I don't know how they did it! Jessie answered all my questions during construction, and kept me informed of what would happen next. Some of the asphalt shingles on parts of the roof with a low slope had to be scraped off. The majority of the roof had a steeper slope, and the new metal roof could be installed directly on top. People had warned me that metal roofs were noisy during rain or hail events. Not true! The shingles and underlayment have actually muffled the sounds that I would hear coming from my old asphalt shingle roof. The ice and water shields that were on my existing chimneys and vents were extended farther up each one. Some of the vertical siding was temporarily removed and put back so new ice and water shield could be placed on top of the water and ice shield that was already there. I'm 70 years old so the lifetime guarantee may not mean much, but the ability to transfer to the next owner 50 more years of protection is huge! My wife and I are very satisfied with the quality of materials, and the outstanding installation work done by Jessie and his team. It's too bad that the rating companies only allow a 5 star rating for the best and most outstanding companies. A company like InterLock should get at least 10 stars.

Bob and Pam A.

Deerfield, IL

Interlock Metal Roofing is an amazing company to do business with

November 28, 2022

Interlock Metal Roofing is an amazing company to do business with. My salesperson John was professional and knowledgeable. It is a big investment, but absolutely worth it. The installation crew was on time, hardworking and conscientious. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a roof to last 100 years!

Ken Cox

Chicago, IL

Re-roof of a 108-year-old home is a major process and investment

March 3, 2022

The Interlock team was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Undertaking the re-roof of a 108-year-old home is a major process and investment. After speaking to many other roofers, we realized that Interlock offered the best value proposition, and we felt like they were going to be able to deliver on what they promised. Our salesperson, John Mondschean displayed his extensive experience in roofing by taking the time to listen to our goals, preferences and concerns, offering solutions and working with us to achieve the desired outcome. John was responsive to every request and stuck with us even after the contract was signed. We appreciated that he was always available to answer questions, give us updates and even bring color samples over one afternoon for us to double-check our selection. John embodies integrity and service. We were aware that due to current market conditions, we might have to wait a while for our materials to be delivered; however, Interlock exceeded our expectations and was able to get the materials to us a touch earlier than promised and started the installation within three days after delivery. The day the materials were delivered, we met Jesse, the lead installer who we worked with throughout the project. Jesse was awesome in explaining all the steps to the re-roof and answering our questions along the way. He took lots of pictures for us and explained how he would address our specific concerns like adding ventilation, condition of the chimney, placement of snow guards and ensuring that the construction didn’t negatively impact our neighbors. It was clear that Jesse has been installing Interlock roofing for a long time and is a true craftsman who takes pride in the quality of his work. Jesse and his crew went above and beyond to ensure that our neighbors landscaping, A/C units and other areas were properly protected. They also ensured that our property was well protected throughout, cleaned up every day and that they left the job site in great condition once the work was finished. We give the crew excellent ratings for the overall job they did on our new roof. We are very happy with the new roof and have recommended Interlock Roofing to several of our friends and neighbors. It is awesome to have everyone on the block comment on how nice the new roof looks. It really has improved our home’s durability, value and curb appeal. We would work with John, Jesse and the entire team again! They delivered on what they promised!

Taylor K. & Mathieu B.

La Grange, IL

I was in the need for a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876

Last summer I realized I was in the need of a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876. I was hoping I could find a roof that accentuated the uniqueness and beauty of my old farm-style house. I always dreamed of owning a home with a metal roof, so I thought, well, let’s give this a look and see if it is an option. After searching for roofers and making some calls I found no one in my area offering metal roofs, needless to say, I became discouraged. Then, one day, on Facebook, I happened to see an ad with Midwest Roofing/Interlock Roofing showing the exact type of roof I was looking for!! I was so excited and called the number and was able to have an appointment arranged that very weekend. John came out, did some measuring, got up in my attic, then we sat and had a long, very informative discussion. John was extremely patient with my numerous questions and was able to explain things to me in layman’s terms, as I am not adept in the construction business, at all. So, the nitty gritty…I was originally thinking standing seam going into this whole project but then out came the slate look and oh my, that was it…The roof I had been looking for. It was exactly what needed to be on top of my house!!! And the black color just spoke to me…. John agreed!! Nowhere else had I ever seen a roof like the one I was about to have put on my beloved home. So, the price, while I knew a metal roof was going to cost more, I was looking more for security and peace of mind. I am a single parent of a child on the autism spectrum. I knew that I did not want to deal with roof issues in the future, the struggle to get a roofer to come to fix their problem, and the thought of having to replace it all over again just a few years down the road. Nope, the extra cost of this one-and-done roof was well worth it to me…after all, how do you put a price tag on peace of mind? And there aren’t many things in this world nowadays that can give you that. So, I signed the contract… The delivery…. how exciting…all these boxes lined up in my driveway…it was getting real!! Installation begins. Never in my lifetime have I met such an amazing installation crew, headed by Jesse. These guys worked tirelessly on transforming my average-looking home into the WOW home on the block. They took great care in working around my cupola and rock chimney, making sure everything was sealed where it needed to be, even reinforcing the cupola as it had been up there for so many years. These guys are not just installers, they are truly artists, and the pride in what they do shines in their workmanship. Even the care in the cleanup was amazing…very impressed. Any company can put out an amazing product, but for that product to remain amazing, that company has to have professional team members working with the customers…that is what you will get if you go with Interlock. Not just a stand-out product but a stand-out crew from sales, scheduling, and installation…it’s the whole package.

Sincerely, Megan R.

Woodstock, IL

Upgrade our 100-year-old Chicago bungalow

August 13, 2020

The investment we made in a new aluminum slate style shingle roof was much more than we wanted to spend, but when we analyzed the pros and cons, including the cost, it came out ahead. We wanted to upgrade our 100-year-old Chicago bungalow and, in particular, rejuvenate the attic and basement spaces. We also want to install a solar panel array on the roof while the current incentives with the IRS, the state and the utility net metering system are still in effect. We wanted to reduce the massive composite shingle tonnage that is covering the incredible sea of roofs across the land. This is undoubtedly a rather large carbon footprint and the short lifespan of many roofs (10-15 years) are causing us to fill and foul unsustainable dumpsites. The weight of our aluminum roof is less than 850 lbs., compared to 3-4 tons of architectural composite shingles. The Interlock roof is a lifetime roof warrantied for 50 years. When/if it is ever replaced, it will be completely recycle-able. Much of the heat captured by composite shingle roofs is reflected by the aluminum. Previously, our attic could reach temperatures near 130°F. We have seen a significant reduction in afternoon attic temps, 10-20 degrees. The installers, Jesse, Sal and Ben were very professional, safe and kind to us. They took the extra time to do it right and solve problems rather than take an easier route. They maintained social distancing and wore masks when necessary. They screwed down OSB sheathing on the existing 100-year-old deck boards which are stamped Sterling Lumber and Supply Co. "The Yards with the Stock". This company was located two blocks from our house in the early 1900s. Interlock continues a tradition from Sterling Lumber to build to last a lifetime. The original 1919 roof rafters were 2"x4"x16' and held up under numerous Chicago blizzards and storms. Prior to the project, we augmented the rafters with 2"x6"x16' #1 southern yellow pine. Hopefully, the roof will bear another century of Chicago climate change. The Interlock Industries' workers installed 95 snow guards to breakup snow slides off the roof. The roof is very attractive and my neighbors have complemented the looks of it. The siding on the dormers were also replaced with the aluminum shingles. We had a choice of several shingle colors and chose one called gunflint. The shingles have a slate-like surface that is embossed on the aluminum to give it a textured appearance and perhaps breakup wind and water flows. The Interlock installers removed and sheathed over the chimney and vent caps and added a ridge vent. They installed soffit vents which apparently were never a feature of the house. They removed the gutters and reinstalled them in order to fit the drip edge flashing and lock down the shingles. Everything is fastened with screws powered by cordless screw guns. They did not use air compressors. They had safety lanyards attached to the ridge and foot boards around the perimeter of the roof throughout the installation. We are very satisfied with the look of our new roof and ready to install solar panels which won't have to be removed to re-roof because the roof will probably last longer than the solar panels. We are not young anymore and the long-term value of this project will most likely benefit others and the neighborhood more than us, but for the time being, we are happy customers.

William P.

Chicago, IL


A metal roof was the best option for our needs

My wife recently purchased our home, and we were aware that the roof was getting close to end of life. We researched a few different options and came across Interlock Metal Roof. After meeting with John from InterLock, it became clear to us that a metal roof was the best option for our needs. We plan to live in our home for 30+ years, and while a metal roof is more expensive than a traditional roof, it will be more than worth it over that period of time. We will never have to replace our roof again! It was also great to know that the roof could be installed over the existing shingles, reducing both the mess of the project and the waste created by the old shingles. Jesse and his crew did a great job installing the new roof, and we could not be happier with both the look and the quality of the aluminum shingles. We would recommend InterLock to anyone considering replacing their roof.

Thank you Interlock for a great experience and a fantastic roof! Steve and Claire

Chicago, IL

The roof looks exceptional!

Dear John, We were in the market and knew we wanted a metal roof. I came across Interlock while doing some research and contacted them immediately. While it is on the pricey side, knowing that this roof will last a lifetime is very comforting. At the time of this review, we’ve only had it for a week. The weather hasn’t been terribly hot to determine if it's cooler. Other than that, the roof looks exceptional! Plenty of materials for the roof were delivered a day prior to installation, and quite a few materials were even left over. The existing roof didn’t require removal before installation, which made it possible to install over it and complete it in five days. There was a rainstorm one of the days; otherwise, they would’ve completed the installation in four days. The three-man crew (Salvador, Esteban & Humberto) were very courteous, knowledgeable professionals and took pride in their work. Under the supervision of Jesse and the young man (Benjamin), cleaning up the area made the installation run quickly and smoothly. The entire team was a pleasure to work with!

Highly recommend Interlock! Bradley Family

Roselle, IL

The price value is worth it in the end

August 1, 2019

Dear John, Thanks for doing such a great job on our roof! We initially found out about Interlock from looking at a neighbors roof and seeing how nice it looked. We were in the market for a roof, so we asked for a referral and then contacted Interlock. John was very knowledgeable and offered some great options. We were a bit hesitant at first for two main reasons. First, we got a little sticker shock because the price was so much higher than an average roof, and Second, because we were scared the roof would be noisy when it was raining since it was metal. For one, the price value is worth it in the end. You know you received a quality roof that will be the last roof you’ll buy on that property. Comparing it to others that you’ll almost always replace in 7-10 years, this one is worth it. It also looks much more beautiful, and as far as the noise, there really is no difference. We’re happy with how the roof looks, the installation was easy, all crew members were courteous, and there have been zero issues with the roof. We already had it for a year when writing this testimonial, and we are still happy with our decision.

Thanks Nick S.

Roselle, IL

My only disappointment is that I anticipated listening to the rain hitting the metal roof - but it's actually very quiet.

June 17, 2019

Dear John, Several years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of a metal roof. Tired of constantly looking at my roof for signs of deterioration, I wondered if a metal roof was a realistic option for a home, as I only noticed them on barns and businesses. A few months ago, you and Mike Rasmussen visited my home to provide an estimate. I was shocked at the number of options for beautiful metal roofs that were not just functional but very attractive. Now, with the job complete – I couldn’t be more pleased. Neighbors and friends all have the same response, wondering if this is really a metal roof and commenting on how attractive it is. One of my concerns in deciding upon a new roof related to my previous experience with roofers. A twenty-year warranty for a roofing company that went out of business, asphalt shingles that began deteriorating less than ten years after installation, with manufacturers blaming the installer and the installer blaming the manufacturer, made warranties meaningless. My experience with Interlock has been excellent from beginning to end. Knowing that Interlock both manufactures and installs its roofs eliminated my concern about responsibility. A lifetime warranty (limited to 50 years when I sell my house) means I no longer have to worry about replacing my roof. It’s such a relief to know I am done with such concerns. You and Mike assured me that the installers would be meticulous and clean the area around my house every night; however, they did far more than that. I have seen many roofs installed, and it is usually a quick installation. Under the careful supervision of Jessie, the installers tediously worked to cut and detail each section. Working around the chimneys, they worked to be sure every detail was perfect, spending several hours in one small area. Preparing the areas around the eaves and valleys (not sure how to describe things) was very time-consuming as they wanted everything to be perfect. This is something else my neighbors noticed. The pride they took in their work was apparent at every turn as they answered all my questions and explained why they were doing various things. When they began working on the addition, one of the workers asked me if that room was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I thought he was clairvoyant because it has always been the most uncomfortable room in the house. He explained there was no vent on that part of the roof, which impedes airflow. They added a vent, at no extra cost, once more, an indication of their commitment to excellence. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference in the winter – hoping I can remove the space heater. There was one young man who spent each day making sure everything was cleaned up. None of my trees, plants, or flowerpots were damaged. I’m not sure they were even touched. After each of the four days, the only indication that work was being done was the dumpster in my driveway, as everything was meticulously cleaned. Concern for the environment is very important to me, and knowing that my roof eliminates additional landfill waste is definitely an additional benefit. Thank you for living up to every promise you made when you first visited. I couldn’t be more pleased with my investment. A few neighbors who recently got new roofs were sorry they hadn’t known about how attractive, and permanent metal roofs are. A few others have said they will seriously consider metal roofs when it’s time to replace their existing roofs. So my years-long dream of a metal roof is complete; far more attractive than I ever imagined, highly functional and permanent. My only disappointment is that I anticipated listening to the rain hitting the metal roof – but it’s actually very quiet. For most, I guess that is another plus. I would be happy to answer any questions potential metal roof owners might have, as I am so pleased with my purchase (investment).

Best Wishes, Patti Marino

River Forest, IL

A metal roof is pricey - well worth the extra money

Last March I started looking for a roofing company when I found Interlock Roofing. I was curious about what a metal roof would cost and the durability of the materials. To my surprise, although the cost of a metal roof is pricey it is well worth the extra money. I will never have to worry about having to replace a single shingle again! In the last 2 years, I have had a lot of repairs done on my roof using contractors who were not very good as I soon found out. I kept losing shingles with every wind that would pop up due to poor workmanship. Please believe me that a metal roof installed by Interlock is guaranteed to not come apart, fade or discolor or they will fix any issues found for the life of the roof although I do not expect to have to make a call to them if ever. Interlocks workers spent 2.5 days installing my roof working 11 hours per day. They are very dependable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company 100 percent!

Jan Hozian Satisfied customer

Joliet, IL

Knowing that this roof will last a lifetime, literally, is very comforting

We built our house 25 years ago from plans I found in Country Living Magazine. It is a perfect blend of the “new” house my husband wanted and the “old” farmhouse that I wanted, nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, it was a perfect place to raise our kids. We still love it just as much as we did then…but it was in need of some updates. It was time to replace the original roof, and why not repaint too? This has been the summer to do it all. We looked at asphalt shingles, but nothing wowed me. Some colors were “close,” but it was still a lot of money to spend on something that was just o.k. I kept thinking about a metal roof, but my husband wanted something traditional. Thank goodness an advertisement popped up on my computer one day. We loved the look but wondered how they would really look. I did a little research and made the call. We were impressed!!! Not an easy feat! The colors were fabulous! A perfect blend of what we were both wanting. After months of discussions and searching, we bought our roof that night. I so wish we had started with Interlock! Thankfully because of when we ordered, there was a few weeks wait time… Just enough to get the painter in to paint, and enough time to change the porch pillars too. Jesse was our crew leader for installation; he was great, and so were all members of our install crew. They were so polite and kept the area cleaned up on a daily basis. I love the new look! And knowing that this roof will last a lifetime, literally, is very comforting. Thanks for a job well done.

John & Marilyn

Plano, IL

Interlock was the only company that installed their own product

After researching the various metal roof manufacturers and metal roofs in general, we chose Interlock. In addition to offering a great selection of styles, Interlock was the only company that installed their own product. I liked being able to deal with one company regardless of the issue. My wife and I are very happy with our choice and results. The curb appeal has been enhanced, and we have gotten the thumbs up from our neighbors for the great look. I am happy with the performance of the roof, and I have found everything touted about this roof to be true. We had a tremendous thunderstorm come through and a downpour that was second to none. The noise from the rain hitting the roof was quieter than on the old shingle roof. I am eagerly anticipating the summer for the cooling benefit I expect to receive. Installation of the roof was flawless. The crew was very courteous and hard-working. It was obvious they were very skilled and knew what they were doing. They took the time to do it right. I believe they treated my property as if it was their very own. Communication was exceptional, and I was kept abreast of what had been done and what was going to be done each day. I even received a call from the salesperson following up which was totally unexpected. I would not hesitate to recommend Interlock to anyone who is looking for a metal roof.

Mark and Nancy Schmidt

Batavia, IL

The roof is not any louder during several of the storms we have had already

Our new roof is beautiful! We have received so many compliments and inquiries since our Interlock roof was installed four weeks ago. John delivered on his promise with a quality product and set up the stage for what was to come, answering all our early questions and showing us the information we were looking for to make a confident decision. He provided us with installation pictures of previous jobs, the product specifications, color and type of samples, historical data on product performance and much more. Dal from customer service responded quickly with dates when the material was arriving and dates for the installation. After some concerns about having to travel for work and being out of town, Al communicated well, and they worked around my travel schedule my family appreciated this greatly. The roof is not any louder during several of the storms we have had already than before. Despite a few outside temperatures reaching the 80s and sunny, the inside of the house has stayed cool without needing to turn on the AC or ceiling fans. It really is a new experience to walk into our second-level rooms and not have it feel warmer than the lower level. The installation crew did a great job. They told us everything they were doing and answered all of our questions. The fire department even stopped by during the installation to ask what it was! The crew completed the job in 4 days, working over the weekend to finish before the next storm. They left the yard clean every night, and they cleared out the gutters from all of the debris. After watching the team install the new roof safely, we have come to appreciate the craftsmanship that comes with installing this type of roof. The crews are proud of the product, and their care shows in the installation. Putting on this new roof requires a lot of skill, a lot of hours, and experience that I think new owners won’t realize until observing them and going through it. Minimal waste scraps, efficiently making thousands of measurements and metal shaping to perfectly fit all the corners and bends is a testament to the experience our crew, led by Jesse and Sal, had. This Interlock company has been great and there have been so many people referenced here that have worked to provide us a great customer experience. To the whole team, great job, and thank you. We look forward to the many years this roof will continuously perform as it was designed and the many more times we will appreciate the beauty of it.

Sincerely, Michael V.

Carol Stream, IL

I grew up in the 50's where the customer is always right

I would like to thank the Interlock company for the fine work that they did for me. I grew up in the 50s when the customer was always right. Well, I was treated like that again. You’ve not treated like that much anymore. John Mondschean wrote the book on or customer service — which tells you the way it is with no bull. I had a small problem, and within one hour, he had it fixed. Thank you, John and Tank; I will recommend you to everyone.

PS. give John a raise. Nick, P.

Schaumburg, IL

Worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again

Dear Mr. Mondschean It has been slightly more than one week since the installation was completed, and I thought I would offer the following: Noise — Since completion, we have had two rainstorms, a four-inch snowfall, and a minute heavy hailstorm. The only annoying noise experienced (…think of a loud combo of cymbals & snare drums) was during the hailstorm. However, I am sure that with standard shingles, the amplitude would have been the same, only at a lower frequency (i.e. a bowling alley and/or Niagara Falls). Installation — Juan & Alex did an excellent job exercising care around existing installations (i.e. new plantings, aerials, wiring … ) and worked diligently even during the 50mph windy/gusty Wednesday. Upon completion, clean-up was very well done … not perfect, but better than I’ve seen in the last 20 years. Jesse also did well with coordination and follow-up. Satisfaction — I’m impressed with the materials & engineering involved in your roofing system. The interlocking method provides good rigidity & hopefully good liquid seepage resistance, while the individual shingle size should allow proper thermal expansion/contraction to prevent buckling. Visually, I’m completely satisfied. Performance-wise, ask me again in one year after everything has gone through a complete spring-summer-fall-winter cycle, thus establishing the credibility of your advertising propaganda.

Thank you for your efforts. Sincerely Ron S.

Des Plaines, IL

I would highly recommend this company

Dear John, I wish I had known about the Interlock Roofing System before I put the last new roof on twenty years ago. If I had, I would not have had to replace it again now. At least now I won’t need to worry about the roof ever again because of the lifetime limited warranty with its 50-year transferable and non-prorated features. When I first suggested to my wife that we consider a metal roof, she was concerned about the noise level during storms. This concern disappeared after the first storm as the noise level was much less than before the metal roof was installed. Speaking of installation, we were very happy with the way your installation crew did their job. They were careful with our landscaping and cleaned up each day and when they finished and left, the only sign of their having been there was the new roof itself. The new Interlock roof looks great, and we have been complimented on it by many neighbors as well as people passing by. Our home insurance company was also happy with the new roof and its Class 4 hail-impact-resistant rating, which will give us a discount on the insurance premium. We are very satisfied with the entire process of getting a new roof installed. From the initial discussion with the sales representative, the installation crew, and the final results, there were no surprises. We will also be very happy twenty years from now when we don’t have to put another roof on the house.

Thank you, Jerome Sund

La Grange, IL

Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene

January 25, 2016

Dear Mark, I would like to provide you some feedback on the first phase of work done on our project at the Church of the Nazarene, in Chicago Heights. Before going into the details of the work perforn1ed, I would like you to know how pleased I was putting together this project with your sale manager, John Mondschean. John’s a pleasure to work with, always prompt, courteous, and clear with feedback and follow-ups. He not only knew his product well but proved to be very helpful in overcoming the various issues of the job. John was able to meet our needs while staying within the budget by offering helpful suggestions and options. I could only hope to have such a knowledgeable, responsible person to work with on future projects. As for the first phase of work, installing a 50-year PVC membrane roof with insulation over the existing roof, integrating metal flashings and adding badly needed ventilation to the top flat area above our sanctuary. This job was performed by a group of tradesmen that took pride in their workmanship; not only did they arrive at the job site on time each workday, they never left without ensuring that the work site was clean and secure daily. For me, that was a big plus. I watched the installation and was pleased with the care utilized by the workmen. Roofing seams were straight, smooth and clean. Details cuts and welded fitting were secured around each of the skylights with care. I was pleased with your workers and their workmanship as witnessed on the job site. Mark, most of all, I’m pleased to inform you that my biggest pet peeve was adhered to without fault, Safety. Your workmen used proper fall protections with tie-offs, body harnesses, and safety lanyards. All ladders and guards were properly secured. At the completion of the job, the work area was thoroughly cleaned, and all scrap materials were removed from the work site. Thank you for a job well done. This job was well-managed and professionally carried out. I look forward to the second phase of our project in the fall.

Charles Smart Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene

Chicago Heights, IL

The roof is gorgeous, best money ever spent

December 18, 2014

The roof is gorgeous, best money ever spent. Chuck was great at explaining the system. Allen was a true pleasure to work with and there are no words to describe the excellent job Jesse and his wonderful crew did. I am truly impressed beyond belief with Interlock.

Thank you so much, Richard and Cyndey Stevens

New Lenox, IL

Four factors need to be considered

November 26, 2013

We had replaced one roof in the time we had owned our home, and now it was time for the second replacement. I began to wonder if there were any alternatives to old asphalt technology. Also, we had two concerns about asphalt, the first is that it is not clean from an environmental standpoint and second, asphalt is oil based which means its cost is linked with the price of oil. I noticed that many commercial buildings had metal roofs. My wife and I usually do a lot of deep research for major home projects. We began looking into the possibility of replacing the current roof with metal. Our research indicated that there were residential metal roofs available in various metals and styles. Four factors need to be considered.

  1. Type of metal. We chose aluminum over steel. It’s lighter and less susceptible to corrosion, although corrosion is not a major factor due to the various coatings and treatments applied to both metals during the manufacturing process.
  2. Structural assembly. We liked the Interlock method of attaching the panels to each other and the roof base. When complete, the system is structurally sound and waterproof.
  3. Installation process. Installing a metal roof requires experience. Installation is different from that of an asphalt roof. During our research, we had a hard time locating installers that had experience installing residential metal roofs. This was another reason that we chose Interlock. They are associated with installation crews who have the knowledge and experience required for working with the Interlock product.
  4. The only other factor to consider is the style and color, and there are many to choose from.
Installation was uneventful, the crew was courteous, and they explained exactly what they were doing and answered any questions that we had. The roof looks beautiful, and we have had many compliments on it since it was installed two weeks ago. We are very happy that we chose Interlock for this project and highly recommend them.

Joe and Cathy S.

Schaumburg, IL

This is one investment in our house that will really pay off

May 21, 2012

Our roof was completed last month, and I cannot tell you how many compliments we have already received. We feel that this is one investment in our house that will really pay off because, with the Interlock roof, there is no worry about how long it is going to last. The quality of this product and the professional way in which it was installed proves that this is a company that cares about its customers. We have seen other homes in our area getting new roofs and dreaded the mess that came with this type of work. One home even had what we called “the loan roofer” doing the job. One man did not only to tear down of the roof but the installation of a new roof. And this was in poor weather when it was vital to get that roof on quickly. But with Interlock, we had at least 5 to 6 men on the job daily, working long hours. Our property was covered so that nothing got damaged during the teardown and every scrap was picked up and removed by the workers. We highly recommend your company and are very satisfied with the professional manner of your employees. With our Interlock roof, we have the security of knowing that this product is completely guaranteed.

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cenek

Berwyn, IL

Stunning red hidden tile aluminum Interlock roof

May 21, 2012

I wanted to write and thank you for all your efforts in working with us to put an Interlock roof on our home. It was a big decision, and all during the process, I felt like you really had our interests at heart. You never tired of answering my questions and your follow-up, whenever I needed to speak with you, was first-rate. I think we had three Interlock crews involved in our project. First came the tear-off guys, who, in our case, had to remove a cedar shake roof before any other improvements could take place. Second, came the install crew, led by “Nacho”, who is absolutely terrific to work with. Ours was a relatively complicated job, with lots of angles, overhangs, gables and pitch to deal with. Nacho made it happen. Finally, the cleanup crew. When Interlock left the job site, my expectations were exceeded. No landscaping was damaged, and the debris was all cleared away. Now, we have a stunning red hidden tile aluminum Interlock roof to look at and enjoy. Perhaps most enjoyable is knowing there will never need to be another roof put on this house. Already, after just a few weeks, we have received numerous compliments from neighbors and friends and see a lot of people slowing in their cars to get a better look. Bob, thanks to you and all the Interlock staff again for your assistance in making this experience a positive one.

Sincerely, Bill Hakim

Chicago, IL

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